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38 Releases: Digitech (Screenshots Screenshots)
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
Digitech 3D Flight Simulator Demo 1989-07-09 e Y P Cr Txt Tag  54338187 1861
Digitech Anti Top Swap and Onsala Sector Demo 1989 e Y Tag  ec655949 14606
Digitech Army Moves Pack Intro Intro 1988-08-20 e Y Cr Txt Tag 0.5mb / 80 character mode 576bde98 14066
Digitech Arvika Demodisk Pack 1988-05 d Y P Co Tag  1c1b6425 11485
Digitech Autobahn Preview Game 1988-05-15 e Y P Cr Txt  5908724a 1862
Digitech The Bad Tongue 03 Intro Intro 1988 e Y coop with IBB ae9339da 1868
Digitech Bonedemo Intro 1988-04 e Y Cr Txt Tag ocs 11e34c30 1863
Digitech Compacted Pack 1989 d Y Co Cr  1d20a965 316
Digitech Dead? Demo 1990-02-19 e Y P Cr Tag  41b55d99 1864
Digitech DigiMag v1.0 Utility 1989 e Cr Txt  c6626eac 12718
Digitech FUCK Pack 1989 d Y coop with IBB, ks1.2 7dcab0be 12706
Digitech Game Pack 02 Intro Intro 1988-02-18 e Y 0.5mb / no df1 cd121eef 1873
Digitech Game Pack Intro Intro 1988 e Y ocs / 0.5mb af81cbe0 11444
Digitech Magic Globe Demo 1990-01-07 e Y P  0c6dabf0 1866
Digitech Megademo Megademo 1989 d Y coop with IBB, ks1.2 9d06a8c3 1251
Digitech Music Mania 1.1 Pack 1989 d Y 499ed61b 16881
Digitech Red Logo Boot Intro Intro 1988 e Y Tag  06891a1b 13894
Digitech The Right Stuff Intro 1989-05-15 e Y P Cr Txt Tag coop with IBB 59f10961 1871
Digitech Sauron's Second Demo Demo 1989-07-09 e Y P  677882c8 16811
Digitech Science of Tomorrow 06 Pack 1989-08 d Y Co E  9660bd23 317
Digitech Sineintro Intro 1989 e Y Cr Txt Tag  bf883924 1867
Digitech Smash It Hard 02 Pack 1989 d Y Co coop with IBB 0dd496f5 13822
Digitech Summer Conference 89 Advertisement Intro 1988 e Y P 0.5mb 3f555360 14068
Digitech Summer Conference 89 Demos Pack 1989-07 d Y P Co  c2f1e2b5 318
Digitech Summer Conference 89 Information Intro 1989 e Y P Cr Txt  a1392675 1865
Digitech Summer Conference Report Intro 1989-07 e Y P  89dcc0f7 10448
Digitech Svennes Pikodemus v3.65 Demo 1989-07-09 e Y P  da44968c 1869
Digitech Sword of Sodan Preview Intro Intro 1989 e Y coop with IBB 0d924195 14776
Digitech Techtimes 02 Intro Intro 1989-11-05 e Y P  cfb1491c 1870
Digitech Twin Moons Final Version Intro 1989-07 e Y P Tag  38f3750d 1872
Digitech Utility Disk 01 Pack 1988-06 d Y E Cr  626d8be7 12700
Digitech Utility Disk 02 Pack 1988 d Y Cr coop with IBB, ks1.2 / 0.5mb 5ce96455 12701
Digitech Utility Disk 04 Pack 1988 d coop with IBB, ks1.2 77544fe1 12702
Digitech Utility Disk 07 Pack 1988 d Y coop with IBB, ks1.2 54dfab43 12674
Digitech Utility Disk 09 Pack 1989 d coop with IBB, ks1.2 a83d620f 12703
Digitech Utility Disk 11 Pack 1989 d coop with IBB, ks1.2 dd90d0cb 12704
Digitech Utility Disk 13 Pack 1989 d Y ef6b78d7 12705
Digitech Utility Disk 14 Pack 1989 d Cr  1defda9d 15002