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49 Results: Search "Roller" (Title)
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
(independent) Kings Ransom - Ultimate Video Controller Disk Utility   d b1a6748b 17913
(independent) Rainman - Not So Original Scrollers Demo 1990 e Y Cr  80c9ba26 15624
Altair Sinescroller Intro Intro 1990 e Y 43323f1f 2342
Archaos Invasion of the Mutant Scrollers Demo 1991-02-23 e Y P  3474d9d9 10654
Aspect The Star Wars Scroller Intro 1991-12 e Y bb3e97d6 2685
Bamiga Sector One Little Scroller Intro Intro   e Y coop with The Kent Team eb726fb9 2803
Bounty New Stuff Scroller Intro 1989 e Y a1b93254 9864
Cabe Scroller Test Intro 1989 e Y f23f7483 3049
Celtic Multiscroller Demo 1989-10 e Y a0da208e 3135
Cryptoburners Sine Scroller Intro 1989 e Y af9a5ba8 9477
D-Tect Multiscroller Intro 1989-04-29 e Y 32dc7f38 2003
Deathstar Vektor Scroller Demo 1989 e Y Cr Txt Tag  a49cb4f8 1629
Deathstar Vektor Scroller Intro Intro 1989 e Y f247aacc 1631
Defjam Snurkel Scroller Final Version Demo 1989-07-09 e P Txt coop with The Silents, ocs 0550aba1 14123
Defjam Snurkel Scroller Party Version Intro 1989-07-09 e Y P Txt coop with The Silents, ocs bd5f6174 1681
Destiny DYCP Scroller Intro 1991 e Y e6e9c677 1792
Doom Ultimate Scroller Demo 1990-05-25 e Y f0d2c7a9 17293
Drifters New Stuff Multiscroller Intro 1990 e Y 73482ee2 1993
Escape Sine Scroller Intro 1989-10-16 e Y bb3ec094 3691
Extacy Multiscroller Intro 1993-08-29 e Y P  ec7e3867 12407
Extreme (old) Nice Scroller Demo 1989 e Y ks1.2 a8d253ab 15493
Factor 4 Dual Playfield Scrollers Demo   e Y 5c52b77e 9500
Fairlight Super Snurkle Scroller Demo 1989-10 e Y Cr  ca7cca07 3841
Full Force Hi-Res Sinus Scroller Demo 1990 e Y 585d5419 16845
Ghost Glass Scroller Intro 1992 e Y Tag  ee1b048f 12891
The Hacking Relation Not Another Sine Scroller Intro 1990 e Y a52039eb 7693
Ian and Mic Supersonics Scrollers Demo 1988 e Y 42114908 16802
Kefrens Starscroller Demo 1990-07-01 e Y P Cr  fb8788ea 4573
Level 4 4 Bpl Sine Scroller Demo 1990 e Y a3d8386c 4703
Level 4 Graffiti Scroller Demo 1989-08 e Y Tag ocs 8f819b60 4709
Lunatics Copper Scroller Intro   e Y 4897
Maffia Roller Scroller Demo 1989-04-15 e Y P  8e086f17 4923
Magnetic Fields Latest in a Long Line of Sine Scrollers Intro   e Y 67521665 4972
Manowar Multi Scroller Demo 1989 e Y 782ba45b 16984
Megaforce Big Scroller Intro   e Y e38c6b37 5076
Neutron Dance 3 Scrollers Intro 1989-12 e Y ocs 2690167d 15426
No Limits Bobs Controller Demo 1989-08 e Y 6acec921 11182
Paramount Sinusscroller Intro 1989-11-18 e Y P  4d8b908e 11170
Punishers Rollerpede + Trainer   e Y 6088
Razor 1911 Chainsaw Scroller Demo 1989-03-26 e Y P  e3c64b04 6416
Sargon 3D Scroller Demo 1989 e Y 6668
Scup Scroller Demo 1991 e Y 754e3789 6848
Scup Supermultiscroller Intro 1992 e Y 937d6433 8741
Share and Enjoy Biggest Sine Scroller Ever Demo   e Y 3909e45b 6897
Sprint Multiscroller Intro 1990 e Y 7296
Synergy 12 Scrollers Intro   e Y 7518
Teladon Shade Scroller Intro 1990-06-20 e Y 7585
United Forces Mr Mad's Circle Scroller Demo 1989-09-17 e Y 616ad77f 11894
Vision Factory Roller Coaster Rumbler Cracktro 1989-10-13 e Y abfe4de7 15527