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Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
(independent) Clairvoyant - Forgotten Realms BBS Intro Intro 1992 e Y 42cced60 11964
Alpha Flight Tennis Cup German Cracktro   e Y 83cffe18 2329
Anal Intruders Biten Bytes Intro 1991 e Y 2402
Analog Ten Minute Prod from Turkey Intro 1994 e Y 861cb720 2411
Anathema La-La Tendencies Musicdisk 1994 2d Y 1154
Antitrax 2010 Listen into the Future Musicdisk 1988 d Y 1171
Appendix Unjust Sentence Trackmo 1994 d Y 1mb chip 1175
Black Monks Ten Gai Playable Beta Cracktro 1992 e Y 4e0dbc7b 8870
Black Robes Stencil Intro Intro 1991-04-04 e Y Tag  3c1ccc65 2890
Blaze Hypertension Slideshow 1994 d Y bc74efb0 1242
C-Lous Kindergarten Demo 1996-02-05 e Y A coop with New Age & Sardonyx 0f39bea5 3035
C-Lous Suicidal Tendensy Intro 1994-04-03 e Y P  88645c89 3030
Classic GP Tennis Manager Cracktro 1990 e Y coop with Razor 1911 e35187d0 10412
Complex Universal Intensity Trackmo 1991-06-09 d Y P Cr  7cfff0b1 53
Contraz Kindergarten Invitation Intro   e A  3268
Copyright Destroyers Inc 3D World Tennis Cracktro 1992 e Y 8932
Cult Frightening Demo 1989 e Y 062b122c 15409
Cyber Dreams Cuteness Sucks Animation 1994 a Y n/a 17502
Deadzone Måns och katten Demo 1989-11-05 e Y P Tag  9e0fab86 15400
Digital Access Intent Intro 1993-07 e Y P Tag  5416c686 13924
Dual 4mat Visual Intensity 01 Mag 1993-08-31 d Y 684489fc 1566
Dual 4mat Visual Intensity 02 Mag 1993-11-15 2d Y f853c840
Dual 4mat Visual Intensity 02 Headlinetro Intro 1993-10-10 e Y 047ba62a 17304
Dual 4mat Visual Intensity 04 Mag 1994-05-29 3d Y 7fbcbf5f
Dual 4mat Visual Intensity 05 Mag 1994 3d Y d0084c3a
Dual Crew Forgotten Realms BBS Intro Intro 1992-04-04 e Y Cr  ca834d39 2014
Dytec Tischtennis Cracktro 1992 e Y 302b22d7 15151
Fairlight International 3D Tennis Cracktro 1990-07-11 e Y Cr  fd0b5a3b 8845
Faith Ultimate Monopoly Extended AGA Cracktro   e Y d2192af8 16559
Flying Cows Portentous Tale Trackmo 1994 d Y 1mb chip 3901
Frantic The Enlightenment Demo 1990 e Y 036e17c8 3932
Fraxion Forgotten Realms Slideshow Slideshow   d Y 3944
Fraxion Forgotten Realms Slideshow 90 Slideshow 1990 d Y 3943
Hoodlum Day of the Tentacle Intro 1994-01 e Y 463c6dbe 12077
Intense Intentro Intro 1994-06 e Y 26f23ff7 4350
It Attention Demo 1988 e Y 4618638f 9244
The Lamers Ved Foten av et Fjell Intro 1990 e Y 4a55ac60 9352
Leader Productions Impotenssi Intro 1993-02-11 e Y 138b8b06 4629
The Magic Arts Musical Enlightenment Intro Intro 1990 e Y 5e6fcb8d 14805
Mirage Forgotten Slideshow 1992-08 d Y Cr coop with Desire 966e0df0 5188
Mythos Forgotten Realism Demo 1991-03-31 e Y P  3bd66914 5287
Nemesis Advantage Tennis Cracktro 1991-12-04 e Y Cr  3bf06e3a 10353
Pleasure Attention Intro 1993-02 e Y ae6a21c4 5935
Powerslaves Mr Tengus Adventure Pre-Release Cracktro   e Y 5999
Profex Stenkil Frenkil Intro 1991 e Y Tag  14a2d841 6028
Prophets Fasten Your Seatbelts Intro 1988 e Y ks1.2 6053
Pygmy Projects Extension Trackmo 1993-08-01 d Y P Cr Tag  24b6d2ec 149
Reaktor International 3D Tennis Cracktro 1990-08-14 e Y c6e0b6fe 15998
Rebels High Tension BBS Intro Intro 1991-05 e Y 573f0fd2 6484
Rebels High Tension BBS New Number Intro 1991-08-05 e Y f597f27e 6483
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