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intro by ringo star of classic. this program is a starproduction and is
protected under copyright law !!  (c) classic 1990
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the untouchable classic presents  - paradroid 90 -   from hewson....      
original supplied by  -the jazz syndicate-     copyprotection raped by -ringo
star-     masma music by -dez-          #          call our boards....   
703-347-5412  apocalypse     313-698-1728  madhouse    also call our euro hq  -
splatter house -   or write to   gullkloverv. 3 ... s-463 00 lilla edet ...
sweden           #     	we send out our regards to.....            
zelnik-genesis   sleaze   beatbox-skid row   loverboy   conqueror   chris-skid
row   action man-genesis   pennywise-defjam   baron-defjam   problem child  
magnetic-quartex    rebel and gaston-horizon   scott-genesis   evil priest  
skywalker   nomad and spreader-genesis      again we laid her....  be proud, be

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