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joo ei...             kylla!                   destiny & zigag present something
that has been waited for more than for the 2nd coming of jesus christ, the only
son of our lord....yes! we have reached enlightenment!               first the
credits for this heavenly good demo:  code-raist *** music-alf *** font-fizban
*** logos-raist *** digi pic of god-??? ***           this demo is dedicated to
our greatest idol:           god!     it all started late one saturday night
when we (raist,suicide,miguel) had been drinking heavily and had also been
thrown out of three pubs because of too much fun (=noize & violence)      we
were walking along this little street, when it happened!    god came to us and
said:"  thou art to see the light!"   and suddenly we all felt purified, we were
not drunk anymore! not even a tiny bit!   and we all had a halo over our heads! 
  were we dead?  had we been transformed into angels?    no!        we had been
chosen by god, to spread the good news of his coming to earth!   meanwhile the
lord spoke, raist took a picture of god with his polaroid camera!!!      and
here it is in glorious 16-colours 320*200 pixels!      so, all you who have not
seen the light yet, contact us!!!  we promise to help you reach enlightenment!  
      here is the address for final nirvana: 620    20301 turku    
finland    or phone 358-21-309716/mika(raist)    or    358-21-386203/jussi
(suicide)    or    358-21-485618/miikka (miguel)                     our special
prayers to : team-x (valaistukaa!!!) *** red sector *** deathstar *** quartex
*** dave&christine *** cosmos *** d.o.c. *** triad *** d.d.c. *** scoopex ***
the band *** invisible crime *** piranhas *** vision factory *** digi-tech & ibb
*** subway & the dream team *** bros *** avenger *** z-circle *** amiga
industries *** sargon *** beastie boys *** alpha flight *** northstar & the
silents *** random access *** x-men sweden *** hurricane *** traitors ***
freestyle u.k. *** jungle command *** aces *** ipec elite *** bamiga sector 1
*** avirex *** c.b.c. *** black monks *** mgf-joy-cpu *** phenomena *** phalanx
***         booze time...cul8r!!

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