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welcomeblord....a    b c d   ya have now enteredcthe dangerous world of         
          a   c u l t           c   this was meant to be a intro, but when time
have passed, it has grown more and more...   bthis final version fill up all the
chip-mem from 27000 up to 7ffff, so a bit much for a intro...   cthis intro (or
demo, if you like that better!) do also have another purpose than showing you
that cult is back strong as ever on your screen, but also to tell you that   bi
(the software terrorist) have decided to change that awkward name of mine !  i'm
sure many will feel the same way as me !      cso, revealed to all the public,  
the software terrorist is now   [ [ [   d e a d   [ [ [    (and buried) !!!  
out of this grave, a new power, mightier than god, have rosen !   out of this
grave have the                         a  #$   b e a s t   #$           crosen
!!!   so beware out there in all corners of the world,     ibwill stay to rule
!!!    c so after these small words, some of you might think that, oh lord! he
have seen the famous game, shadow of the beast, and nicked the name! but i can
tell you, you are wrong!  i thought of this name about a month before shadow of
the beast was released!  but if the game had influence on me deciding which name
to use, i don't know! .....  b some instructions ...  push right mouse - button
to pause the bar scroller...  press left mouse - button to pause this scroller,
and both to exit .....  c   now i think i should scroll up some credits!    
credits for this intro, goes as follows:                             a  brutal
coding by:  beast          c(thanx to mad for great help with this scroller!) (i
have used lots of time debugging this demo, so there have been some delays!)    
               a  graphix by:   beast      charset by:    beast           bmusic
ripped from the black monks, "pretty faces" demo (hope ya don't mind guys!)     
 scroll-writing by:  beast, slaughter and skeletor ....  c  now you have seen
the credits, and then you think that (yuupi!) now comes the greetings!  but as
usual, you're wrong!      b if you are interested in getting an intro or demo
for your group, then, depending on your amount of cash, advanced or simple, you
can buy one from us!   if your interested,  then contact:      acult    ,    
fejordet    ,    n-2900 fagernes   ,    norway ....  call (outside norway):   
+47 6360967   ,   within norway: 063 60967 ....        bif you missed the
address, then look in the scroller below, and you'll find the address !!!  cnow
some more words from the master himself...  i have just arrived back to my
thrusty amiga after being at the cinema... and guess what film i saw!     yes!  
of course i saw....   bbatman!    .....    c that must be one of the most
bgreat, spectacular and mindblasting movie i've ever seen...  c do you ask about
the quality in the film ???!!!  then i shall agree it's not so high as i.e.
hamlet, but as i see it, quality as the movie reviewers in papers, tv, and so on
see quality, ais dead boring!!!  bto be a good movie, it must be thrilling, have
lodsa action, real excitement, a bit of horror, humour and of course
hi-technology ! this together + some more makes a   r e a l  good movie, with my
kind of quality...  and as i see it,  batman  included most of this!  so if you
haven't seen it yet, go and see it!!!  c ....   zzxcxxxzzzzz  ......    channel
two... todays news...  zxcxxzssss.... channel 7 ....  ah, found an interesting
channel...   this channel includes a story from my computer-lesson at school... 
you see, i chose this subject in two of my free-lessons because it is nice to
have when i'm finished at this school, and shall go on at another (it counts
when you're being 'recruited' at the school)...  so today we should learn about
basic....    god heavens i thought...   the teacher told us to write down
everything he wrote on the blackboard, and that this would maybe get difficult
for some...  we learnt babout "print" and "let"...  c a question he asked... 
what do we get if we write "let a=1, "print a" ???   i really had a good
time.... (bluergh!!!)...   zxzxcvczxxzxssschwooink...  beeeep...  oyoouou... 
how to test your eyes with going to an optican...   b(mmm... sounds
interesting!)...  if you can read this text which will scroll over the screen
any minute now, you don't need glasses at all! ....   cprepare to die! text
coming....  ............   e    rosa seigmenner!!! dette gikk foooort !!!....   
                        c  if you could read that, you have passed the test...  
   zxcxzcxzxcsssss... turning over to bullshit channel....     fuck, fuck, fuck 
> atari >     > > > >   stinks as hell...    destroy  > atari st >  @ owners @  
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!             are you getting bored???    thought so!  ok, if you
are scandinavian or under any circumstance understands norwegian, you'll get
fun!  if not, close your eyes, and sleep for a minute!     here we go, with some
heavy norwegian jokes....      slaugther her!!!!  spenn fast sikkerhetsbeltene
for naa blir det kjoer....  en svenske og en nordmann moettes paa en smal
alpevei. svensken sveivde ned vinduet og ropte: "jag backar minsann inte for en
idiot!"  "men det gjoer jeg", sa nordmannen og rygget..... (ha! i kill me!
(alf)).  ok! beast vil skrive litt... og det maa han vel faa lov til???? vel,
her kommer'n! ... beware the power ... beware  ! beast ! ....  now some brutal
jokes...  pappa, pappa, hva er incest?  hold kjeft gutt, og sug videre!    .... 
 lisa, lisa du er saa trang!  men det er jo fordi jeg bare er 2 aar (noen
yngre?) pappa!   (hirr, hirr!)  ....  ja... hvis den perverse grisen kunne gi
seg litt, saa kunne jo jeg ogsaa ha det litt moro her...  jeg leste i et gammelt
blad i dag: gamle jakobsen hadde vaert strandet paa en oede oey i 5 aar. han
hadde forlengst gitt opp tanken paa aa bli reddet. men saa begynte en havfrue aa
dukke opp. foerst var hun naervoes, og holdt seg paa avstand, men etterhvert kom
hun naermere og naermere. til slutt satt de sammen om kveldene og saa inn i
solnedgangen. saa en kveld naar de satt slik, sa havfruen:"du, vi havfruer har
ett oenske som vi kan faa oppfylt fra kong neptun. men det er endelig, og kan
ikke gjoeres om... vi kan gjoere det slik at du blir slik som meg... vil du
det?" jakobsen straalte opp "aa ja",det ville han. som sagt, saa gjort. naar de
to svoemte omkring nede der, spurte hun... "skal vi lage barn???"  jakobsen
svarte med en gang at "ja", det ville han. "fint! da legger jeg rognen min borte
der, saa kan du komme med maelken din etterpaa....."   well, you foreigners may
wake up now!  this is beast knotting on the keyboard....    i think i'll send
out some messages now..b   scoopex: hey shark the master, really looking forward
to your and vectrix vector demo! your pre-view was great!  when will we see the
final one???      it: yoho burglar! nice to be swapping with you again! hope the
post won't mess with the mail again!     italian bad boys: hello, hacker, what
are you doing?  long time have passed since last time!  write back, or call me
soon!    deathstar: yo willow! why don't you return my disks! cool speaking to
you on the phone!    european software agaency: sorry about the delays lately,
nefarious!  what do you think about this intro???    network: (alf)  good luck
with the dealer, and the sueing !  people really can be stupid!     d-mob: great
demos you have released!  your music disks are also very cool (i especially
loved the batman music disk!!!)  ps: we loved the cow on your second music disk!
(hydr hydr!) pss:vi har inte ko-skraekk!!   phenomena: your demos have also been
very cool! keep up the good work!    black monks: hey greg! read in the pretty
faces demo that you liked sweinsteins (of cult) tetris very good! sweinstein
liked that!  anyway, why haven't you sent for some time ?????   cok, i think
that was the most of my messages!  this text has now only reached the length of
5100 bytes.... so why not write some more????   this text you'll read from now
on, was typed 2 days later at skeletors place... now i'll hand the knotteboard
over to somebody stupid enough to catch it...           (nobody takes it!!!)....
 ok, somebody, please!!! ....     sure now stupidity???? ...   ok!!!    as i'm
sick (more than usual) i'll ignore that stupid talk. i'll slow this text down a
little so that i may write this crap  or bullshit (oksedriten) before you read
it! you know how to read??....  don't you????...  you do?  great folks you've
been at school too!     okay folks! now a great funny megamighty joke from my
unlimited supply with such stuff!!!  if you don't wanna get killed to death by
laughing, you should close your eyes until i tell you to open'em again..   here
we go......!!!    ever heard of the boxer who doped himself down eight weight
classes??? (ha-ha, skratt-skratt, hulk-hulk(hogan???))  ...  wasn't that a great
one???   now you guys can open your eyes again!!!  i hear you gays(!!??) snoring
(zzzzzzzzzzzz, puuuhhh!!!) so i'll throw some of the grey keys on this "  
tastefjoel   " over to a gay(!) which is screaming "hopsideisa" all the time ,
'coz i'll try to fix something dbehind me (read as a beast) who is trying to
eeat my stinky toes!!!  you see he just finished of my sofa(!!??!!.....)  bthis
part was as you surely understand speedmixed by the stinky animal (read as
beast)...#$  @@@@@@  #$   beast interupting again...  ignore that stupid @@@
>>>>  @@@freak, and his @insane@ words !!!.....         well, have you guessed
who is screaming "hoppsideisa" all the time???  jupp!  it's dragev here it
comes!! ........    c move ass, asshole!!!! yupp! you maybe guessed it:
slaughter's back!!! well, i really have to excuse skeletors bad writing, but he
must be very sick.....  from my position here (upsidedown, outsidein) it looks
like this text is closing 7k, only 110 to go.....   just kidding!!!!!  well,
since i've got nothing else to write about, i'll punch away some jokes.... here
they go....   on the bus... lamer: half fare, please. bus driver: how old are
you????  lamer: fifteen.  bus driver: do you have any identification???  lamer:
i have my driving licence...    let's dig some more....   oh! i've got a good
one for you here... "doctor, doctor, people keep ignoring me." "next, please..."
     just one more of them.... "doctor, doctor, i keep thinking i'm invisible' 
'who said that???????'   yupp!! that's it..... forget it!!!! (no, do not forget
"it").  just kidding once again!!!!   i'll just punch in my address on this
tastepad (skeletor: og gosh a meg, eg trudde det var ein mikrofon!!! (with
"skurring" on the "r"))....   bhere it goes....  a   slaughter/cult,         
c/o v. riseng,           fejordet,             2900 fagernes....  b you got
it????  if not, send to beast's address, and mark the envelope
"slaughter"....... c .......   rrroooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaarr !!!   an enormous
power is heard....   yeah, this is  #$ beast #$  crunching skeletors keyboard...
yes, you're right, to get some real scrolltext, it must be typed by myself...
(!!!)     @@@@@    bsome words about products you might expect from us in
future...    we are still hoping to put together a mega-demo in the not to
distant future...   i will release a music-disk in a while,  we might release
some cracks (if our original supplier supply us), and of course many great
demos, intros and other stuff!  cok, since i think we have tortured you long
enough, i scroll up, yes for one time you're right,   the  < cult <  greetings
!!!  we greet the honourable likes of.... (of course in z-a order!)....  @@@@
d<z<  *  zipp  *  zeus  *   <x<  *  x-men fin./u.k  *  <w<  *  white fence  * 
wizzcat  *  warfalcons  *  <v<  *  vision factory  *  vision  *  vanguard  * 
<u<  *  united  *  unique  *  unicorn  *  <t<  tvm  *  trilogy  *  tribe  * 
triangle  *  topswap  *  tnf  *  the possesed  *  the megastars  *  the lost
boys  *  the directors  *  the electronic artists  *  the egg  *  the cartel  * 
the cap  *  the band  *  the band norway  *  the alf team  *  team-x  *  <s<  * 
supreme (a)  *  supreme (b)  *  supplex  *  sunriders  *  silents (germany)  * 
silent byte  *  silence  *  shadowlight of alpha flight  *  setrox  *  scoopex
(austria)  *  scanners  *  sargon  *  <r<  *  rox anne-cati  *  rigmor mortis  *
 razor 1911  *  <q<  *  quino  *  <p<  *  phaze 101  *  phillip  *  phenomena  *
 panzerfaust  *  <o<  *  outlaws/escape (norway)  *  ollie  *  odyssey  *  <n< 
*  northstar & silents  *  nonstop  *  nonstopcrew  *  no limits  *  nico tech 
*  new order  *  network 23 of sunriders  *  network  *  new order  *  neutral
zone crackers/thunder, triax  *  <m<  *  m&m team  *  mr. maniac  *  mr. abacus 
*  moonriders  *  m.o.a  *  mio  *  megadeath  *  master crew  *  maffia  *  <l<
 *  lonewolf & amiga  *  level 4  *  <k<  *  k.o.r.t. *  kent  *  kefrens &
supply team & tartan army  *  <i<  *  italian bad boys  *  it  *  ironlight  * 
ipec elite u.k.  *  ipec elite  *  intuition  *  illustra  *  <h<  *  hqs  * 
heavy duty inc.  *  horizon  *  h.a.c.  *  <g<  *  goonies 2041  *  go go inc. 
*  giants  *  gate  *  <f<  *  full force  *  freedom force & amiga industries 
*  fraxion  *  flash productions  *  fixion  *  finnish force  *  finnish bit
wizards  *  ff *  <e<  *  exolet  *  european software agency  *  eternals  * 
escape  *  epsilon  *  end of century 1999  *  empire  *  eliminators  * 
elimination  *  <d<  *  dynasty  *  dueco enterprises  *  druids  *  dominic  * 
d-mob  *  digitech  *  ddd of dexion  *  defcon one  *  deadline  *  dark front 
*  <c<  *  cybernetics  *  crusaders  *  crionics  *  crime  *  creators  * 
cpu-til  *  cosanostra  *  complex  *  clones  *  clever boys  <b<  *  bytestar 
*  byterapers  *  browbeat  *  brainbug  *  born to win  *  bolero  *  bodybags 
*  blue computers incorporated  *  black monks norway  *  black monks  * 
bitbusters  *  beastie boys  <a<  *  avenger  *  avalon  *  avalanche  *  atomic
 *  asteroids  *  a.s.k.  *  artic league  *  arise  *  arcane  *  apex  * 
alive  *  alien force  *  ahead  *  acme factories  *  abnormal  *  abandon
..........c    oooooooooooooooh!  that was one helluva list, eh ???   i now,
there's allways someone missing in the list, but it's not easy when you have
group of our size (over 20 people), and that many contacts ! .......   ok, i
can't stand  this scroller anylonger, so let's go   wrapping !!!!     ...... 
restarting scrolltext any minute now! ........               a wrap

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