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well yahoo!  finally it reaches ya hands. this is the first demo ever from
.mega-mighty...                   well but let's go!!!                    
.S2whoah!        S3this is    S2orient express S3  (coder) typing some text to
u... .as you might have noticed, this our very first demo is finally ready! 
.i'll give you the crediz first. coded ofcoz @ me, that nice mountain up there
.was pixeled @     S2ttv   S3muzax (if u didn't know) @ Vdr.awesome/crusaders
.Z(hey man, u said iz ok to rip 'em, and i didn't fuck up with u, did i?)  font
.is originally drawn @ juzzi (/effex, thank you maaan! (but i spent whole day
.fixing it!))  ...and the rest / grafix and most dsign @ me!  (ttv wants to
.have some crediz from dsign (the most stupid ideas!!!))  think that was all. 
.(oh yeah, > made some xtra chars to font.)    bytheway, release date is
.14.6.-90      hey rockstar, eat ya right hamster-button to pause scrolling...
left .to quit.  (if u haven't done it already).  i'll give the keys to > now,
and .mayhaps write something later....... yo everybody! this is ttv ticking the
.amiga, <'s amiga, no-good at all, 1.3...:-)... ok, my special greez go to:
.juzzi / effex, swantti / fart(clones) and don vito anthony corleone (tony the
.tiger)... i'm the great swapper of this group. if u wanna contact us, try
.pressing the right hamsterbutton at the right time, right ? (look at the .kool
mountains, jerks!). i hope u haven't received a pre-version of this .demo, coz
if u have, somebody is in biiig trouble...< just told me, that i .can tell u a
bad joke after about 16000 bytes of text, so i better start .writing something
now... what shall i tell u about...???? hmmmm, ok. i'll .talk about
modemswapping. we don't have a bbs yet, so all cool sysops can .try to contact
us for joining. if anyone knows any good pirate bbs's in .finland, let me
know...oh, shit, i'm beginning to hate that intuitracker... .that noisetracker
song is really getting boring. i think i better change it .or i'll get a
headache.... that's better. what does this key doX? oh, no ! .better try
something else, how about thisC? oh, denmark...ok, well < and > .sends greez to
everybody in grindsted, who were here last fall. Vhuh... what's .that supposed
to be ? it looks a little bit like den norske flaggan, i guess. .well, there are
lots of groups in norway. we called crusaders' bbs some time .ago (and ofcoz
lahti-city paid the phonebill)...B that must be iceland. i .think i've seen a
demo from iceland sometime, i can't remember the group's .name, but who
cares...Z oh, yes, finland, the land of expensive computers, .cars and
everything else. well, luckily we don't have too many st-freax, the .only
problems are the thousands amiga-lamers (greez to s.sorsa), but there .are also
some cool groups like us around here. *   !? who is he ? do u know .him ? well i
don't, but here he comes again!S2 * * *   S3aaaargh, i can't write any more
.now. i better give the keys to < now....     .yeps, it's me,  S2orient express 
 S3writing again.  well, unfortunately, that .our swapper couldn't reach the
200th line, so you won't see his joke! (well, .i'm sure you didn't miss
anything!)  mayhaps i'll now say some words about...  .joining us!   we
actuallyS2 need a musician and graphic artistS3!   if you .think you're good
enough, contact us. but we're not gonna make record in the .number / members,
but in quality / them!  so, we won't take just anyone, but .ofcoz you can
allways try, maybe you're the lucky one! (and we'll send all .ya #'s back, so
don't worry (be *happy*!) about them...)     if you haven't .got our contact
address yet, here it is... S2DEMOS1   poste restante   .17200  vaaksy     
finlandS3 it now? .aarrgghh!!... i'll have to change that
intuitracker piece again....   now that's better. .you wanna the official story
about   S2DEMO???   S3  ok...  when i managed .first time to do real
machine-language proggy (gee what a demo!), i asked > .about founding a group.
coz he said ok, we did it...  the name was little .problem. after few days we
decided to call it S2=.   S3 the official .establishing day is 4.4.1990 ad. 
then i started to learn that difficult .art / demo-coding. well, you can say if
i've succeeded.   (oh shit, i'm tired .of arguments with > about spelling...(and
he makes more mistakes!))  .shut up already, damn!  what's up now?   originally
we decided not to send .greez, but coz effex sent to us, guess we'll have to
send 'em... .so greez to ehvex (you misspelled it too!)  sorry, tony 'the
gamemaster', we .lost ya greez, so they're not here! (but they went to freelance
lamers all .around the globe, i bet)...    i'm quite out of ideas...  let's form
a .competition!  here comes the material...    *  *       after a fairly shaky
start to the .day, arthur's mind was beginning to reassemble itself from the
shell-shocked .fragments the previous day had left to him with. he had found a
nutri-matic .machine which had provided him with a plastic cup filled with a
liquid that .was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea...  *  *    .so,
S2where's this little piece of story from???S3  (and what page?)  .the winner
will see what's the prize....  send ya answers (and toothbrushes) .to our
contact address which you can see in the middle of the mountains!  .ok mayhaps
i'll stop now...  so;  S2orient express / =S3  signing off...

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