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;%&; fteam ;%&;   is proud to present their third fast-intro, this time called
the mini-jumper.   this product is fast-coded by + mike +.  at the first time
our fast-intro includes also some muzax, and it is offcourse composed by our
music-master # captain #.  the fast-logo is done by $ xray $ and this font is
one of mike's creations. ***you can change the scrollmove-method by pressing the
help-key....just try it... the main reason why we published this intro was the
fact that i wanted to code something micro-small  and captain has always wanted
to compose something  nasty with delta-music......and now you can listen to his
first delta-tune...quite good,eh ?   by the way...if some of you lamer-rippers
take this tune away from this intro.....we would be very thankfull if you
mention the original composer too...ok? if you do will be death
to us...and that is something you should avoid very much....  ***  here are no
special greetings, just one personal message.....starger/exodus....what do you
think about this piece of art?  i promised to code something small like i did..but i thought 7 pixel-font  is too lame and i made this
product..and here is some music too...oh,you noticed it allready ? the
hell it is possible?       well, that was it....some worldwide also:  hello to
all friends and best amiga-teams all over the world...   and because we are at
the end of this text,i give you something to think : maybe this amiga is so lame
that we should change the machine. amiga 3000 would be pretty good, but its
price ain't so good....what a pity....but maybe some day in the near future....
***  good bye tonight, mike/fteam signing of ..*** ....signal
carrier.....* click! *

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