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**************************  * mike productions *  a                   e smashes
your screen again. today with a new qmini-product ,  ** fast intro ii ** a      
                i this product has some noticeable capabilities, like 10
different sine-waves and smooth scrolling computer aided retangle-area !! (nice
name,eh!)  l                     ji have created those sine waves with special
sinus-creator made by        cross/empire      a it is so funny to mix up to 10
different sines to one and watch, how the text flies !!!! (?? fly ??).    this
intro is decided to        pythagoras     a , the man who invented those
trigonometrical-functions !   o                   f* some credits coming up *   
 all coding done by       mike 1990      a........ art styling by       captain 
     a ........ font ripped from an old ecu-demo. special thanks to original
artist . .......  scrolltext-editing by mike 1990.                     g some
technical information available at this moment **  sinescroller is one
pixel-anti overscan (sorry folks,but it was easier this way!) ... moving
retangle-area routine is quite simple, very effective and so suberb-looking! .
special styling-credits for that goes to captain (thanks,pal!) p                
    iwell,i think it is now proper time to publish some extremly personal
hellos:      hi! starbyte/accessiona ,thanks for those greets you sent me ! i
heard you had visited here in kivenlahti last week!  what a pity  we couldn't
meet...maybe some another time.                   hi! stranger/exodus    a
suberb thanks for those super-hot-megafast-imports...hst is quite fast
runner,eh!!!! ... keep on going to same cool way!                      bhi!
gammaguru/effex  a i am waiting for your later products!                 hi!
abico       a...thanks for your long-lasting friendship!                    
cbecause advertising in newspapers cost too much for us, we must advertise here:
   call our bbs   * pirates cove/exodus hq 358-0-8024389 *   or  * fteam
multibbs  358-0-8026206 *  you can also contact us by mail, write to:   mike ,
savitiilentie 5 b , 02320 espoo , finland   * but only for legal stuff and
coding! *    n                   dpretty odd half-sin-wave!!!  ...well this text
should be finished now , only some final notes to go :   because this is a
homemade-pure finnish-intro ,i should write some finnish here:  viikon sana:
lucky luke laukeaa nopeammin kuin hanen oma varjonsa .....eli pohtikaapa sita
,senkin jurrikat!!! ja sitten viela sellaiset tyypit jotka ostaa 20000 mk
laitteet mutta eivat sitten tee niilla mitaan muuta kuin lameroivat ympariinsa
,ovat kylla oikeita juustoja...tollainen kay oikein navan alta
nykimaan,saatana!!!       well ,enough finish-text !!  few last words left,and
then you have to start waiting my next products!!                     ethis was
your host, mike the magician on midnight-writer .....good night computing-world
, wherever you are!!                     this text was published with permission
from the paramount pictures studios.........allrights reserved for later
use.......       (c) mike 1990
Text Writer
***  mike  1990  ***

    is proud to

** fast intro ii **

this little piece of
 art is the second
one in my fastintro-
 the third one will
 be published soon !

   *   * * *  * ****
   ** ** * * *  *
   * * * * **   ***
   *   * * * *  *
   *   * * *  * ****

  productions 1990

   producers info
code by    mike 1990

styling by   captain

font ripped from an
        old ecu-demo

 special hellos to :

  exodus , unique ,
 accession , effex ,
 megastars , abico
   and animate

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