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hello there   over 200 bobs? 16 colors bobs?   impossible blitts?? nope because
we cheated    anyway enjoy this little intro   some creds again    lousy code by
mr spiv and all audiovisual work by old fart     this one was released on
byterapers and scoopex copyparty in parikkala    now it is time for live party
reports       mr.bliv here   i am so makkara but anyway i fly slow but low??   
not too much people here but the athmosphere is quite nice  tsik tsik tsik      
sorry but i do not have too much to say       before i stop hellos from mr spiv
to dalton saviour micdair etc etc of complex    sam of beyond force    hot etc
etc of coral    members of punishers    and etc etc etc   see you may be next
year    crunch crunch crunch    and remember  stc is always bugged

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