Celtic - Bob Revolution (700 Bobs)DetailsCaseRow
Scroll Text (First Part Scroll)
hi there!  welcome to our new demo called        bob revolution!        that,
what you are watching, is no dream! for some guys, it will be a pretty
nightmare.....   these bobs, you are seeing, are  n o t  only 430 bobs! (hi
mr.gurk/phenomena!).....  they are  n o t  just lame 500 or 600 ! the number of
these bobs is     7 0 0    !!!. yes, you are reading it right! ... at first some
coding facts from me (crown): if you wanna beat this record, you have to notice,
that: i am using the whole screen (320 in x-direction, 232 in y-direction), the
bobs have the format 8 x 8 pixels on screen but i am blitting. 7 times two
words. the bobs have 3 colors (as you can see), we dont cheat with sprites! all
bobs are printed on the screen with the blitter! next to the bobs, this demo has
got two scrollers and a nice, 4 voices using noisetracker-sound......       so
if you wanna beat our record, be sure that all facts mentioned before. are
included..........and now a little message to humanoids:  you have 929 bobs, but
they are only 4 pixels high !!! and thats no problem ..... but nevertheless, i
want to send some special greetz to these groups and guys, who still are some of
the leading bob-routine-coders:  mr.gurk of phenomena,  complex,  neutron dance,
 humanoids and upfront  and  scoopex...... at the end of this part of our demo,
i wanna tell you our headquarter-address:             p l k  0 7 0 0 1 0  d     
         4 4 5 0   lingen/ems           west germany..........and know, press
the. right
Scroll Text (Second Part Scroll)
at first the credits for the whole demo: megacool coding by      - crown -      
       nice sound by       - noise -            cool gfx by        slimer and
hypex             and now its conan speaking. i don`t want to tell big stories,
only two messages: if you are interested in vhs-swapping, also contact our
headquarter:              plk 070010 d             4450 lingen ems              
  west-germany    and if you are a   w r i t e r  (graffiti), then contact our
graphic-wizard slimer under this address:   plk  059706  c               2900
oldenburg              west-germany .......... now, crown wanna tell you the
history of his demo ..... first this demo was only a little bob-intro, than
conan told me, that there will be a copy-party and a demo-competition with very
good prices, so i decided to improve this proggy and one night i had the great
idea of making this part (look at the great animations on the screen). after
that i thought, that two parts are to few to win the demo-competition. then the
third part with the vektor-scroller and the end screen followed. ok that was the
demo. now we needed a driver and a car, but although we phoned through whole
germany for getting one we could not find one ! this is the reason why this demo
is released so late ........ you can read more bullshit in the next part
Scroll Text (Third Part Scroll)
at first a little message to all the lamers   send disks with ya letters and
beer and wodka and whisky and ..... more .... more ..... we want all disks...
amigas and alcoholics ........ another important messy to all porno-freaks   we
are the official spreader of the praline-playboy-beate uhse disk magazine. if
you wanna have really cool animations in 4096 colours   non-interlaced   in 640
x 320 pixel   about 50 pics per second   about one hundred animations on every
disk (we crunched 2500 mb to one disk)   thats your chance!!!! send 10 dollar 
and 3 disks to our headquarter!!! ok  enough shittalk!!! ..... now we are
sending some special greetinx to         shadowcat/arcadia  - 
bigshoot/avalanche  -  fitzy/excel uk  -  stingray/exodus  -  burglar/it(write
soon!)  -  mark/ipec elite  -  esi/level 4  -  electronic force/m.a.d.  - 
mahony and kaktus  -  big a/phenomena  -  geronmyho/sun connection  -  double
trouble/success  -  snowman/d-tect (wodka rules! )  -  logo 7 and bloody
guy/supplex  -  punisher/abandon (everybodys mooshin yeah yeah!)  - 
scattergold/star  -  shark the master/scoopex  -  savage uk and
austria..........see ya later ................bye.......

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