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paradox       ..        ..of     alpha flight    .                ..         
presents a little party intro            now first of all the credits of this
little ,cool, intro . coding :      ..    mc einstein    ..                     
            ..         grafix and muzak: thalion software , chambers of shaolin 
      font :  mugger and a little bit derek                text:  mc einstein
and derek             ..   call our amiga bbs in the states      oo17185922433  
 ..                                       ..        or call our c64 board also
in the states     oo17184592o23    ..                             
contact us write to plk 12491o c  43oo essen 1 west germany or to plk o68322 a
562o velbert 1 west germay            there is no longer a cooperation between
us ,alpha flight, and tma ,the magic arts, bcoz they ,tma, had recracked
fighting soccer from quartex ,not all members of tma are so lame,               
 .beware of the chief of tma bcoz he is a spy from turtlebyte  !!!!!           
..we hope that you .......               r r r r r r r r r ..              ..   
        enough of that crap ! here comes the greetinx :.. accumulators , bamiga
sector one , crusaders , defjam + ccs + zike , dual crew , eclispse , fairlight
, hurricane ,  oracle , paranoimia , piranhas , quartex , quicksilver , red
sector inc. , storm , supreme , trilogy , tristar , vision factory and all we
have forgotten                                                                  
                          .. why do you wait ?         you wait for the end  ?  
    ok here you are !                                             the  end     
..               .. text restart !

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