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universal pictures part 2:    licence to fill    รพ.    all coding by cool j   
graphics and objects by santtu    music composed by equalizer    design by cool
j and santtu    all samples by equalizer                                 
released at the gate (lame) party on 12-11-89    party is boring and full of
lamers.  the party takes its place in hollola - somewhere beyond the arctic
circle over 50 km from nearest point of civilization. and the worst thing - no
booze !!       before you start to think that this demo is going to be so
fucking official, we should tell you that even we are normal human beings... so
lets go on with some great fuckings to reward who simply is one of the most
idiotic guys we know... - so fuck off and die!!!  and that message was to dr.dma
of animate too!!!!   well... in fact it was for whole animate!!!  aaaaaah!     
do you know who is the biggest faggot in finland???     of course its the living
legend -zados- !!!!   i (equalizer) almost got raped by him!!!!   this really is
word of warning!! beware of the big-dick(?) zados!!!! (well in fact he had to
use little air ball instead of normal rubber because normals are like plastic
bags to his penis!) .......   well some party hellos to some cool dudes we met
at the byterapers cottage-party (super-party) - grendel - vyvyan - lennu - zados
- rockstar. live fast, die slow !!!  normal hellos only to  codewizard  okay...
to continue with fuckings, lets send some to neutron dance, horizon finland,
phaze 101 finland, freedom force, browbeat, byterapers, wizzcat, x-men, delta,
scoopex finland, x-beat, altair, beyond force, gate, team-x, complex, master
blend, cave, bionic force, clones, finnish force, exec, bloodsuckers, master
crew, accession, zados(specially!!), exodus, aannniiimmmatteee!!!  (and all
other finnish teams we forgot)      have you heard why death star died???       
   well... they challenged us to democontest and they couldn't make better
because dr.dma is so lame that he can't make a scrollroutine!!    so simply it
was!  what a shame!!!  we are sooooo sorry...   heh heh...    haistakaa vittu
kaikki suomen lamerit!!  syvaa halveksuntaa!!!! after all this text you must
only remember our slogan before you are trying to make any kind of act against
us - we don't care !!!!                see you

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