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vogue is proud to present you their latest intro !!!  but first let us smash out
the credits:  the coding was done by nian,  the music and the logo by aron...  
hope you like this cool work...  but now i wana tell you some words about our
group:  vogue is -at present- a test group which was founded by some famous
groups. the aim of this group is to do quality work in the areas of coding,
modem trading, swapping and cracking. vogue will be a solid established group if
we see in the next few weeks that we are going to have success. otherwise our
old groups will be refounded (but note: during the test period the old groups
are not dead !!!).   if you now want to contact the countach section of vogue
then write to:   plk 055193 d   8400 regensburg   west-germany       as last
part of this text let us start with the greetinx (not the full list, no special
order!): atom, trsi, skid row, angels, quartex, midnight sun, exult, dual crew,
system 5, celtic, beating bytes, energy, argon, exodus, onyx, mexx, savage,
spectre, wizzcat, reetec, trinomic, timex, amaze, euphoria, vision, science,
adept, it, zylon, spreadpoint, rebels uk, ensignia, trial, ibb, cult, magnetic
fields, cytax, d-tect, level 4, exterminators, cascade, brainstorm, brainwave,
subway, afl, chrome, prologic tgwl, tsb, the untouchables, apex, triad, abyss,
cave, obituary, the lunacy, occult circle, dynamix, pussy, bitwalkers, style,
delorean, genesis, vision1, l.s.d...   puuhhh, that was all (but please do not
mind us if we have forgotten someone, because this was an old and uncomplete
list...).   signing off... iridis/countach/vogue...         text restarts...

Disclaimer: Texts are presented here in their original form, control chars and all, with no edits or censorship. All texts have been already been voluntarely released to the public as a part of the demos. That said, if a text seen here contains information about you personally that you don't wish to be visible, contact me and I will remove it from the website.