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when quality counts             effex presents another poppaloora-pack full of
poppaloora quality stuff !!!... credits for this intro goes to  mad-max! for
funny music n' gfx exept the bergerins... coding? by  willow! .... baha baha
baha ... the effex booze festival is now over ... luckily ?!... special haba
haba's to  giant of disknet... he also won the demo compo at our party with the
only demo presented there ! ahbab ahbab ... har har !... moehh let's throw out
our groetings in weetabix order to...      - abel - accession - apex - azure -
benefit - bastards - beyond zooo - beyond force - bloodsuckers - bonanza -
byterapers - cave - chrome - complex - cult - deep - dictators fin. - disknet -
doom - elite inc. - escape fin. - exotic men - full force - image - infernal
minds - metallians - mns of clones - paradox - perfect illusion - prologic - pu
- racoon - rebels - spectre finland - taxon - the perfects - vision factory -
wizzcat - zylon of alpha flight... we wrote the groetings in a hurry so sorry if
anyone is forgotten ! ... message to  merit of ???   send us the photos n' the
cash immediately !!!  in the meantime stay cool !.... nuttin' else to write so
beat it and wait for further effex productions !!!! and don't forget to contact
us !!!!!!

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