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UAE patches complete or under construction Status Download Updated (DD/MM/YYYY)
CD32/CDTV emulation under construction, included with WinUAE 0.8.21   09.04.2002
Full rewrite of joystick/mouse/keyboard emulation.
Any native button/joystick axle can be mapped to Amiga key, joystick axle/button or mouse button/direction (and more!) Currently supports 4 native joysticks and mice. max 32 axles and max 32 buttons/input device. Both Amiga joystick ports are supported. (for example, you can put mouse to both Amiga ports)
GUI isn't implemented and configuration isn't saved yet   09.04.2002
AGA support complete? Included with 0.8.17, fixes in later versions.  
New floppy emulation, allows reading and writing of non-standard disk formats (mfm.device, strange game save formats, reading copy protected floppies etc..) and has cycle-exact timing (required by Megalomania, Action Replay 3 and some copy protections) Complete. Included with 0.8.13. Updates in later versions.    
Action Replay 3 and HRTMon support. Requires ROM image from Action Replay 3 cartridge or patched HRTMon code. Included with WinUAE 0.8.21 Download patch  
State save and restore support. Saves and restores full memory, CPU, CIA, custom chip etc.. state to file. Great for games without save support. Included with 0.8.17, fixes in later versions    
Raw floppy image reader. Creates extended adf images from custom formatted disks. (copy protected and MS-DOS formatted disks etc..) Usage: rawread -r -f filename. Keep left mouse button pressed to abort Experimental Download rawreader and sources 02.12.2001
FDI image support complete, included with WinUAE Download patch and example code  

Last update: 09.04.2002

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