Crionics - Hardwired
ID 55
Group Crionics
Title Hardwired
Type Trackmo
Date 1991-12-28
Party The Party 1991
Info coop with The Silents
Format 2 Disks
Inserted 2002-01-26
Updated 2013-03-17
File Info
c/Crionics/Crionics-Hardwired_d1.adf f8b9d6ba
c/Crionics/Crionics-Hardwired_d2.adf bf608522
Credits (Sort by Author)
Code Deftronic, Guzzler, Murphy, Saxs, Spy
Gfx Mikael Balle, Sionic, Zycho
Music Jesper Kyd
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Animated Graphics, Digitized Graphics, Dots, Dots to Graphics, Eye, Filled Vector, Floppy, Game Cover Music, Glenz Vector, Jelly Vector, Line Vector, Music Sync, Raytraced Animation, Sci-Fi, Screenshot Credits, Shade Bobs, Sound Effects, Space Ship, Spline, Sprite Field, Star Field, Story, Toilet, Trailing Vector, Twister, Twister Scroll, Vector Bobs, Vector Logo, Vector Morph, Vector Shadow, Vector Transition