• Hi guys, sorry for being a bit absent lately, real world stuff and all.. I did get around to add some files and prepare a little Xmas present for you: a fresh update to the files! With 540 additions since the previous one. See you in 2016, now go grab those downloads..
  • Hi there, it's been a while. As you may have noticed, I've been quite active with this project again. What's best, the public files have finally been updated! 624 new releases! Totally overhauled directory and file names! Download here!
  • The FAQ has also been updated, please browse through it if you have any questions.
  • In case I've forgotten to answer an email from someone out there, my apologies. Life has been busy for me outside this project, but I'll do my best to keep in touch with everyone contacting me. Feel free to re-send your query and note that I've switched the main address for Amiga related communications (see the "Contact" link).
  • I hope to stay very active during the winter and spring with lots of new files, so keep on checking this space.
  • Oops, almost forgot to make a news item out of this: files updated! 410 additions! Go download!
  • On that note, I'm off to vacation. There won't be any updates for several weeks, except maybe some database cleanups if I'm real bored.. Have a nice summer.
  • And again, files updated. This time with 473 additions, not counting numerous fixes. Go fetch, and have fun!
  • I'm in the middle of add some long overdue features to the features of this website as well. You'll notice them from all the bugs.
  • Also made some tiny updates to the FAQ. If you've never read it, now would be the time.
  • Files updated! 640 new productions! Do I need to say more?
  • As I'm in the middle of moving from Germany back to Finland, things will most likely be quiet for a while as I get my stuff together. Hope this new update pleases you in the meantime. :)
  • I just noticed that on Wednesday, 25th January, my small collection turns exactly 10 years old. This is quite a stretch of time. Between starting up the archiving work and now, I've moved to the other side of Finland, started at the university, graduated with my masters, done nearly half of my PhD work, gotten married, moved to Berlin and more. My level of archiving activity has varied during this time, and I know I should have accumulated much more stuff. But quality before quantity, right? ;)
  • The good news is that there should be plenty of activity during 2012. The year has started incredibly well for us collectors, and I'm currently swamped with a back log of freshly archived disks to be processed. Keep watching the New Additions -page, there will be many interesting things coming your way..
  • This week I am also making some small updates to the web site code, mostly bug fixing. For example, a recent update on our server also broke the viewing of certain text items. This should be fixed now, please note me if you notice any issues.
  • As a Christmas present to you all, the files have been updated! I haven't been as active with the collection as I would have liked (real life etc), but I'm still happy to present 243 new releases.
  • This time the updated releates contain a lot of crack intros, plus many rare things from the Spanish scene. Thanks a lot to Double R / Intense for the latter. There's more to come very soon, so keep checking my site in 2012 as well!
  • Big thanks to the numerous people who have given me feedback and compliments lately. Real glad to hear you enjoy this work by me and other collectors. There's more to come very soon, so keep checking my site in 2012!
  • It's been a quiet 6 months regarding Amiga archiving, me being busy with all other kinds of stuff, but now I'm back and try to be a bit more active. Looks like the Berlin visit will also continue, so I am still up for beers around here :)
  • As you might have noticed, I updated the web frontend with some much-requested features such as text browsing & searching functionalities, and a better designed quick search. Enjoy, and please report any possible bugs. More features and content to come..
  • Happy new year! My net conns are working properly again, and I've been busy. The downloads have been updated again, with 400 new releases, as well as tons of corrections and improvements. Go get em!
  • The heroes of the day are Nick/Rebels and Tal/Majic12, who have supplied us collectors with some great stuffs. Thanks guys! As always, great co-operation with the Bitworld guys has uncovered lots of missing data and information.
  • This web front end has also gone through many small improvements lately, as evident from the version number that's slowly creeping upwards. There's more to come whenever I have the time and inspiration. Coming up next are some much awaited improvements to searching. As always, feel free to suggest stuff that's missing (but please read the FAQ first :))
  • Things were pretty quiet at my end for a while, what with settling into Berlin and all. Now I'm back in action! The downloads have been updated with 310 new pieces of old wares, and there's more to come (hopefully) soon..
  • As a small errata for the latest file update, I noticed that Intern Pack 10 was actually missing from the files. Sorry about that folks, it will be included in the next update of the file blob. Meanwhile, you can always grab it from
  • You might have noticed some layout changes to the web site as well, especially on the Details page. See the full list of changes in the history.txt file as usual. Hope everything works, feel free to report bugs and suggestions for future improvements. I have quite a few features in planning, but adding releases always takes priority #1.
  • The file archive has been update after a long pause, and can once again be accessed through the download link. This time the update is rather small, but there is plenty of more to come!
  • Things have been a bit slow for me in the past months, me being busy with our upcoming move to Berlin and all. Things will pick up soon, and I even have a brand new shiny PC to work on. So keep watching this space..
  • Last but not least, Happy 25th Amiga :)
  • The public snapshot of my files has been updated. 348 new releases, along with plenty of modified and fixed ones, await you behind the download link. Be sure to also browse through the readme file for detailed update info. Enjoy!
  • Interested in hosting a mirror for the files, preferrably on a server outside Finland? Drop me a mail. The slowly growing collection currently takes up under 5 gigs of space, and is updated approximately once every 1.5-2 months at the moment.
  • Lately I have received a ton of positive feedback from strangers who have enjoyed the collection. Thanks a bunch for the encouragement! Looking forward to delight you with more stuff and db features in the future.
  • You might have noticed a few changes here in the WWW frontend. You're right, as I just finished the most major update to this pile of PHP crap in years. There are many improvements and new features, most of which are probably really buggy and require fixing in the near future.
  • See history.txt for a more detailed description of what has been updated around here.
  • Many features did not make it to this "release", so more will follow in the coming months. However, adding new stuff to the collection is #1 priority, and at the moment I am flooding in new old wares. So don't expect miracles soon.
  • Bug reports and comments on the improved design's usability are warmly welcomed, and will either be acted upon or disregarded based on what mood I'm in. :)
  • Another update done to the file snapshot, with 425 more releases! Much more to come in the near future...
  • The FAQ section has also been updated to answer some actual questions I've encountered lately.
  • An end-of-the-year update has been made to the files. So click on the Download link up there and have fun. Happy 2010 everybody, craploads of more new old stuff is yet to come.
  • At last, newly updated version of the files is available. Just click the download link!
  • Not too much new stuff this time around, as I was extremely busy during the summer and have been travelling on work all autumn. Now things are picking up again, perhaps I can update the package with a huge load of nice and clean prods by Christmas?
  • Since a recent backup of my collection has been available online for some time, there's no reason not to put a download link up there.. So enjoy! But please, read the accompanying readme file before assuming or asking anything.
  • The backup will be updated with a recent copy every now and then, usually when there are enough new and updated releases warranting a new version.
  • There's still one problem with the current backup at the time of writing (2009-01-25): after unpacking the archive, all the disk images are extracted unto ADF -files, potentially wasting precious disk space. In the next version they'll be individually zipped for your convenience, so stay tuned.. :)
  • I'm now in the process of making some of the long, long awaited changes to these pages. Some of it is invisible backend stuff, but other updates have some major positive effects on the system's usability.
  • Features may be broken/missing during the coming weeks, so don't be alarmed. It's time to do something about this stagnant system with its poor features like the abysmal search. What was I thinking back then?
  • New stuff keeps coming in of course. It never ends! Thanks to Richard for the tons and tons of great demos.. As he asked me to tell you, I ♥! :)
  • About that special feature I mentioned in the previous post: it's still coming. At some point.
  • Guess what, I'm back. Well, sort of. I'll probably never be as active as I used to be, but as I've graduated from the university theres much less pressure for things other than my hobbies. So I'll be adding new stuff into the collection every now and then. Yay!
  • After starting this whole archiving thing again, I've noticed that both the web frontend and backend for the database are a total mess. A complete rewrite will take some designing and time, but at least some changes (better search, etc) are coming in the very near future.
  • I'm also planning to implement a certain feature which has been requested a lot during the years, but more of that later..
  • Although I've been lazy to update this news page for the last YEAR or so, my work on the collection is far from finished. I finally got past the 10000 release mark, and new items keep coming in as do the features. Remember to check out the history.txt every now and then even if there's nothing new on this subpage.
  • While the products remain the main reason for upholding this database, I've slowly warmed up to the idea of adding more information and metadata as well. After all, it's not just the products themselves that need to be saved from extinction. Credits were implemented just now for 2.0.6, but don't except a huge avalanche of data to be inserted just yet. Designs exist for all sorts of info archiving, but thanks to work, studying and other activities my time is tragically limited. Nevertheless, it will all come together piece by piece..
  • Finally, thanks to everybody who has helped me in locating missing productions, adding/correcting info and so on. I've gotten scolded from mentioning people's names before, so "you know who you are"!
  • I surprised even myself with a manic webmonkeying crunch, and as the result v2.0.0 of the public Amiga WWW thingy is now online! For a full (?) list of changes check out the history.txt.
  • I'm pretty sure there are some 1911 new bugs lurking about, feel free to send your reports.
  • Anyone know what happened to a certain Norwegian fellow called Geir H.? Either he has disappeared from the face of the earth, or something is blocking my emails to him. If you're reading this, please contact me as soon as you can.
  • Over 9000 products in my "collection" at the moment. Can I break 10000 before the end of the year?
  • Old News removed at least for now. Don't worry, they still exist somewhere in space and time.