Released in 1988-12


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16 Results (51-66 of 66): Released in 1988-12 (Calendar View)
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
Software of Sweden X-Mas Demo 1988-12 e Y 571bd01b 7220
Sunriders The Dialer Utility 1988-12-27 e Y a1320301 15694
The Supervisors Let's Yodel Cracktro 1988-12-01 e Y ks1.2 / 0.5mb c423bac0 10068
The Supply Team 102 Samples Intro Intro 1988-12-13 e Y 8c2351d7 17067
Tetragon Xmas Demo Demo 1988-12-22 e Y Tag  a583e293 7609
Top Swap Galactus' New Version Intro 1988-12 e Y 85fa79a4 11257
Tristar Powerslaves Copy Party Demo Demo 1988-12-11 e Y P  8027
TUB First Demo Demo 1988-12 e Y 889b1995 9401
Vision Factory Elite Cracktro 1988-12 e Y Tag coop with Beyonders 925e0d34 14944
Vortex 42 Waves Demo 1988-12 e Y b92f4b27 8435
Warfalcons Metroplex' First Demo 1988-12 e Y f740695e 11370
Warfalcons Pipes of War Musicdisk 1988-12-27 d Y debbf136 8449
World of Wonders California Games Cracktro 1988-12 e Y Txt ocs dd2bc027 8509
World of Wonders Paranoia Complex Cracktro 1988-12 e Y 7a73e4e9 11196
Ydex High Quality Demo Demo 1988-12-25 e Y 0.5mb f48e79ba 15218
Zigag Enigme Cracktro 1988-12-05 e Y Tag  9bea8925 14037
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