Released on 1992-08-08


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6 Results: Released on 1992-08-08 (Calendar View)
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
Accession Airforce Commander Cracktro 1992-08-08 e Y 3f0283c4 2147
End of Century 1999 Aphex Demo 1992-08-08 a Y P  n/a 10872
Scoopex It's Tricky Demo 1992-08-08 e Y Cr Tag coop with Surprise! Productions 42471a8d 6784
Futura Quintro Intro 1992-08-08 e Y P  9ec57767 10874
LSD Grapevine 11 Mag 1992-08-08 2d Y P  026932e0
Dual Crew Message Box 04 Mag 1992-08-08 d Y e65b6fbc 10875