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23 Releases: HQC (Screenshots Screenshots)
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
HQC HQC Worldwide TV Intro   e Y f7560b49 4173
HQC First Amiga Intro Intro 1986 e Y Txt Tag  7ea94cca 4177
HQC Intro 07 Intro 1986 e Y 0.5mb 71ee4652 17899
HQC Newsletter 1 Intro 1986 e Y d2b9a666 4178
HQC Turboprint 2 Cracktro 1986 e Y 50b4c9b8 4184
HQC Winter Games Cracktro 1986 e Y 9f57ed85 4175
HQC Cool Compilation of Routines Demo 1987 e Y 1e4004b0 4171
HQC Cruncher v2.0 Intro Intro 1987 e Y 65071e33 4176
HQC International Karate Cracktro 1987 e Y Tag 80 character mode 32b3e852 13895
HQC Intro-Show (Updated Version) Pack 1987 d Y 0.5mb 768649c7 6745
HQC Leviathan Cracktro 1987 e Y Txt Tag coop with The Champs 36c27501 14253
HQC News 3 Intro 1987 e Y ocs d31f30f3 17901
HQC World Games Cracktro 1987 e Y 0.5mb 79e49770 17900
HQC Silent Service Cracktro 1987-03 e Y 5ce63bf8 4172
HQC Karate Kid 2 Cracktro 1987-08 e Y Txt  34e61ad8 14500
HQC Deep Journey Demo 1988 e Y coop with MCP 04efdc83 4180
HQC Goldrunner Cracktro 1988 e Y Tag  b0a4a3c5 13896
HQC Mercenary Cracktro 1988 e Y coop with The Champs 55ffa0f6 4181
HQC Return to Atlantis Cracktro 1988 e Y 781b14de 4183
HQC Test Drive Cracktro 1988 e Y 80ff5ff0 4174
HQC R-Type 2 Preview Cracktro 1991 e Y coop with Black Monks f14a305c 4179
HQC Railroad Tycoon Cracktro 1991-06 e Y Txt  3b7a4609 16562
HQC Monkey Island 2 Patch Patch 1992-05-24 e Y 401a38c4 4182