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5 Releases: World of Commodore 1994 @ Köln, Germany (1994-11-05 to 1994-11-06)
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
Unlimited Holkegi Golanke Demo 1994-11-06 e Y P no fast 31cdaa47 17607
TRSI Artifice Final Version Trackmo 1994-11-12 2d Y P A Cr Txt  70e69c5b
Analog Sucked Again Demo 1994-11-06 e Y P A  a6eed692 17658
Abyss DisIsSid 2 Musicdisk 1994-11-06 e Y P  13c437b3 17626
Abyss The Return of the Space Cowboys Intro 1994-11-06 e Y P A  e4322acd 17627