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8 Results: Tagged with "Smiley Face"
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
Fairlight Checker Demo 1989 e Y Cr Tag  3849
Team-X New Members from Destiny Demo 1989-05 e Y P Txt Tag  0eea4113 11184
Rebels Smiley Demo Demo 1989-07-09 e Y P Tag part of Megademo 81cf91d1 14970
Digital Access Sonic Death Demo 1993-01 e Y Tag  2fd5c803 13927
Atomic Intelligence Acid-Fish Intro 1989 a Y Cr Txt Tag  n/a 14209
Level 4 Frog's Third Intro Intro 1989 e Y Tag coop with Shadow Light, ocs c4c16dd9 14015
Digital Access Intent Intro 1993-07 e Y P Tag  5416c686 13924
Freestyle UK New Gear Intro 1989 e Y Tag  bd045048 3966