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15 Results: Search "Contro" (Title)
Group Title Type Date Frm Png Info CRC32 ID
(independent) Kings Ransom - Ultimate Video Controller Disk Utility   d b1a6748b 17913
Black Monks Starfield Control Intro 1989 e Y f257802d 14131
Depth No Control BBS Intro Intro 1994-02-21 e Y c3d92400 17403
Doom (new) Out of Control Musicdisk 1995 2d ks2.0 1556
Majic 12 Mark Forever Contro Intro 1992-12 e Y 2fb82b80 5003
No Limits Bobs Controller Demo 1989-08 e Y 6acec921 11182
Oxygene Control Trackmo 1995 2d Y A  5613
Paradox Qrd's Starfield Control Intro 1990 e Y 37a41001 5725
Paradox Star Control Cracktro 1990-11-23 e Y 40c2f0c5 12633
Prophets Sound-Controll v1.0 Intro Intro 1988 e ks1.2 6056
The Special Brothers Contro Intro 1991-12 e Y 7724
The Special Brothers Happy Birthday Control Intro 1992 e Y 217e6d5c 7723
Strangers Lack of Control Intro 1991-04-01 e Y P  37646636 13251
Tarkus Team Dos-Control v4.0 Cracktro 1993-10 e Y 23778309 7551
Zenith Contro Intro 1992 e Y a4e91a94 8579