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hello all!!! in this scroller you can read some text written by ddt and
vyvyan... note: the opinions of the writers is not the opinion of the whole
team, just his own!!! without further text may i introduce:  vyvyan and ddt live
and uncensored!!!   (25 kb of scrolltext...)                                    
                                                          hello bloodsucking
freaks !!! this is vyvyan and ddt from accession writing !!! we just came from
outside of kotka city and whhaaaaat a fuck we are drunk as usually !!! so lets
talk some shit about lahti copyparties  !!!but wait a moment , this what we talk
is shit and what is our shit is ourbusiness !!! okkay vyvyan is awake and ddt
just had fallen asleep !!! he thinks that he"s great boozehead but hell , whats
the point , he"s just another nightmare !!! han siis sammui kuten yleisesti
tiedostamme , vitun kuspia !!! allrights !!! i think its time to end this
writing and continue it tomorrow !!! stop !!! yeeees ... what a feeling !!! its
morning now and our heads are banging full of bells and traktors !!! total
hangover !!! sorry about yesterdays scroll being so short but i was dropping off
like ddt did !!! and all i wrote was shit and lies ???!!! so now its better day
and better feelings to continue this shit .......... okay , first we have to say
something about lahti business city copy(?)parties !!! first the sights of
vyvyan : it was friday morning and i begun to drink karjala beer from cans . i
said to my wife bye bye and crapped my bag (full of beer) and started to walk to
the bus-station !!! so i was waiting bus .... after awhile the bus came and i
stept in !!! i paid the price (11.00 fmk) to the chauffor and the trip beginned
!!! after about 10 minutes sitting the bus stopped and one weird guy came in .
he looked at me and asked to share my place with him ... i said come on and so i
was and he was sitting and drinking !!! one thing about that guy !!! he was a
russian from some boat in kotka harbour .... and what was the point he had bag
full of kahvi-likooria !!! and the final trip with this bus was great !!! okkkay
, then the bus was in front of railway station and i crawled out !!! i went in
and bought ticket to lahti . i met few girls from local school and i went to
train with them .... and i started to worry about adept (he was late)  !!! so i
jumped out of the train and went to station !!! and what a fuck ...i worried for
nothing !!! there he was smiling as usually and we went to train......and the
trip to lahti continued !!! okkay then there was some shitty talking and boozing
all the way to lahti ... no more about it !!! finally we arrived to lahti
railway station !!! and after few minutes walking around and after visiting
local hot-dog stand we founded ourselves in front of school where the parties
was supposed to be !!! there was some dudes aged 10-15 and we were really happy
?!? (yes, we were!   adept) they said to us that the parties delayed for few
hours !!! we asked a good pub and received an answer .... annan-pubi or
something like that !!! so there was me and adept and two hours in pub !!! i say
it was megacooool ................. err ......... what ??? hahahahahaha !!!
okkay , seriously it was our first and last visit in lahti citys pubs !!!!
information : ddt sits near me and awaits hes turn !!! stop !!! so after that
pub visit we went to local alko and buyed some booze more !!! at now i must
start my booze-meter ...... i destroyed 10 cans of karjala , half bottle of
kahvilikoori and few beers in pub (pari pitkaa...) ........and the parties had
not even started yet !!! ....... then there was time to start a party !!! after
one hour of drinking and fooling around my memory was getting very blank ??? but
heres what i remember and heard from other people : about seven (7) o"clock
arrived megacool (?) accession members .........moku.....ddt.....s.o.b.....and
their chauffor puusilma !!!! and ah ... i was happy ... gigahappy (?) then my
mind was blank again !!! but i remember some orange throwing at mokus face and
wrestling with moku (gigacool(?)) !!!!!!!!!and drinking heineken in few mips !!!
so approximately my booze-meter was : 10 cans of karjala , half bottle of
kahvilikoori , few pitkas in pub ,  one bottle of liebfraummilch , and few cans
of heineken !!! and still awake ???!!! (huh) .....just opened beer again with
ddt and this time it is koff 3 (ddt thinks it is best beer in finland(?))
............. fuck ... again question mark !!! oh no their coming again
............. help ... 
???????????????????????????????????????????????????????gigamegacool (?) (try to
count these questionmarks on scroll and win porsche  !!!)(?) ........... answers
can be send to : pl 177 // kerava // finland /////// gigahypermegacool(?)
competition and remember .... you can be the winner !!!!! so back to the parties
!!!! then we were thrown out and that kind of shit but i know that most of you
already know things happened in parties !!! giga fuckings(?) to pekka tenhunen
who was principal and threw us all out !!!!!!! then i asked to get me a police
that i could sleep in putka(jail)............. because i had no sleeping place ,
cause i was the trouble maker !!!! i only wanted to have some fun (?) and what
did i get (?) fuck you all pissheads !!! then the police arrived to partyplace
and i remembered that i cant go with them because some nasty things i"ve made
before parties (eli oli siis haku paalla, saatanan megaperseet !) ... so ddt
hide me in kitchen and we ate some holebread (reikaleipaa gigamulkut !) and hey
you lamer who did come to kitchen with us ... i remembered you were afraid of
police ... hahahahahahaha fucking dogfart !!!! i"m afraid police with reason
.... you just are afraid for nothing !!!!!! police went out and we went outside
near school to playground !!! so there was tws was the first who fell
asleep (sammui kuin saunalyhty keinuhevosen paalle) so thats the way !!!! then i
was getting sleepy and ddt offered his sleeping place in car to me .... and i
went to car and second thing is what i remember is the saturday morning....! so
that was the party for me !!! it ended in saturday morning 06.00 am !!! because
ddt was fightning with some bloodsucker member varwar (?) or something..... so
total party sum is : great place .... and great chances to make great party...
but wrong organisers .... shit organised .... and fuck headmaster !!!!!!!!!!!!
but anyway heres vyvyans gore-greetings at this moment : s.o.b. ...... ddt
...... moku ...... adept ...... loki ...... grendel(?) ...... zebra ......
thrashman ...... bottleboy ...... team-x (still think that i booze so little
than you ???) ...... masterblaster (did you win the competition ??? code ...
please !) ...... and now the lame-greetings : team-x (lame err...) ......
coppermaster of sfc ......grendel ...... byterapers ...... conan ...... and o
shit i almost forgotten special old friend greet to stavros fasoulas (hi dude
... what about one call some day ???(?)) ...................... and now get pen
and paper ....... here comes vyvyans contact address for videoswapping
(vhs).......vyvyan t.u.m.b. /// keskuskatu 23 a 14 /// 48100 kotka /// finland
//// or call : finland code /// 952 /// 13097 /// between 20.00 pm to 01.00 am
..........0.oooooolrightass !!! at this moment we (ddt and i) are heavyly boozed
!!! webeated up one guy out vyvyans home !!! so heres the report ::::: ddt was
asking some smoke (cigarettes) and they refused ddts question !!! and one of
them started to shout at ddt !!! so i (vyvyan) runned in and started to kick
that man to fucking face !!! he was weak and he feld to ground after few kicks
!!! and after about twenty kicks he was under asleep !!! so he was fuck anyway
!!! so whats the point ... err !!! we are now very drunk and very mean !!! the
absolutely killing machine !!! whatta feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!(?)it is ddt behind
keyboard!!!! we are going to do an world record with scroll lenght and i think
we are going to manage it !!!(?)so now its my turn to talk megabullshit(?)about
lahti again noooo yeeeees yeees!!! so before i left from helsinki i saw puusilma
and s.o.b at chipper the local computer shop (the best one!!!),then we went to
hella"s home and took our party flag with us!!then we left from helsinki
railway-station and stopped next time at malmi"s alko (yeaah!!beeeer!(?))after
that i begun to drink my beers away.our next stop was at kerava (city(?))at
kerava we picked moku in car and continued our trip to lahti !!! before we
arriwed at lahti (business city(?))we drinked a lot of beer in car !!!! okay
then we came to lahti (city(?))(did you remember to count question marks(?)) we
were very lucky when we arrived downtown, we saw a big school building beside
street and some lamers in front of the school. so we thought it must be the
party place . so we parked car beside school and went in . at front door we had
to pay 30fmk for party place and then they let us in . place was full of lamers
age 10-14 years old . me and moku went upstairs with s.o.b. and we saw adept
there.after that me and moku installed our party flag at room . then i went look
for other members and i saw vyvyan who was very drunk!!!! after a while i saw
tws and zebra and lot of lamers....i went out and brought my amiga into school
..... when i was trying to get power to my amiga i heard shouting from
downstairs . i went down to see whats happening i saw really ugly man
shouting:everybody out or i call cops to throw you all out . great, i went
upstairs and took my amiga back to car.... i was very angry so i and vyvyan went
to front door of school and shouted :everybody whose leaving school is lamer .
so everybody came back into school !!! vyvyan information ::: i really dont
remember anything of it or anything coming attractions !!! ddt again:after
awhile cops came to school and begun to throw everybody out !! vyvyan told me
that cops might be looking for him because he had done something illegal things
. so i took vyvyan to schools kitchen . at kitchen there were some really old
bread and vyvyan broked them all . at kitchen there was also one lamer who was
afraid of police because he was so drunk that police could put him in jail for
night... then i went to look where the cops are they were at other end of school
and i ran to the kitchen and took vyvyan out of school...vyvyan here forawhile
::: ddt just went to piss his head off !!! and now the famous commercial break
!!! if anyone out there owns comics like : shokki,ihmissusi und
frankenstain,judge dredds then contact vyvyan !!! end of commercials !!! ddt is
back again (what a relief!!)(?)so were was i ? oh yes after few minutes we all
joined together and went to playground near the school . so we continued
drinking in playground and then tws told me that he has never puked (yrjonny) or
even fell sleep for too much of drinking and few minutes later tws puked and
went on play horse and fell to sleep . me and s.o.b. woke tws and we went
downtown to find restaurant to drink more beer yeaaah!!! at first restaurant we
went they didnt let us in because we were too drunk . after a while we saw one
guy who told us he was going to restaurant "torvi" . so we followed guy and
found restaurant. we went in and drinked more beer yeaaah!!! after few hours i
was buying beer and when i went back to our table i saw s.o.b. was almost
fighting with one asshole . i said to s.o.b. that it is time to get out of
here!!! so we went out off restaurant and few assholes followed us and me and
s.o.b. beat em up . when assholes were sleeping on ground s.o.b. was going to
restaurant and kill all lahti assholes in restaurant but i didnt let him
go!!!!then we took course back to party place...while we were walking s.o.b.
broke at least 30 windows. then we arriwed party place and s.o.b. didnt get in
because he was so drunked so i and tws went in and started real party . i saw
one piano at corner of gym room . then i started to play rockn roll with piano .
after awhile i saw s.o.b. climbing in from window with rope !!! just came from
beer shop!!! okay lets continue the story . when s.o.b. was inside we lended
skateboards from few guys dont remember names (sorry(?)) then me and s.o.b.
skated around thing i remember is :i was outside of school and
trying to get tws cigarettes back but those fucking bloodsuckers didnt give me
those cigarettes and i hit the stupid guy who was holding cigarettes and after
that started good fight !!!! bloodsuckers name was wirwar (fuck you!!!) after my
fight everybody was threwn out of school !!!!!!!! fuckings to overload and
phalanx!!!!!! okay i think this is enough of copy parties!!!!! and then message
to team-x/ddt: i think you should change your name immediately or i get very
angry!!!!!!!!!!! and everybody knows what happens if i get angry (i come and put
you in 2000 pieces(?))so i think its vyvyans turn to write some crap!!!!!!!
vyvyan!!!! fuck , come on vyvyan !!!!!                                     
okkay !!!! this is your favorite bastard from the depths of darkness !!! the
crownprince of walking dead !!! the master of torture !!! the ultimate bastard 
!!! vyvyan !!! okkay cut the crap !!! so are you thinking that this scrolly is
too long ??? remember those old the destroyer team (r.i.p.) scrolls ??? and
still think this scroll is long (or it will be?) ??? but summer is here and were
all very thirsty !!! so lets look about vyvyans and ddts favorite summerdrinks
top ten :::so the tenth place 10) ouzo (ultimate anis booze) ...... and ninth
place 9) sininen (the hooker beer) and eight place 8) finlandia vodka (100 marks
litre) ...... and seventh place 7) sorbus (my (vyvyans) favorite painkiller )
......then the sixth place 6) koskenkorva (raw) ...... fifth place 5) dry vodka
(raw)...... fourth place 4) karjala beer (pure enjoy) ...... third place 3) koff
beer (ddts choice) ...... and second place 2) lapinkulta and amiraali ( chares
the secondplace ) ...... and little fanfars     tatadadadaaaaaaaaa   the first
place ...the ultimate summer drink of this year is ::::::: budweiser beer  (100
marks a case )............... you may think why those few boozes or beers are so
cheap to me ??? i must tell you then ... hahahahahaha i wont !!!!!!! but if
anyone outthere wants to visit at me (vyvyan) then youll find out !!! what now
.......... lets think about it forawhile                                        
             yes ... there have been lots of talk about accession copy(?)parties
in helsinki !!! but at this moment theres no place for keeping them !!! but the
plan is : there you can drink whatever you like ... you can smoke whatever you
like ... and you can do whatever you like ... and you wont get kicked out !!!
but talk is talk and were trying to get some action to these fucking amiga
scenes !!! and lets hope my talk really gets some guts it should get !!! i know
that everybody wants to arrange a cool(?) copyparties but remember its not
childsplay and it almost always get fucked !!! only plus i would give to
grendels parties in iisalmi but there was too many faults !!! but plus is always
plus and it gives courrage to arrange a better parties in future !!! and then i
must fuck some lamers !!! they write to me and tell something like this  :::::
hello vivian the dastard !!! jag heter peter och min group is called
megaswappers och mean crappers !!! whaddya think about that kind of text ???!!!
and then the letter even continues ::::: jag have kuullut that you svap video
(cool) tapes !!! svap maype with mii ??? and then theres megahypercool videolist
:::: rambo iii , action jackson , crocodile dundees and samekind shit more and
more !!! do you think its fucking funny ???? then after list the letter says
::::: me are kreettaamme you in seuraava intro !!!!! what a great feeling
!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha !!!! then maybe a tiny writing at the end ::::: do
juu have eni nev stuffff !!! mxcnbvmcxjvkhfdskjue i say to them !!!! do you
really fucking lamers think that i would or even think of swapping !!! all i do
is steal your tapes and eat your guts !!! but remember this :::: if youre trying
to get police under my tail then just pray for your god !!! if you make stupid
things then you have to pay for your makes !!! dont blame me !!! hahahahaha !!!
now again little commercial break !!! anyone there wants good tattoos with
finlands cheapest prices ??????? machine outlining and coloring !!! all the
quality what you need !!! absolutely clean !!! if the answer was yes the contact
vyvyan with letter or call !!!!! now i must keep a tiny break !!! bye !!!       
      yezzzz back again .... (from grave) !!! just fucking mess with tickets to
provinssi rock 89 !!! almost sold out !!! and i havent got enough money to buy
one !!! hahaha and more fucking laugh .... !!! cheeezzz and more like this kind
of shit !!! and more bad news ::: dont ever ... even think to order sex mags
from sverige !!! shit and more shit pages and pages more !!! keep finnish ...
keep true !!! and now its time to little political response !!! in finland the
situation is not as bad as in sverige or denmark !!! the black scum sweeps all
over scandinavia !!! we must fight for our freedom and fight for our countries
!!! and the battle will be bloody !!! but think if one of your later sons name
would be petteri abdullah !!! or goran mawasikeri !!! fun eh ??? so dont think
now but act !!! one day the world will know that i was right !!! join together
for the white power !!! if you think that im right and you want stickers ,
posters (for money ofcourse) then contact vyv !!! and now i thnik its the time
for ddts last throw :::::::::::::go ahead bro:::::::: okay asholes ddt is back
at keyboard thinking some crap to write!!!!!!!!!!!!! have you remembered to
count these "???????" continue on counting because there is going to be lot more
question marks at this scroll!!!(?) have you heard my terrible story ??? okay
you havent so i tell you it !!! the reason why i am at kotka city is :my wife
kicked me out of my home!!!! great isnt it ???? but don"t worry about it when i
go back to helsinki my wife takes me back again (i hope so) !!!! thats about my
terrible wife!!!!!! message to tws: where is my disk !!!!! if you want to
contact me write to:ddt /// hameentie 48 b 47 /// 00500 ///  helsinki 50 ///
finland ////////// and now its vyvyans time for very heavy duty writing
::::::::::: finnish softwarecops !!! i know that youre on line and i must salute
you that you have guts to read this !!! we are going to find out who is that
lamer who works for you !!! but whats worry !!! we dont swap games or anything
illegal (hahaha) we swap demos and usual pd stuff !!! may you be welcome to
visit me or ddt we offer you (pullakahvit) !!! sorry foreign readers but now
follows few lines of gambutzea writing :::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::: heipa
hei poliisisedat !!! vyvyan ja ddt tassa teitille kirjoittelee !!! juu , asiahan
on nyt sillai etta tervetuloa vaan meille ja ihmetelkaa pd ohjelmien paljoutta
!!! etta hahhah !!! ja sina perkeleen sikapossuidiootti leimeri joka teet tyota
sioille !!! paivasi ovat luetut !!! ja muistuttaakseni teita pikku poliisit
kaikesta mita kirjoitan ei voida tuomita !!! sananvapaus naas !!! cheers ...
back with a knife !!! sorry about that foreigners but that was some crap in
finnish to finnish software cops !!! cheerios amigos in policigos laitogos !!!
just at this moment one guy dropped out straight towards our front door !!! fun
and furious !!! he just passed out because too much of booze !!! and about 10
minutes the police arrived !!! and kicked him out !!! hahahaha !!! as warning
sign ::: dont drink booze too heavily (?) !!! this was vyvyan writing and
everything i wrote ... i stand behind my writings !!! some guys knows are my
text sensible and some guys take them too seriously !!! but anyway ... happy
summer to you all who managed this far and the very best regards to all my
friends !!! wishes : vyvyan the ultimate master bastard (one and only) in 1989
anno domini !!!!
...........gore............gore............gore...............and now special
price to all who have managed this far (its ddt here) :::::: call these numbers
to have different satisfactions ::::  (pen and paper) ::::::: sweden /// 0 8 ///
8 6 5 9 6 4 /// tina ///  :::::::::: sweden /// 0 8 /// 1 7 9 7 1 4 /// mona ///
:::::::::: sweden /// 0 8 /// 7 3 1 8 8 7 0 /// eva /// :::::::::: i guarantee
that you may have different responses out of these numbers !!! and now second
price to far readers ::::: (swapping hot amiga stuff) ::::::::: sweden /// 0 8
/// 7 6 1 5 3 1 2 /// flash /// :::::::::: or call :::: sweden /// 0 8 /// 7 7 1
5 1 1 1 /// jumper ///// so i think i better stop now so good summer for all out
there!!!!!see ya soon at mega-demo!!!!!!..................                      
   yeah, this is adept again !!! hope you didn"t take the text too seriously... 
so now also this scroll restarts.....................

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