The Movers - C64 EmulatorDetailsCaseRow
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yeah!!! we get it!!! the movers present: the 64 emulator, thanks to unit a for
cracking it in only day, great work, what do you think hqc??  hey guys,
if you want the hardware to connect a 1541 write to the movers, plk 080062c,
4630 bochum 1, west-germany !!!  *** message: more and more new teams are coming
here in germany, keep on the good work!!! it is time to make more power, we hope
that the boring time getting most of the stuff first has come to the end!!! We
like the competition!!! but... the movers always a bit ahead!!!  members are:  
canada: rgb   germany: drago, amadeus, zoff, skylab, kenwood !!! if you want new
stuff contact us, no problem!!!
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golden regards to our friends and partners:  the kent team   bamiga sector one  
the bitstoppers    greetings to :  eca , the hellion , tom , hqc , supremacy ,
the cure , delta force , unit a , ssi , bfbs , the blizzards , zeke wolf ,
enterprise , aca , tcs , vision , acf , the general , jct , 3rd wave , ccw team
, vision , danish gold , popeye , rdi , ikari , hellraider , fairlight , triad ,
red sector , italian bad boys , spreadpoint , bls , toc , archreage of defsam ,
amigo , tlc , starfrontiers , ogm , 1001 crew , bks , rbb ...and greetings to
all friends, we forgot (sorry if happened)!!!

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