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aah yeah !!   vision ÿ presents some new stuff !!  we are back to kick all
asses !!!!!     first of all call this great board.....     prism ÿ  whq  ÿ 
203  ÿ  827  ÿ 8000. ÿ ( yo assasin hope this is good enough !!  anyways hope
to hear soon from you all !! l8er....)......        the nice tune was made by  
asp  ÿ.........       yo dudes we are still interested in more contacts so
contact us and remember to send a disk coz the disk is your answer !!      you
still wait for the greetings ??            yep here they come......             
      vision-regards in a-z order to:         abakus,  abandon,  accumulators, 
action force,  agima,  alpha flight,  amiga force,  amigaze team,  animate, 
aofcf,  apace,  apology (the group from france),  apology (from alpha flight), 
arcadia,  arcane,  armada,  atomix,  attitude,  avenger,  axept,  bad news, 
bamiga sector one,  band,  black monks,  bloodsuckers,  bounty,  brainstorm, 
byte busters,  byte soldiers,  byterapers,  cadcam,  cartel,  cascade,  cave, 
challenge 7,  channel 42,  chaos,  clones,  complex,  crime,  crionics, 
cryptoburners,  cult,  d.mob,  d-tect,  dash,  ddf,  defcon,  defcon one, 
defjam and ccs,  digitech,  direct,  double density crew,  dragons,  dream
vision,  druids,  dual crew,  dueco enterprises,  dutchcrack,  dynasty, 
eclipse,  energy,  erazor,  esa,  escape,  eternity,  exec,  excel,  exceptions,
 exodus,  extended architecture,  exterminators,  fairlight,  fly,  fraxion, 
free access,  gate,  giants,  goonies,  headwave,  horizon,  humanoids, 
hypnosis,  impact inc.,  ipec elite,  it,  italien bad boys,  jet info pro, 
kefrens,  lazer,  level 4,  mad,  mafia uk.,  maffia,  magic arts,  master crew,
 mirage int.,  murkyman,  nacron one,  napalm,  nemesis,  network,  neutron
dance,  new gold dream,  north star,  odessey uk.,  oracle,  omikron, 
paranomia,  pendle europe,  phaze 101,  phoenix,  pixel buster,  powerlords, 
pps 2010,  prism,  quartex,  quick silver,  razor 1911,  red sector inc., 
reflex,  royal amiga force,  ruffle,  sargon,  savage,  scoopex,  sensor, 
setrox,  silents,  slipstream,  softrunner (provo),  soundwave,  spectre, 
specters,  spreadpoint,  squadron,  star,  starhawks,  storm,  strangers, 
subway,  supreme,  supplex,  system z,  system chaos,  tacs,  the clan,  the
crusaders,  the dream masters,  the lost boys,  the magic arts,  the new
concept,  the power connection,  the rebels,  the supply team and tartan army, 
the three amigos,  the travellers,  the undertakers,  the untouchables,  the web
inc.,  thorax,  thrust,  titanics,  top swap,  triangle,  trilogy,  tristar, 
universal,  venom,  vision factory,  visual arts,  wiz,  wizzcat,  wwe,  x-men, 
zombie boys and to all our friends and contacts we have forgotten....  

Disclaimer: Texts are presented here in their original form, control chars and all, with no edits or censorship. All texts have been already been voluntarely released to the public as a part of the demos. That said, if a text seen here contains information about you personally that you don't wish to be visible, contact me and I will remove it from the website.