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Playing RUBICON ... Composed by Stargazer of Sonic in 1992. My contribution to
the music-comp at the Assembly'92, held by Rebels and Complex. Some regards and
messages to ... Hitchy (Vai että ilta per tune rulez? Tähän meni kaksi
iltaa...) - Procyon+Dalmak (Onko kolvi kylmennyt?) - Pepe (Hi Dirk, hope you got
my sending) - Juci/Calibra (C00l tunes) - Oxide (Vaadimme graffaa) - Dole
(Sinulta myös) - Murk (Osta kotipanimo!) - Tomy (Sadesokea?) - Eczema
(Avainnipulla päähän Orimattilassa) - Whiplash (Mitä kuuluu?) - Arttu/NC
(Tomilta terveisiä) - Omar (Paska "rulez"?! I'll send soon...) - Turtle (Missä
samplet, kilppari? Hehe) - Mac (Ihanko tulet mopolla partyille?) - Ramses (Onko
EOBII jo ratkaistu?) - Izto (Kuka $&%*:n bemarijätkä???) - Jari (Tööt
Tööt) ... and greets to all forgotten ones + the rest of SONIC...      Contact
me for lazy nonsense & moduleswapping at:      Antti Oksanen       Lehmuskaari
19      SF-16300 O:la        Finland         Some technical info:   Fonts are in
medres, the bar behind was made with copper and the replay is a Pro-replay by
Crayon/Noxious (Our favourite group! -TOMY+SGR)   Hehehehehehe...   This tune
will end in a few seconds, so I leave you now.....                             

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