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the special brothers. present     giesen-intro    .intro coded in 2 short
evenings by nmi , logo by psygnosis , font by ivan and music by mlp artworx !!
release date and place for this intro is the second of september at the
pussy-the great wizards luxembourg-the special brothers meeting in brugge in here are the greetings from joe (a-z): animators , brainstorm ,
brain wave dk. , conclusion , cytax , dark corporation , doom , earthlight ,
flashing bytes , mindkillers , pussy , rebels , reetec , scs crew , s-express ,
static bytes , the bass , the great wizards luxembourg , venom , zero defects ,
zombie boys , zylon of alpha flight  and all the other tsb contacts.some hellos
fly to all the other tsb members.    now i am handing over the keys to mad
shitbrain... the brain here at the keys, at the moment i am home with
sarcophaser, mr.copyright and joe here besides me.   well it is sunday 02
september and mr.copyright organised a meeting already for the second time this
month, a pitty that the last meeting was interupted by the slow mail !!!  but
this time everything was arranged by the phone.   at this moment i dont have
much inspiration to write a scrolly and i would like to hand the keyboard over
to sarcophaser, hi sarco please take the keys. well i dont get much reaction
because sarco is deeply in conversation with mr.copyright.  so i decide to write
further.  well the guys brought a new intro with them and ofcourse i am ofcourse
very pleased with it.  well some greetings to a few guys in pussy.   hey
heathcliff what do you think about this ?? well i think it is very nice for
-just a intro-   great work nmi make more of these intros.   hello timmy,  how
are you mate, i hope you gonna release your secret project soon, partys are not
always the best place to release very good things.    well greetings also to
blackie, flack, joy division, catastrophe, major midi and ofcourse to our
beloved and small tcb.  greetings also to our foreign members and especialy
angel.   over to another channel now, you reach the great sarcophaser now. yep,
here i am  you fosforized freaks!!! well i have not much to tell to the world. i
had dinner at the quick when knowing thati had eaten 2 hours ago. so am sitting
burping infront of the amiga. so i want burp in your face,dear readers. the
greetings are going to all my contacts, but especialy to my friends,who came 2
times to brugge. you know whom i talking about!! hey mr.copyright get off the
toilet and type in  some bullshit ....  yes, here is mr copyright typing some
words. i just want to tell you, that we enjoyed the first meeting very much.
well we did not meet pussy, but we had a lot of fun in blankenberge where we
drove with a go-cart during 2 hours. so, no more time now, coz we will soon
leave for blankenberge. now joe will type the last words... yeahh! i gonna tell
you a last story.this morning in luxembourg mr.copyright and i nearly got a
fight with two arabs or turcs.they made fun of us, so we showed him a finger and
they came into the train. but then they were thrown out of the we have
to keep our testosteron for some other guys. perhaps for red ????? so,that is
all for today. a meeting is signing now your left mouse bouton your
floppy will contact the special brothers,write to: .   schroeder joel  
.    postbox  206    .   3403 dudelange   .     luxembourg     .         or     
   .    plk a 019267    .  3060  stadthagen  .    west germany    .. or call our
whq called firepower at : . ++49/(0)70/666955  .    sysop: woddy

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