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jooo hoooo   amega industries are back with a new intro, called: soothspin.  
the credits:                    code by:                    heavy mental        
           font by:                    dr.doom                    logo by:      
             dtc                    music by:                    jam            
         this little intro was released at the easterparty in lillestrom,
norway. unfortunatly i (heavy mental) had not time to be there all the days.
only the two last. right now i am listening to the concerts in china by
jean-michel jarre. this is the most outstanding music ever made. if you have
another opinion or want to contact me you should write to:          heavy mental
                mellom bokeligt.4                    n-3250 larvik              
  norway         i want to thank my mother for taking her time to drive me and
my friend (cedric/flash) to this party ..alle barna satt rundt baalet, untatt
bitten hun satt i mitten.. i am now sitting here at the party using an unknown
persons computer to write this boring scroll. well, the time is 10.30 in the
morning. and the day is saturday. nothing special is happening..  dr.doom by my
side here says that he want to swap utilities and other programs. his address
is:      dr.doom          maratonveien 5                n-3200 sandefjord       
           norway           ..alle barna gledet seg til sommerferien, untatt
kreftsyke kai. han skulle doe i mai..   ..alle barna saa paa operasjonen, untatt
morten. det var han som var aborten..  ugh, det var noen t0rre vitser.  hm, i
better find someone else to write some text........    yeeah the master of
scrollers is back. i am vector/majic 12. im doing this because of 2 reasons. 1.
because heavy mental is a good friend of mine. 2. because i need to throw out
some greets and messages to many freaks! o.k here comes the messages: 
quackbuster/static bytes: hello rasmus! too bad norway is so expensive, ehh? see
you in denmark this summer!      playboy/static bytes: yo sucker! very nice to
meet you. quackie has told me a lot of shit about you.      lord helmet/pmc: hei
borge! kuult party eller ka sier du? husk aa skrive noe om meg i r.a.w!     
estrup/static bytes: nice meeting you at this party. nice girl you met, ehh! o.k
stay cool and please fix your - propacker -. cheers!      hawkeye/kefrens: hello
jacob! nice meeting you! the norwegian girls ain't so pretty as the danish girls
as i met in denmark last summer! i send you some cash/disks for the magazines
that you were supposed to send me. remember? o.k see ya later dude!     
snap/epidemic: yo! kuult aa moete deg her paa partyet! smakt paa pizzan her? den
er god, men dyr!      bustman/crusaders: start og tegn din latsabb!     
blp/paragon: cool demo you made jarle!      jackmix/crb: yo ulf! kuult og moete
deg her paa partyet!      razor 1911: thanx for the stuff i got from you guys!  
   peter/pmc: i hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kingpin/new wave: yo slave! lord
helmet makes you sweat!   o.k this was all the messages i had this time! this
has a lot of lamers playing pinball dreams 24hours a day! may you burn slowly in
hell! o.k hallvard i dont have time for more crap now, but i will maybe return
later in the scroller, if you let someone else write some crap!   sorry espen
this is the end. there is no more time for scroll-writeing. thats all folks !!!

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