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                 listcomm v1.0 *final* - (c) 1994 fli7e/haujobb

                                 what is this

             listcomm is a cute little arexx tool which is able to
           create some nice loking lists of your modules collection!

         it offers 2 kinds of output! the full ansi and the just plain!

     but now read more about this fabolous tool in the rest of this docu.!



                          - kickstart 2.04 or higher
                          - rexxmast
                          - masses of modules
                          - special coments (optional)

                          what is "special comments"??

        if you want your module list looking very complete you`ve to add
                         some comments to your modules!

                 look up the example module to see what i mean!

      just a short: go to your favourite dir-tool (dopus, dm, dirworx...)
                flag some modules and press the comment button!

         now you can type in the comments, which should look like this:


                                   that means

               "author"  is standing for the author of the module
               "^"       is the character which split the the comment
               "comment" is for any short comments you`ll give on the
                         module like where is it from or the style ...

                  but as i said .. look up the example module!


                   copy the file "listcomm" to your c: drawer
                 copy the file "listcomm.cfg" to your s: drawer
                copy the file "" wherever you want
                               or just delete it!

                   now check if the protection bits: -s--rw-d
                      are setted as shown one line above!

         if not, a fucking guy changed them! please protect the file as
         shwon! this tells the system it`s a script and you don`t need
                       to run it like this "rx listcomm"!

            to start listcomm from the wb using an icon you`ve to do
                                 the following:

       make an "project" icon for listcomm and use as "standard programm"
             "rx" so that the system knows to run listcomm via rx!

                             now for the configfile@

.-------------------------| modlist v1.0 configfile |-------------------------.
|©1994 fli7e/$cp^c/xd^hjb `-------------------------' +49-5551-65139 (the

path    ="st-00:"
txtfile ="ram:modlist.txt"
ansi    ="yes"

|©1994 fli7e/$cp^c/xd^hjb .-------------------------.  +49-5551-65139
`-------------------------| modlist v1.0 configfile |-------------------------'

path    ="location of your music root dir"

          listcomm will take all subdirs of this directory in the list!

ansifile="full path and name of the output file using ansi"

          this will be the file generated by listcomm if ansi flag is
          set up to "yes" -- look up the example file

                           -- "listcomm-list.ansi" --

txtfile ="full path and name of the file using no ansi"

          this will be the file generated by listcomm if ansi flag is
          set up to "no"  -- look up the example file

                           -- "listcomm-list.txt" --

ansi    ="yes/no"

          set the ansi flag to yes/no

       ****!!! don`t remove the "" in front and behind the texts !!!****

  after you set up everything ok just save the configfile and go to the shell!

                      type in: lisctomm ... nothing more!

                         !!!! and await the result !!!!

  you can simply include listcomm to dopus, dm, dirworx ... it`s handled as an
               normal command like dir, list ... so no problems!


                    all haujobb & sceptic memebrs worldwide!
                             (wir ruulen das volk!)

                               all user in my bbs
                               (call more often!)

                      all my beta testers of my /x tools!
                                (you`re great!)

                         ramses,fox and paso of remedy
                          (na ihr nasen aus`m osten!)

                                  meo of abyss
                              (ficken oder was??)

                              all artcore members
                         (is there a place for me in??)

                                stc of akira???
                             (contact me sooooon!)

                           chromag of polka brothers
                       (i know i`m a lame back-writer!!!)

                               no more this time!
                                  (kein bock)

                                 how to contact

                those who use listcomm will see how to contact!

Info (file_id.diz)
|__  __     . __ |__ |__
|  )(__\(__||(__)|__)|__) - -->precentz<--.
.         --'                             |
|              listcomm v1.0              |
|                                         |
|    comfortable module list generator    |
|  which gives you a nice looking output  |
|  in two different ways! ansi & plain    |
|   get this if you`ve many pt-modules!   |
|      release date: 29th of sep 1994     |

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