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offworld  hf e presents: animated  i f  e   funf e i      bpressfcapselock
tofpauseescroller !!!                  gbif you think that this demo isn't the
best one you have seen, you should know that it was originally meant to be
released one year ago in a team-x megademo, but turku-section of team-x left
team-x and founded offworld with some other guys.    and because this demo was
100% made by turku-section, we decided to release it under an offworld logo.    
         e credits :f edcoding & digitizing : fizbanf e f e   c  gfx :afjules
nova           ecmusic :afpapa smurf            eboffworld members are :
cfizbanf e (coding,hardware etc)     glenn cosmosf e(swapping,spreading)     
zany f e(coding,swapping)       open eyes f e(jules nova - gfx,swapping & alvin
radar - gfx)      papa smurf f e(music)         cyberunnerf e(coding)      
skywize f e(music)         raist f e(code?,swapping?)             gband now a
little messy to team-x    joo, jos temax on viela olemassa, ja jos ette ole
viela saaneet informaatiota, niin me ei (kuten ehka jo ymmarsitte) kuuluta
siihen enaa, vaan olemme todellakin eronneet.  (jos joku on jo tiedottanut
asiasta, niin hyva. tiimin sisainen tiedotus ei aina(?) toiminut(?) ihan(?)
taydellisesti(?))            efizbanfloggingeofff  e            yo gays in front
of your fucking monitors !!(tv:s?)       this is glenn cosmos typing some shit. 
first i could tell ya something 'bout this piece of shit. there was only 2
members, who would like to release this demo. other 7 wouldnt. (they didnt even
wanted credits (but there they were !!!)) so democracy became reality and here
it is !! if you are waiting 4 greetings, forget 'em !!. i dont even have my own
greetlist with me !!! but i could put some messys to my pals :            hi
larry/euphoria : thanx 4 always nice and cool sendings !!          hi
fireball/gate : mitas bosse ??? ei kai men paahan ??           casanova/visitech
: hej isukin ikioma sexmachine..... have ya enjoyed your new name??           ma
olen nyt being bored (pet shop boys) enka viittis enaa pal skriivailla!!! hej
men lets vemputtaa lite scrolleria            gvittu tahan on vaik kuin kivaa
!!!           e all cool guys contact us : d    glenn cosmos, heinikonk. 17 a 1,
20240 turku, finland .       b det ar slut nuaf             a

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