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good morning.      this is d.o.c international sleeping service.           the
time is 5:41:28 pm.      ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you
can do for us.             control the scrollspeed by pressing the left or right
cursor key several times....          we are totally presented to proud you the
100 percent broken version of     'boulderdash'  ,which has nothing to do with
the waschmittel 'dash' !!!     (no more schleichwerbung now).      cause we're
not able to greet all our contacts seperately now, we salute all (in words: all)
our contacts and friends !!!           for any information on amiga contact : 
d.o.c  /  plk 069070 c  /  2300 kiel 1  /  west-germany !!!

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