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read this text through!!! important!!!   . this demo is dedicated to mask, the
real top-coder of x-men and stack....... ....he died on 2nd november 1988 in a
car accident at the age of 19.......... he was just about to release a
demo-version of his oncomin game, which. would have had a 64-color scrolling
backround with over 30 nasties flying. on it!    and he was about to call
icebreaker for telling him some info. about how to do a 8-channel music player
on amiga................... some. real fast filled 3d routines were under
process too................  but no. one can get him back anymore..... i never
saw him, but we made friends by. the phone.............. i can remember that he
was a very good coder already. back in 87 and in one year he proved to be one of
the top 3 coders in. finland .............. i miss him.     signed, axa.......
hi.... now it's my turn to say something....  i'm icebreaker.  i never. got to
know mask very well.... as axa already told you,mask was going. to tell me some
clever things..... but now he's gone. i can't say much. about him,just because i
didn't know him well..... but i surely miss. him too.....   signed
icebreaker........    now it's couple of mask's. good friends turn to say
something. they are not here now,but we called. them and they told us what to
write. here is their text:   this is the man. speaking. i'm here with my
friend,powerdrive and we are very depressed.. well,everybody knows already that
our top-coder os dead. but this is how. it happened....  wednesday 2nd november
mask and one of our friends. were on their way to school to tampere 7:50 am.
they had driven about 10 . kilometers from valkeakoski where they lived. on the
straight part. of a one-line freeway there were ice. the road was in a bad
shape. mask .lost the control of the car because of the deep tracks on the
freeway. and .then the car started to go merry a round and they went into
flatspin. (like in top gun). another car came freom the other direction and. hit
first the back part of the car and turned it sideways. then a. pickup drove to
the side of mask's audi 100cc. the middle of the car was .totally gone. it was
surprisingly that somebody could survive as long. as both of them did. mask was
still alive in the hospital but died. of internal bleeding half an hour later.
and the other guy's torso. was smashed but he still lived longer than mask. they
were buried on. saturday 12. november side by side at the same time. i had known
both. on them already for 10 long years and we'll certainly miss them.. i think
it's time to stop this sad story now and start practising. black magic.    
signed the man and powerdrive.          . i think this scrolltext is now over.
hopefully you understood the .meaning of this little demo. not so stunning but
that is not the. point. i really hope you have read this text through,and
understand. that we do not feel very happy now.

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