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no no no.... this is not the dicksuckers asshole-demo.....  no way....   "#$ "#$
"#$  yeah....  this might be our new intro.... coded by. the mega-fucking
icebreaker of stack%&x-men.... .    (no voe wittu!)   this is a ruskie called
zados of "#$ erecting around. his monitor without brains (ofcourse ;<=!)   axa >
sanna!   a good advice. for you...   zados* stands for lenin, stalin, karl marx
and gorbatshov but. sometimes for breztnev with 1 megakilo (1 baron)  zad zad
zaa...  we want. baron vodkalore (taytyy lahtee paskalle... huojuu)  we send
musical greeti.ngs to tauno aikaa and martti *galway* talvela.  have you ever
seen a pussy. without hair??!!  if you havent then welcome to exotic moskva
biorewax....   ooohhh...  a fart exploded.. shit flew through the wall..  pravda
didnt. come out this morning (fucking postman kekkonen)  remember farting makes.
your health better (taken from shakesfart)  we will arrange fart-contests . in
our copy-parties so eat something that makes your stomach burn.... . if you want
to have some contacting with your mamma then please donnot do. it with gipsy
baron in the social office kaarnalettu...  zaaaaaa...  ddd.... 
ooooossss...sssiii..  kiss a goril, ("#$)   do you know the world famous. stevie
werner wonder a black man fartbomb neutron66   but at last we will. publish our
addresses: 358-31-181527 (simo wonder) or 358-51-22544 (herra. vauhti) oder
358-10-58393 (aki vahalaatta) fisla lettu stupido.      .    good news we will
meka a clone of otti called runkkufanten...  icebreaker.  wants to have some... 
rintaa... laardia.... (goonies???)   osmoa????.   becker has left stack%&x-men
and made up a new crew called -- muna-.aivot-crew -- (or was it --
lettu-kaarna-lokit inc???)   the members. of mac (muna-aivot-crew) are becker -
loki - loki - becker - loki - becker. - loki - loki - loki - loki - becker -
loki - becker - becker - and fi.nally becker (rupi-aivo!!)    this text is (*)
of stack%&x-men inch!!.   ;<= in finland!!!!                signed
ice%&zados!!!! och. international fart goonies (ifg!!)

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