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darkside  ├┐presents first demo         hi !!! here is quick and i send some
messages!!!!        starlight/unique   kiitti cooolhot suhvelista mutta jos
haluat megacool stuffia niin soittele !!!  amaze/articfox  kiitti coool
stuffista sori viiiiiivastys !!!! yegmann/apex   thanks for hot stuff    ray/tsk
crew    yours stuff is hot    e.s.i/level 4     thanks megahot stuff !! 
untouchables  yours stuff is greathotmegacoool   rebels/thanks hoooottt stuff
!!!!!!      and here  is two special greetz       3      2      1     
goooooo!!!!           saatana perkelen!!!! m.a.c in levy impparit !!!!!! mulkut
perkeleeee!!!!  and e and l fuck off!!!├┐                   hi dicksuckers!!!!  
this is ted writing some bullshit...     i send some special greetz to
joker/phobia...    thanx for always cool sending !!   a bit more disx will be
nice !!!!!!   uppy/intuition   are you guys still alive?? send fast if you
are...      here is coming a little swedishjoke!!!  swedish guys  dont get mad
for this ok? i bet you guys in there have lot of jokes about finnish people.  
am i right?        do you know how to sink swedish submarine???                 
     swimmer dives and knocks to the door on upside!!!! haw!! haw!! haw!! haw!! 
     eh?         oh... almost forgot...   thanx to axon for nice stuff!!!    ted
signs off....... bye suckers!!!!             this is blacktiger writing... some
message for             stranger/adept       thanx for cool stuff.      
mice/cave       thanx for stuff.       werner/vision one/afl       thanx for own
productions and cool stuff.          triax/disknet       kiitti sun hyvista
peleista ja niin edelleen.       python/byterapers       kiiitti ja ok.      
dr.shitface/crusaders       thanx for own productions and stuff.       and all
others thanx for new or  old stuff............kill lamers........... yes yes yes
........not more lamer......      ok and he is some greetz in no order!!!!    
acme     acu     adept     alive     amaze     amiga union     apex     axon    
bad news hq     balance     beetle juice     black track     blood suckers    
brain wave dk     byterapers     cave     clones     crusaders     cult    
cyborg     cytax     dark duo     direct     disknet     deep     excel    
excel u.k     exult     fraxion     gate     infernalia inc.     infocorner    
intuition     level 4     m.a.d     mexx     mystix     nukebusters     net work
    new wave     new zealand express     onyx     phaze 101     phobia    
powerlords     rebels     scarface     snoopy     spectre     system 5     taxon
    the goonies 2041     tornado     tsk crew     untouchables     unit one    
united forces     united systems     vision one/afl     unique     visual arts  
  world vision     zombie boys     and all others what we forgot!!!!!!!!!!!!    
         scrap is sitting at school right now so he cant write anything to this
megacoool scrolltext    but hot special greetz to all scraps friends.....       
            scrolltext restarts...     1000       999       998       997     
and so on..............

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