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did you really think that this intro uses 4096 colors?  let me laugh!this intro
got it's name from the clones-logo!and the ham-logo idea was ooze's.he has some
bright moments,too!well,here it is:clones ham intro!and the credits:coding by 
>awcy<  piccy by  >ooze<  font and music by  >particle<   music is called shades
(pretty creepy tune,i think + ) ok,guys out there:are there any finnish groups
left who can beat our design?!i know that my code is shit but the main point is
that our design (gfx,music and font) is just cool!or what do you think?
attention!attention!members of >die go go inc.< are:  accession,beyond
force,browbeat,byterapers,clones,deathstar and nzc!so,just fuck off go go
inc.!!don't hesitate to do it + we know you love it!in a short time your
existence will be over,enjoy the last weeks with *no copyrighted stuff*  har
har!     enough that crap,this is awcy writing.i'm just happy cause i had some
really *big* problems with this font.few last chars were looking like shit but i
managed to correct them (when you're sleepy,nothing's going right + ) so let's
get over to the current >clones< memberlist:     awcy (coder,founder and
swapper)     brainbreaker (swapper)     idle (swapper,graphics designer)    
jukkis (our megafamous gigalamer)     mawerick (swapper)     ooze (graphic
freak,swapper)     particle (graph boy,musician)     psycho (swapper)     sod
(swapper)     xa (swapper) + phew!as you saw,we've got new member called 
*mawerick*  of course we welcome him to this group + so welcome to
clones, do you feel?  >m: well,er,hmmm + <  ok,i got the point!so
what to write now? maybe the greetings + everybody wants to know if he/she is
greeted or not,so here we go!our regards and messages to:     accession *
accsession * ahu * alex * amiga force * amiga industries and freedom force
(fizz:can you believe this?  rolex:have you coded that intro of yours? and send
brainbreaker's disk back,please! raster:just cool copies of those pics!kascha is
the best or what do you think? well,i did this intro!what do you say?) * amilink
computing and dual access (illuminator:you're coding your next intro? great!i
hope it'll be ready soon!anyway,keep those regular sendings up,man!) * atomic
intelligence * attrium * beyond 2000 * big * black woefiet * bloodsuckers (yo
hoffi!we just decided to leave bloodsuckers!  * hehhee!*  well,we'll anyway make
those musics and gfx for you + just give us *credits*) * blues brothers * bolero
* cartel * chess * chuck * climax * complex (kippis cable!do you like this
little piece of shit? better to like 'cos i made this really hard!>this is my
firstie,remember?<) * crime (gissy:you're becoming faster and maybe someday even
cooler + flash fox 66:send brainbreaker's disks back with >stuff< in them!) *
critters (whitesnake:when will we listen to iron maiden together?) * crusaders
(dragon:you are greeted,why aren't we? anyway,hope you'll remember us next time!
dr.awsome:keep making those great musics!lifetime regards from brainbreaker!) *
cryptoburners (blackstar:keep sending cool stuff to brainreaker as always!) *
curity (yo zak!sorry for no money or time to come to your parties!i hope you'll
manage without me + ) * dark cult disciples * dexion (tadaa poacher!are you
caught or sumthing? what does this 'little' delay mean?) * digitech
(warlord:just great collections!sorry to say but we can't come to the summer
conference.  hihat:hi man!i liked your demos!ya like mine? i know,frida doesn't
love me + but anyway + i love her!anyway hihat,you're one of the coolest dudes
in the scene!you don't take this all too seriously + in that we have something
in common!) * dual crew/x-men (mutant:you make pretty good-looking gfx + hope to
swap forever with you!) * duoblivion (fox and jack:got any new stuff lately?
>hehhee< i think i'm a little bit lazy to give you some new titles + let's see
if the situation comes better during these few summerweeks!) * dwarf * election
and died * elimination * european software agency (hi newton!got >any< pussy
lately? hope you've got!you just seem to be a real pain in my ass + have fun
(and pussy) during the summer, ok?!) * finnish force * fusion *
future-concepts/crazy (heippa xenox!the chocolade you sent was
unbeliavable!thanx for it!also thanx for all those nice photos + and not to
forget the music ya copied us!t-h-a-n-x!we hope you liked our little 'homemade'
video!keep always cool!nice video you made for us,man!it's *cool* + heineken
rules) * gate (yep!suomen geit ry + got that?!you have a member named psycho?
what a co-insidence!we have too!too bad that our psycho was known before yours +
tell that asshole to change her (??) name!want information? tell wraith to write
or call awcy + wraith knew long time ago a little lamer called lord,remember?) *
ghostriders * hac (the chocolade and photo are missing + ) * happy hacker * hcc
* hi-tech/mirage int.(zipp armsmaster!got nice weather down there in sweden? sun
shines here + ) * horizon (striper:you're cool + you're fast!what else can a
perfect guy be?) * island crackers * ivory * jetset * kawajoe and geier * lez *
madonna association (tff:sp + sp + speed please!) * maffia * michael winterberg
* microns * moon riders * ncs * norwegian light force * nzc/mad unit
(thunder:balls to the wall,man!nice phonecall we had!great!) * oneway * oversize
* petri rautiainen * powerdrive (sorry to hear that 'down' didn't like the
co-operation idea at all + nice that you liked it,ralph!) * prime evil (we loved
the intro!delta-theme was excellent!) * prophets ag (tom,i promised you lifetime
regards,remember?) * protech * reward * route 66 * shadowlight and level 4
(changing plks is fun,but the new one doesn't exist!please contact ooze again +
and fast!) * shinox * smile!(yo snake!cool freaks are remembered always!) *
socrates * spectre norway and uk (join us or what? sod will talk you over + ) *
sunriders iceland and sweden * tacs * tcmn (means nothing + you're right!) * the
band * the firestarters * the flash team * the gurus * the rebels * the science
frontiers (send some stuff to brainbreaker + soon!) * the sex boys (same thing
there,too!) * the silents and north star * the united cracks (send 'a little
bit' newer and faster,says brainbreaker + ) * threat * thx 1138 * tip * trash
and the top-boys * triangle * vincent * vision * world of wonders (magical:send
back faster + ) * x-beat (is zan alive?) * zicco zacco group     aaarghh!my
fingers are burning!just cool amount of contacts + it's real fun to type 'em in
this scroller!some guys thought that we are dead? nooooo!we dead? that's
impossible!we are living  >death<  (isn't it right,cable?) anyway,this day is
just cool.i (awcy) and brainbreaker are right now at my place.we don't even know
where ooze and particle are (and don't even care + you slimeball >ooze<) first
ooze wants this intro ready so fucking fast and when i at last managed to finish
the code,he just goes to his summercottage and relaxes + that's a kind of
asskissing behavior!just thinking if i'll release this intro without >any< text
from ooze + that would be just right for that assfucking dickhead!i think that i
should let brainbreaker write some text for this intro + you go man!   he
doesn't want to? blergh!then i must continue.ok,he says that he'll write some
text later.let's get to our contact addresses!(yes,of course we'll write 'em
here,fools!) to swap (and swap really fast!) write to one of following
addresses:(i'll count downwards from 20 to 0 that you can grab some toiletpaper
to write our addresses on + )  20  19  18  17  16  15  14  13  12  11  10  9  8 
7  6  5  4  3  2  1  0 + 'ere we go!    >ooze         sami py0rre       
haavurintie 6        25250 marynummi        finland<          >brainbreaker     
  raino maki        maryntie        25250 marynummi        finland<         
>awcy        jari myllylahti        maryntie        25250 marynummi       
finland<          >xa        (no name!)        plk 031405 d        7140
ludwigsburg        west-germany<          >idle        kimmo pekkola       
tarjanteenkatu 13 a 4        33720 tampere        finland<          >sod       
henry heiberg andersen        fjellveien 15        3500 h0nefoss        norway< 
        >psycho        sasha antic        86 princess avenue        springvale
3171        melbourne        victoria        australia<          >mawerick      
 jari sairiala        mantyverajantie 3 a 7        36200 kangasala       
finland<    + i hate writing those addresses +  well,now some messages + ghost
of hcs '4220:where are you? if you are in good shape,contact me (awcy) again for
swapping,ok?  tit of mirage international hq finland:you motherfucking assborn
bastard!return the disks you owe me!or + >die< +  well, no more messages this
time!now some more bullshit!particle wants to write something to all guys out
there!here he comes + yo,all you assholes around the universe!here's particle
typing sum boring scrolltext because anyone else don't want to do that.can you
believe that awcy has written all the text before this moment (and i know that
you will be happy about that!) hey,did you know that ooze is a really big
pisshead? and that is true!and even better,i am his little brother + (and that
is pure truth!) so,if there's any musicians,then you can maybe understand why i
think that this music is one of the best i have ever composed + if you remeber
when i wrote scrolltext for our first intro,you can see that this is much longer
and better text than that!now i give the keyboard (not exactly *give* it + ) to
awcyed + + + slerbat!it's awcy again. as you've read,particle wrote about 1000
bytes of text!it's a worldrecord from him!gee,did ya know that xa is 11 years
older than particle + make your own conclusions + to another subject:ooze is
lamesucker!i don't care if he's here or not.i just think he has earned this
treatment by his way to fade away when he is needed!well,some days and i'll
start to work in a shop.just cool wages for that work!don't worry,my sendings
will delay only *one* day more + yesterday was my best day in years!my moped
broke down (engine won't run + ) i finished this code and ooze was somewhere
else + everything was just fine. anyway,why do i bother you by writing this
lousy stuff? i'll try to improve these typings,ok? so,the new subject of our
discussion:music (especially *heavy* music!i just love >good< kind of
heavy,like:judas priest,queensryche,helloween,iron maiden,udo,alice
cooper,manowar,warlock,doro,stryper etc + just cool taste of music,or what? of
course i like all other kinds of music too!for example jarre,def
leppard,foreigner,van halen (only some older lps + )  amazing,isn't it? of
course these were only my (awcy's) personal opinions!so now the great lack of
inspiration is conquering my mind + just horrible feeling to know that i can't
write any 'sensible' text?!ok,then let's blame ooze for a while now + ooze is a
little goofy faggit (of course you knew that already) he likes to drive with his
moped very fast (about 55 km/h) and is a hopeless freak!he drank some wine and
started to drive with his moped + of course he drove off the road!i really laugh
to guys who decide to drive a moped when they're drunk!so,ooze here it comes:  
*hahhahhahhaaaaaa*   that was some devilish laugh to you,barfass!he flew about 3
meters across the air and crashed into a bottom of a ditch!his moped was like a
rusty bucket + that is what happens when our *stupid* ooze drinks some wine and
has some fun.well,this text gets boring,boring and more boring + but have you
read our first intro till the very end? no?!you have missed the best part of our
first intro's text:the ending!arf arf!i laugh!this is >boring< + i know that you
all (are there readers left anymore + ) don't like this kind of bullshit.ok,i
hope that jukkis will arrive safely at my place.yes,he really comes to see us
(the headquarters of clones + ) today.well,of course if his 'lada' won't broke
down before + so,i'll let brainbreaker write some text now + they're all
yours,brainbreaker!    yo there!this is brainbreaker typing some shitty text to
this little first some messages and greetings + first one goes to xenox
of future-concepts/crazy:  thanx for your marvellous sendings!you're my best
contact (proud now?) it would be really great if you can come to finland in
summer.did you like our videofilm? it was really fun to do it!   next message to
rolex of amiga industries and freedom force: still 'trying' to code something?
what about calling me sometimes? it was really fun to swap with you!i hope we
could meet again!(but not same as in lahti ok?)   ok,there were those messages
and now special greetings to mahoney and kaktus: your music disk 2 is really
great!make more of them.i'll always be your fan!so what shall i write + hhhmm
would you like to hear some jokes? ok,i don't care if you don't wanna!i'm gonna
write some jokes here!ok,here comes first one +  * a woman called a health club
and sobbed into the phone that her husband had just given her a present that she
couldn't fit into.the receptionist gave her an appointment and added,'don't
worry,madam,we'll have you wearing that dress in no time.'  'dress?' the woman
wailed. 'it's a porsche!' *   hahhaaahhhaaaaaahahaaaaaaa!!!really great isn't
it? hhhmmm +  ok,no jokes anymore + (not at this minute!) oh yeah!i forgot to
tell you what's the time!it's 23:30 and i'm not sleepy at all!(hhmm, not yet + )
i'm in really good mood this moment.i really have energy to write some text to
this intro!or what do you think awcy? >awcy:er,hhhmmm < brainbreaker:ok,i know,i
know + but still i'm gonna write some text here!this week has been really
great!awcy started to code (that's a real miracle (not mirage!)) i got my
driving licence (almost but i'm not gonna explain that to you + ) i can now
drive motorcycle (only 125cc + ) it's been good week because i don't have to
suffer of ooze!because he has been away from home.he and particle were in their
summer cottage with their you're wondering why particle was with
ooze? there is a natural answer to this question (awcy don't delete this text,
please!) particle is ooze's brother!now you know what we have tried to
hide!(maybe you know this if that fuckin' awcy is not going to censor this
text!aren't you awcy?) arrggghhh! i'm losing my energy!and there is only one way
to get more energy + and that is eating!i must get some i'm now going to
eat something +  + ok,i'm back!it was hard job because it's midnight and my
parents were sleeping.but i managed to get some food + now comes second joke
(oh,no not again!) this time it's russian joke!ok,here it comes    * with
glasnost as her guide,a soviet teacher was explaining religion to third
graders.she described creation,the garden of eden,adam and eve being brought
naked into the world,the apple and the serpent and the expulsion from the
garden.when teacher finished speaking,she asked, 'class,what kind of people were
adam and eve?' a little girl in pigtails raised her hand. 'yes anna?' 'they were
russians,' she replied. 'and how do you know that?' the teacher asked,smiling
with pride. 'well, they had no food,no clothes,no place to live and they thought
they were in paradise.' *    hhheeeheeeeeheheeeeeee!!!that was a really good
one!  i'm sad to say but i must stop this time i'll write something later maybe
to this intro or our next one.see you!   signed:   >brainbreaker<     
*brainbreaker*     oh, yes!remember to contact me!ok?    yeah!it's awcy again +
of course,i'm the text editor,remember?  so,now i (at last) let ooze to fuck me
up +   ***  and that's just what i'm gonna do!yup,here i am,ooze!i'll start with
sum basic truths of life + hmmm + let's begin with + surprise! + the first
one!and it is:awcy,brainbr(e)aker and particle are all assholes. * 2nd:they are
always talking shit. * 3rd: brrrghhh +   aaaaaaargh!that fucking lame-brain
asshole-sucker jukkis is coming here to visit us!i'm about to make a
suicide.hmmm + many of you might be thinking if awcy is truly fucking all the
time.but noooo,that's not true!the main reason why it's so,is that he doesn't
(and is never gonna) get any pussy!and if he for some reason gets sum (probably
having a bag covering his face meanwhile) it wouldn't make him any happier + and
the reason for that is the fact that his dick won't come out and rise!poor awcy
+ his dick has probably become too damp (he's sucking it all the time,you know)
* but to other matters + a message to xor/sunriders sweden: * hi pal!how about
sending the pics,soon!and remember to include addresses,too + (you know why!) *
i think that awcy is laughing too may make him live longer,and that's a
really bad thing,as you know!i also >think< that it's nice to be drunk + but it
isn't nice to drive is very easy to get rid of your life and driving
vehicle as well.but + what in the hell is that sound > splatt + splatt + < oh,
awcy just thought he saw jukkis's russian heavy-lada and began fucking
himself!now he is having a competition with brainbreaker!i'm so excited!who wins
+ but,oh,how sad + neither is able to get an orgasm (they can't even get an
erection!) what should i write now + hmmmm + yeah,here you get sum balls:
*********************** nice eh!************************* enough of those + it's
my birthday today!i'll eat sum candy and enjoy the way,i listen to the
following bands/artists: *queensryche* *iron maiden* *ozzy osbourne* *kiss*
*helloween* *foreigner* *warlock* *doro* etc.etc. are you bored? yes? well,i
understand + but i won't leave you yet!that stupido perse-ankka jukkis is not
able to find the way to this place.damn him!weather report:it rained here a
while ago,but not anymore (except that seed-liquid (sperm?) flying everywhere +
) oh,i'm gonna get a driving license,too!i've got a nice 125cc
turbo-fireblaster-red devil-scooter home + ooooh,i just love it!what do you
think 'bout the piccy above? well,i just love it!it's probably one of my best
pieces of art(?)work + but just to save your nerves i'm gonna quit writing soon
+ wait for the ball,coz it's the signal +      * (this was the pseudo-ball!)    
   * (and this a cloned one!)                * (at last,the real
one!congratulations,you just got rid of >ooze< byeeee + )   so,it's almighty
arselamer awcy here!i just finished this awful code (the pic and font were
earlier written over the muzac area so that music sounded like shit!) don't
laugh guys but this font is still written over the music!but who cares 'cos this
shit works fine now!i know,i can't write as shitty text as i wrote to our first
one but i hope ya guys aren't fucked up? so,no more asstext to write but this
one is a *must*     > clones forever <               yep!as we know you guys out
there (thunder,idle,gissy,xenox,fox,hoffi,hihat,cable,illuminator and many
others + ) we wrote this text just for you!we knew that you couldn't live
without our text so we wrote a bit more for ya guys!after a moment in this
scroller you'll see a set of numbers,write 'em down and send to us!you'll
receive a nice gift from us + so,here it comes:        > 49152 (in hex: c000) < 
  ok, remember us!                            all i want to say is:business is
hard but business is cool!all know that our speed is the rule!

Disclaimer: Texts are presented here in their original form, control chars and all, with no edits or censorship. All texts have been already been voluntarely released to the public as a part of the demos. That said, if a text seen here contains information about you personally that you don't wish to be visible, contact me and I will remove it from the website.