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trax crew 1993 is presenting their second demo coded by mixu -89  but what is
badly wrong on the screen   yes there is only 1 bob   lets add some bobs        
  ΓΌ      ok that is much better      all credits from music belong to great
walkman    logo by murkyman  and text by me,mixu -89     release date of this
demo is 23.10.1989   by the way remember that i am not trying to make longest
scroll text in this demo.      here comes our team swappers...       murkyman   
 pl 14     15871 hollola    finland       other swapper of our team is     
tapio alanko     outokummuntie 53 a2     28330 pori     finland     phone (939)
462336      coders and swappers contact me      mika tuomi     soormarkku 29570 
   finland      i swap routines,tips and ofcourse games     our greetings in no
alphabetical order ...        solaris    stinger    magnum of track 31    gate  
 byterapers    werewolf    bruce/psycho&    accession    death star    inxs   
north star    ibb    codex of bionic force    asics    clones    amaze   
stingray of altair    powermix    captain carlsberg    double boy    jukebox of
cocon    master crew    shark    mikropasi    mr.mad    inter master    eoa   
megasoft    cubic ball    megastar    fighters    mr.b of exoset    nonstop   
team-x    crusaders    wizzcat    sunriders    thunderbird    nukebusters   
dual crew    excel u.k.    esa    dsc    legion    the cult    triangle    tacs 
  plexus    fantasy    demons    vision      i have no time to write more so
thats all at this time but but see you again in our next demo  bye !!!

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