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howdy fellas and welcome to this new intro. well i think this scrolly is a bit
hard to read, so this text wont be long. just my, blishs special greets. they go
to in no order   alive - thanx for the cool magazine!!!      action force
denmark -- howdy dadi, hope to meet you again at trilogys christmas party.   
amitech -- howdy pal, thanx for the great kickstarts and other cool stuff, i
will return your disks tomorrow, oops thats today, sorry.    undertakers  --
thanx for your great sendings, jeff.     black monks  -- thanks for always great
sendings      tack och hej leverpastej, nu ska jag hem och ta min tjej.....
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hello there! o shit, im so fucking tired. its five am and i wish had a bed here.
well the credits for this intro goes to --- for the coding, savage for the great
tune, and to mithrandir for some of the gfx. some quick regards goes to
ralf-quicksilver super sendings! alive-tronny and miraculix, also a note to
flash productions -- long time no stuff, whats up?? well thats all for me. bye!
bye!  bruce lee signing out and over to blish. boy, oh boy. tired already? he
really has a lot to learn!! this is blish taking over after poor mr lee got
tired. first of all i want to tell all my contacts that i have a new address!!! 
yes, ive moved to my own flat the place og lust, party and seduction. ive
already had two and a half parties in two weeks so all you party-happy fellas
who wants to visit me or simply write to me for some heavy swapping the new
address is found elsewere on this disk, maybe. and now over to the regular bull,
yesterday, eh sorry the day before yesterday i got up at nine o-clock, made my
daily morning-habits, tried to find some clothes that wasnt too dirty, kicked
the cat when the poor little bastard wanted some food and opened my fridge and
tried to find some food that wasnt all green and rotten, without any bigger
success. then i rushed to the train late as usual. after fighting my way through
the cold winter morning. the work was a big mess, nothing worked, as usual, so i
gave up my work on the shitty big computer and went to our small group-meeting
out in a small place out in the countryside north of stockholm. and now as chong
lee just wrote its about 5 in the morning and im just writing the last words in
this jolly good intro. and when this crap-text that no one is going to read
anyway i just have to rush off to the train again and go to the job. so its a
rather hard life with computers twentyfour hours a day, but i havent became sick
from that, i just have this strange spasms and itchings every now and then, but
i think that is only because im allergic to simon. im terribly sorry, i know
that you all like to read about my miserable life, but im not allowed to write
anymore coz trazan wants to finish this crap so he can go home and sleep. poor
guy he too has a lot to learn before hell turn out as a complete wreck as i am. 
       well so long to all my friends and of course to bruce lee.

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