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vision  þð born to be cool    vision... often imitated... never equalled !!   
here's      jetaza  þ@  ok i first will give you the credits of this nice intro
!!  codinx by crackerjack !!          graphix by facet !!          and musix by 
share and enjoy  'sorry for ripping it but it's  great !!!!  note: write me
!!!'.................                  over to the vision member status.....    
           jetaza  þ0     tsm   þ0 crackerjackþ0    facet  þ0  stingray þ0 
   blo   þ0  timelord þ0    and    shock   þ0 ........ do you wanna join or
contact vision then write to the     vision hq þ0  p.o. box þ0   61280   þ0 .
  3002 hg  þ0 .  rotterdam þ0 .   holland  þ0           yeeaahhhhh
!!!.................................           here are the greetz.....         
                  vision regards in a to z order to:         abakus.  abandon. 
abyss.  accumulators.  action force.  agima.  amiga force.  alive.  alpha
flight.  amigaze team.  animate 'aerosmith'.  aofcf.  apace.  apology.  arcadia.
 arcane.  armada.  atomix.  attitude.  avenger 'daniel. spycho. hardrider.
redstorm'.  axept.  bad news.  bamiga sector one.  band.  black monks. 
bloodsuckers.  bounty.  brainstorm.  brainwave.  bug.  byte busters.  byte
soldiers.  byterapers.  cadcam.  cartel.  cascade.  cave 'jupe'.  celtic
'conan'.  challenge 7.  channel 42.  chaos.  clones.  complex 'hyde'.  crime. 
crionics.  cryptoburners 'agressor'.  cult 'bonzo'.  d.mob.  d-tect.  dark
shadows.  dash.  ddf.  defcon.  defcon one.  defjam and ccs.  depredators. 
digilogic.  digitech.  direct.  d.i.s.c. editors.  double density crew. 
dragons.  dream vision.  druids.  dual crew 'stookie'.  dueco enterprises. 
dutchcrack.  dynasty.  eclipse.  energy.  empire.  erazor.  esa.  escape. 
eternity.  exec.  excel 'fitzy'.  exceptions.  exodus.  extended architecture. 
exterminators.  fairlight.  fly.  fraxion 'reptile'.  free access.  gate. 
giants.  goonies.  headwave.  horizon.  hypnosis.  impact inc..  ipec elite.  it
'burglar'.  italien bad boys.  jet info pro.  kefrens 'deflex. farao. triplex'. 
lazer 'craig'.  level 4.  m.a.d..  madgods.  maffia.  magic arts.  master crew. 
mirage int..  murkyman.  mythos.  nacron one.  napalm.  nemesis.  network. 
neutron dance.  new gold dream.  north star.  odessey uk..  paranomia
'deadbringer,al capone'.  pendle europe.  phaze 101 'prince etc..'.  phoenix. 
pixel buster.  powerlords '.  powers of pain.  pps 2010.  prism and illusion
'the assassin. tigger. byte rider etc...'.  puppet master.  quartex.  quick
silver.  razor 1911.  rector.  red sector inc..  reflex.  royal amiga force. 
ruffle.  sargon.  savage.  scoopex 'loverboy.bionicmix'.  sensor.  setrox. 
silents 'ice lord'.  slipstream.  soundwave.  spectre.  specters.  spreadpoint. 
squadron.  starhawks.  star.  storm 'm.i.g.'.  strangers.  subway.  succes. 
supreme.  supplex 'dirk etc....'.  system 5.  system z.  tacs.  tarkus team. 
tetragon.  the clan.  the crusaders.  the destroyer.  the dream masters.  the
lost boys.  the lunacy.  the new concept.  the power connection.  the rebels. 
the supply team and tartan army.  the travellers.  the undertakers.  the
untouchables.  the web inc..  thorax.  thrust.  titanics.  top swap.  tornado. 
triangle.  trilogy.  tristar.  twilight and ball boyz.  universal.  venom
'hellraiser'.  vision factory 'metal gear. price of darkness. zelnik. kevin'. 
visual arts.  warfalcons.  wiz.  wizzcat.  wwe.  x-men.  x-tra.  zodact.  zombie
boys and to all our friends and contacts we have forgotten....     that's it
!!!!!          l8er...........................

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