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megabyte inc. proudly presents...     leader board          don"t hit the mouse
buttons yet, but take a comfortable seat and enjoy our breathtaking intro.  it
was about time that someone started to use the powerful capabilities of this
awesome machine.           about leader board: you can press the slash key (/)
to restart the game. .      first of all, here are the essential greetings to
all our friends: adj, bob, the general (thanks for sending us the original !),
mike, ccl (how"s the army, rob...?), indy, headbanger, eca, jwo, the
amigamasters, dr. f, rabbit systems, game world, softrunner, bytebreaker and all
the owners of a genuine n.t.s.c. amiga.           the strange background sounds
were taken from part one of j.m. jarre"s album "zoolook"           special
thanks to w.h.t.t. productions for developing the sound sampling devices and
midi hardware.          if you look at the disgusting title screen of ea"s "one
on one", you might believe that soft scrolling on the amiga is as bad as it is
on "msx"...  however, we prove that it is absolutely no problem !          
sorry atari; imitating the amiga ball demo is possible, but can you play
digitized music, scroll two lines of text, move several bitplanes up"n"down,
cycle colors and display about 80 colors simultaneously and all this nearly
without using the 68000...?  better luck next time, ok ?          by the way,
the little ball is not a sprite, but a blitter image (if you don"t know what the
blitter is, you really shouldn"t have bought this machine...!!??)           a
little unimportant note: i think i"m going to degauss my monitor tomorrow.      
    final note to all amiga owners:           megabyte incorporated; your choice
for high level programming and security code removal.

Disclaimer: Texts are presented here in their original form, control chars and all, with no edits or censorship. All texts have been already been voluntarely released to the public as a part of the demos. That said, if a text seen here contains information about you personally that you don't wish to be visible, contact me and I will remove it from the website.