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hi! it's fix writing...       do you think that this scrolly is lame !!!   no
way it's coool N. maybe it's now little bit better so let's talk about bullshit 
   but maybe i fix this scroll.... N. now it's better.... but still so fucking
stupid.....                    N.    now it's now o.k.         maybe you think
"where is the logo ?"    where is the logo !    i have little problems with logo
but let's try...                     L.         L.     hhhm... what you think
!it's looking funny... 8-)           so go hell!! L.                i must do
someting but what... do you have any ideas ?...         L. let's try again...   
    L. yeah! looks fine...  but i don't like it...L.                 this is so
stupid.... maybe we reset this fucking demo...                not yet... one
more time....        L.        shit... why everything goes wrong?          L.   
                                    hey where is mouse....         let's press
3rd mouse button L.   now... it's looks that what it must look ?          so
everything is fine....               if you want to contact cave then write the
adresses down....               here they are....          and now we can talk
about shit... so one day.... what !!! you don't see adresses ?    this stupid
demo is so lame......       Y. but maybe you now see them????           can i
continue my scrolltext now...       -no!!     -why not?     -look the scroll!   
    -what about it, it looks fine.        -fine!!!      -maybe it's little
jerky.       - little!!        -allright, i fix it (if i can)                   
       Y. and now... what else ???        -nothing, thanx       H.niin joo...
it's fix now writing.  i'm so happy because my first amiga now ready.
i make this demo in 3 days and then 2 days i optimize the code.but it's still so
lame... but maybe next demo-intro is better than this.. next month i maybe
draw... and then i start to code the "real demos"      .    the day is saturday
and time is now 18:54.    19:00 i must go to sauna...   . so i stop now and go
to sauna, but i continue this text after that.........          huh, huh... it's
hot place... (sauna meinaan)  wait a mimute i turn.the casette....         now
it's better... jon bon jovi: blaze of glory.....  shit phone ringing....        
              my friend call and say that i.must go there ?   o.k. i continue
this text when i come home........            .     the time is now 03:25 !! and
i'm little bit drunk... it's better to continue.this shit tomorrow... (ett[ t[[
jatkuu sitten kun joskus her[[n)           . juu nyt on taas kaikki hyvin... and
new casette is.... bon jovi... ja kipale.on bad medicine !   it's sunday and
time is 13:53... perfect just call me and.say that i must crunch this demo today
???  flyers scroll is somewhere... i must.found it...  shit he just now writing
it... jupes scroll maybe come today (onneksi.on modeemit olemassa) i don't have
strength enought to write this bad, bad, medicine,.bad, bad, english....    
niin ett[ kai sit[ sitten voi suomeekin kirjottaa....  etuoikealla taas on
valtaisa j[[lohkare. n[ytt[[ aivan silt[ kuin massiivisen.lohkareen sis[ll[
olisi jotakin...          sinun t[ytyy p[[tt[[ kumpaan suuntaan.l[hdet
hiiht[m[[n !   pyritk] paksun sumusaarekkeen suojaan vai kohti j[[lohkaretta?.
siin[ katkelma bondista...(jonka ehk[ joskus jaksan tehd[ loppuun) niin juu.piti
l[hett[[ kiitokset mr.spiville joka on jaksanuut l[hett[[ sorsia...(ne
ovat.kaikki pakkasessa mrs.vips?)              banaanipoika hot !  
kiitti."j[rkev[st[" scrollista... miten voitkin kirjoittaa niin j[rkev[[
texti[??  .       perfect ! aina vaan [lytt]m[mpi[ scrolli textej[... pit[[
joskus.tehd[ demo  "perfectin kootut scrollitextit"                             
. niin joo kiitti hotti niist[ f-19:sen.doceista... (oli niist[ jotakin apuva ja
on muuten tosi huva !!).            niin juu teill[.(arsi, jukka, erkki ???) oli
kai sellasia suunnitelmia ett[ tuutte t[nne x-mas lomalla ?. jos se pit[[
paikkansa niin tarkempia tietoja pleez... muuten voi olla ett[ en
olekkaan.kotona ?  pit[[ kai laittaa "stereoita" pienemm[lle kun alkaa kalvot
noista kaiuttimista.tippumaan...   toinen kaiutin hajos taas lis[[ eilen kun
latasin hunt for the 7th octoberin.ja pistin volumen t[ysille....     ei
sellasia demoja sais tehd[ kun niist[ kaiuttimetkin.s[rkyy....                  
   argh... thats lot of finnish text...  and i don't wanna.write anymore....    
                     .. H.                       This is...   is...   is...  
oh....who hell i am...    ahhh....  now i remember...     yes....start again... 
    hmm....      hello everybody...    no, that isn't.good...     ok...   zau...
  here i'm again...   again writing shit.and talking more shit...    yes it's
me....    flyer...     .yes, i don't have more to write but something...  
greets to all my.contacts and specials to all members of cave, midight sun,
judge of.??? (i really don't remember), bud outrage of artch (nice and very
cool.letters, wanna more....), and...  and...  and...    to my girlfriend.... 
yes...    i don't have anything special to say and i'm little i only
give my adress...   flyer   -       h o n k a p i r t i n t i e.  1 3       -   
   9 0 6 3 0   o u l u       -       f i n l a n d      -.   and i only wanna
contacts who write long letters and sen cool stuff....  no lamers...    i mean
lamer is man who don't write letters and send.old stuff...    but anyway...   
if somedoby of my contacts havn't get.sendings on long time...   i have lost
adress or forget to send...   so.if you wanna continue sen something to me with
adress...   and to make.sure that my contact get something from me he/she put
adress on letter....(and only demos or simulator games)...   ok...   i give turn
to somebody.else...   so c ya...   and be cool...               i fly on sky... 
   .        H. hi guys! it is hot writing some text... as you probably now there
is some.changes on the cave. johnny has no longer our member. there is new
member.too we welcomed to our new coder called curunir!  okay that's all about
members.and now something else of course we like to get more members but they
must be good and you must.send your works, coders, crackers, original suppliers
are very welcome of.course we can't offer you any money this is only for fun not
for money but.our group works quite nice everybody get own releases same day and
members get.all stuff what swappers get (all). i allways write some special hot
hellos my .best friends and contacts of course all my contacts are great  but
these are specials .do not get mad if you are missing i probably forgot
you...but this time messages and .hellos coming last thing before i start write
any scroll in finnish.. okay if .you want to contact me for elite, masterpiece,
lame, long letters, heavy, megademos, .and anything else swapping then write to
this address: hot/cave   tellervonpolku 7.     11120 riihim[ki      finland    
and of course you can write to our hq's.addresses. okay i forgot to say that you
must add disk becouse i do not have any .(hahahhah) and another thing too if you
have bbs and wanna join us write to any .cave address what you find. it is time
for story... story is called 'perfect .(pervessi) came here in riihim[ki... it
was friday the 13 no it was friday the 12.and clock was 19.06 and we were still
jupes place but we were walking on the car.and started to drive railway-station.
perfects train arrived 19.10 so we were bit .late but who cares when we arrived
we saw that lancer was there too with his car .and perfect (hirmujalka) scared
us to dead but we live again and it is impossible .to kill us so be careful.
okay we went my house (hot) becouse perfect comes to to stay couple of
days so it was friday night and we only drive over the.communist (riihim[ki)
city. okay in saturday we copied lot of stuff and in the .evening started
drinking something.... nothing especially happened in these days .but it was
nice to see perfect (goebbels) again and i think we will go to cristmas
but who knows... okay i have terrible hurry so here is only couple .of messages:
 mercure/eoc 1999 (you are just great!), raistlin/northstar (nice .letter hope
you like mine), gurujosh/valhalla&skidrow (nice stuff and keep sending),
.rocket/hypnosis (thanks for all especially cassettes), skeletor/cult (nice
.sending allways), wraith/gate (how about joining us), cool j/? (heheh),
tmb/scoopex .(nice sendings and letters), zedy/savage (apuuva mit[ s[ revit),
?/phenomena .(we are swapped 1,5 years hope we can continue) and all others my
contacts .(thanks for all great sendings and letters and everything).....
nothing else to say .so i must go to play s[hly..........   hei hei. H.hi! all
cool friends who read this scroll text. today is 18.10.1990. i am.perfect and i
don't have long hair. i am not fat or grazy. mayby i.must go to riihim[ki,
because there is few realy good friends. only they.can save me and my brain.
-sorry i mean my head, because i don't have.brain. koko kroppaa m[[ vaihan, p[[
saa j[[hä koska se vielä toimii ja.ainahan se on toiminu hyvin. sit[ min[
ootan ett[ p[[ irtois ja nuppi py]ris.maahan joku l]ytäis sen ja vaihtas sen
omaansa...  min[ en jaksa! now is time.for send greets and hellos to following
friends: hi! jupe you are our great.boss and one of my best friends. sin[ olet
kunnon ryyppy kaveri. tule.joululomalla t[nne muutamaksi p[iv[ksi arsin ja erkin
kanssa. sendaile.newi[ stuffia ja cooleja kirjeit[, sill[ niit[ on kiva lukea.
hi! hot.hope we can booze very soon (jupe and erkki too). send new stuff and
cool.letters. hi! mr.spiv code cool demos. hi! proxt send something new
and.write letter. hi! rare send soon new stuff and write letter. hi!
infinity.send soon and write letter. hi! fix code something. hi! flyer draw hi! orion make cool heavy songs. hi! dr.feelgood make cool.heavy
music like (guitar and headbanger), call to me. hi! stinger ihanaa.olla lihavaa!
(he he!) call to me and send soon new stuff and letters..hi! eku thanks for your
letters and disks. send soon new stuff and letters.hope you can call to me soon
(i waiting). i send greets to all my contacts.and cave members and my friends
and erkki. all cave members call to me!.now i must stop this shit. bye!         
                                .            scroll restarts !
Text Writer
---== cave ==---
technical problems
here is the credits...
coding: fix
music: dr.feelgood
logo: flyer
fonts: fix
here comes complete memberlist...
anxious (code, in the army)
curunir (code)
dr. feelgood (music)
duplicator (swap)
( eku (swap) )
fang (originals)
fix (code, graphics)
flyer (graphics)
headless (code)
hot (swap)
infinity (swap)
jupe (swap, miscellaneous)
lancer (graphics, music)
logic (code)
magic (graphics)
mr. spiv (code, swap)
orion (music)
perfect (swap)
proxt (code, swap)
rare (swap)
stinger (swap)
thunderboy (graphics, music)
tronic (music)
wombat (graphics

cave send special greetings to :
end of century 1999
valhalla & skidrow
no limits
razor 1911
defjam & ccs
red sector & tristar
ex. thyrone
dual crew
flash production
! hellos to all cave contacts !

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