Reaktor - DiceDetailsCaseRow
Scroll Text (First Scroll)
well hello this nobody here. i coded this at the reaktor/deadlock/nze copy
party..well i spose you are wondering what the fucken dice below are for????
well they are for.playing a drinking game called mexican. so just press the fire
button and then depress it.when you fell lucky. well i'll just get jp on the
keyboard for a while.....     .jp the barbarian here, coming to you live, right
here tonight at this party..its 1:15am. i've only been here a few hours, i've
been coding me own demo. should be.a nice animated bobs jobby when its finished.
i managed to miss most of the guys.from down country, but a whole lot of people
should be coming tomorrow (today?)..should be good. dr deaths yelling at me to
write the scrolltext, so what can i say?.umm... maybe i'll greet a mate. theres
not much point greeting anyone in the group,.so a big hi to brain dead. is your
head swollen now? well i can't think of any thing else to say,.so i'll piss off
and let you read the rest of the scrolltext.......... ÿÿÿÿÿ.......
Scroll Text (Second Scroll)
damn i hate typing..... have just spent the last 40 minutes typing in
porsche/nukebusters article for the next amigazine ummm number 10, i mean 8, ok
so its number 9 version 2.  in case your still in the dark (turn the bloody
light on!). it teo of waug2 typing this rubbish, with dabade watching on just
waiting for his turn.  sick jokes coming up soon, but you will have to wait a
little while ??????..... this is being typed at the deadlock/reaktor party in
auckland  2/9/90  12.32am woops sorry 12.32.51 - 52 -53 well this was supposed
to be a nze/deadlock party but memebers of nze seem to be a bit scarce i've
counted them (twice) and theres none.  it's been a fun day lots of lovely party
games.... no i'm not going to tell you about them get a copy of the
mag!!!!!!!!!!.  waug2 members here are just me, teo and dabade.  sas was too
lame.....($5 for the software... dabade yells re-ven-ge), and phibes
(weellllll.........) takdik had a resonable excuse, shes in aussie, and malmak
well hes off clog hopping or something. okey dokey i'll hand over too dabade now
but i'll be back with a few quick greetings and amigazine address soon so don't
stop reading. - - - -  dabade here, and with those sick jokes you have been
waiting for... o.k, how do you make a cat go woof?       give up?    pour petrol
on it and light it (i always woz meen).  and how do you make a dog go meow,  
wait for it     first freeze it, then cut it in half with a bandsaw. 
meeeeeeeoooowwww! (heh-heh), teo is moving around like a shark so i'd better let
him finish.  ok if you want amigazine write to 227, waihi 2991. got
that. if not too bad i probably couldn't be botthered writing back anyway, well
unless you send money for photocopying that is.  wot now a few boring greeting,
i would greet those here but theres no point coz there here....... anyways.....
mark of subway (news from system 4, the brilliant issue 3 coming soon), janitor
of rebels, dooley, chris iris, animators , thats what happens when you don't
bring a list and somone says write a scroller, hi storm shadow - they all wanted
mutant turtles !! hi porsche globetrotting wherever, and everyone else ok, i
hate long greeting lists. well last but not least, beast ii was released at this
party (throw up here) and dabade is going to say a few words. hi again, one
greet woz missed (not a surprize really), so here you are tintin, your moment of
glory, and last of all hi to aceiii who gaved (eh?), me the really brill
magazine games!?!?!?!?ÿÿÿÿÿ.......
Scroll Text (Third Scroll)
yooooooooooooo fuckers! this is the deadlock scroll written by.dr death and
t'power.  were writing this at the nze/deadlock/reaktor.copy party.  no demo
from us cause of some major fuck ups like.having no artwork arrive on time so
were this part of this joint demo.with reaktor and waug2.  our stuff will be
released soon. at one of the following addresses....        
t'power/deadlock,.92 south road, new plymouth, new zealand   or   dr
death/deadlock,.po box 35-712, auckland, new zealand.   now heres the greetz (in
no.order) ..........  drak pak - elite - adept - triplex - dual crew -.reaktor -
freelance - alpha flight - cinefex designs - kool kidz -.waug2 - dream warriors
- world vision - magnetic media - factor 4 -.leister crew 2 - special brothers -
dawn/acu - hellraisers - nze -.ability - scoopex - decay - revelations uk - acu
- doom - nqzd -.mega powers - diaster area - intense - mystix - amiga music
group -.stack 89 - byte busters - crack uk - cult - the pentagon circle -.byte
rappers - securitate - ibb italy - express international -.bloodsuckers -
mediators - power project - amaze - bionic - prong -.cascade 1733 - vision -
balance - alcatraz - adelade - mexx -.master crew - chrome - zombie boys -
moshers - the fire storm -.............. and the usual fuckings go out to swatch
of ibb nz..see you in the next lot of shit from us....................scroll

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