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welcome!       /to the unicorn's part of the copy-party's demos!! + i'm a member
of the mega-famous (?) unit one inc.!!!  other members are equalizer (coder,
gfx), jelly-fish (coder, swapper, cool-music-ripper) and developer (just coder).
me myself is coder and swapper.   this demo have some jokes to tell, a little
story, my special greets and messys, an important message plus the greetings in
no alpha order.. i'll start with the important messy..  /the unicorn of unit one
is dead!  +now a new name has erupted.../  the valheru!!  +i'm still the same
person, but because of some name-conflict i have decided to abandom the unicorn
and inherit the name valheru.. some info of 'what's a valheru?' are described in
the story which follows later in the scroll.  now the favourite joke of mine is
entering your brain as you read...      how do you make a witch pregnant????    
take a good guess..              and the answer is...       simple, you just do
as you would with any other female,  fuck her!   as simple as that.  but do you
know how to??   that's my question.     oh my naughty little boy swearing like
that!   sorry if i obliterated a nerve, i didn't mean too!  honestly!!      now
over to some other bull.... the special greets and messys!!!     first of all i
would like to say a little 'hi!  i love you!' to my girlie marie!  she's the one
next to my amiga!    then i would like to say to the white wizard that the ibm
has no future, come back to the amiga and use a computer instead of a pocket
calculator!  the third message is to the other three members of unit one....    
                           .    the fourth messy goes to mahoney of
hallonsoft...  as you may have noticed the music isn't the one you sent me
(jobba) but another tune (i don't know yet who it is has composed it, because
i'm not sure what song i'm going to use...  but thanx to the one who has
composed it, it was marvellous (i think)!!) anyway, i thank thou for thine song,
but i lost the disk thine song was recorded upon, and though i had the original
i thinkest it best thine song was deleted from recognition (as you toldest me). 
          i have also a message to lazer of plexus...   why in the fucking hell
did you give my address to that lousy spitlicker of a swapper????  carry your
excuse fast! the one in the band who was such a pal to us...     
...not to the one in the band who was drunk and judged frp a good choice... mr. fox and starfighter who blew my ears out with full volume when
looking at demos and playing games...       ....and that was all the special
greets and messys!  to you i haven't mentioned you just have to look in the
greetings-list and say  'aahh! see, i'm inn, i'm inn!!' to your comrades.  then
if you're not in, flush of madness and anger and send me a telegram. i will
notefy it and not forget it next time.  oh, a special 'hi!' to hardcore of
errors if this demo ever should get over to the other side of the atlantic,
because that's where he is these days, in south virginia (usa you nerd!),
licking sun and ladies!  but to all of you who isn't, i don't send no special
'hi!'.    bull, bull, bull, i wonder if i ever gonna write something other than
bull.  but, i doubt it.    well now, this is where all guys over 80 is to be
sent to somewhere-else-which-they-can't-see-the-screen, because it's
storytime!!!  and this story have so much violent scenes that i'm sure your kid
brother would enjoy it!          now is everyone seated??? gooood!  and the
story begins...         once upon a time, on some foreign planet, a guy was
born. like no other newly baked parents you know, they sent their son, carried
by an elf-slave, to the high reaches, and lay him there. this was their
tradition. every new born was to be fetched and brought to some wild area, like
the forest, the snowy mountains, on a raft, in the desert or, in this case, the
high reaches. but uncommon our babies, these wouldn't die as fast. these babies
had an inner will of survival, and they killed before being killed (often, but
not always).   well, this baby was, as i wrote, sent to the high reaches. and
there lived the mighty eagles. one of these mighties spotted the helpless child,
and started to dive for an easy prey. but it soon learned it wasn't as easy as
thouht. this little fellow just spat atop the eagle when it was close enough,
and killed it by breaking it's neck. when they had crashed on the ground, he
began to split the chest of the bird apart and ate the raw flesh.    some years
after he was still alive, and now he sought something more than just killing the
beasts and eat them. so he summoned a dragon for his purpose, to collect power!
soon he was the ruler of the high reaches. but he still wasn't satisfied, he
wanted more. he then flew up in the sky too seek other places he could be a real
pain in the ass. and he found several. he was always the survival. one day,
after killing his mother, he was the one to being challenged. and this was one
of his own kind, not an easy-to-kill opponent.  the fight lasted for more than a
month, but the victorious was still him. the opponent vanished in a pile of
smoke.    for some centuries he fought all kinds of enemies, dark aals,
midaghaugs, gigants, dinosaurs, shadow masters, light killers, fire monsters,
dragons, and sometimes his own kind.    but one day he kind a lost the
enthusiasm for just killing foes, and retired to his castle. once in a while he
sought some enemies out, but he didn't get the lust to kill back.    after some
centuries, he got an inner call. one of his kind sought him out.  not to duel,
but to confederate.  when he entered the hall of the one who summoned him, he
found several other of his race there too. 'look', said one on a plateu, 'we
have to stand together to face this threat of the ones who calles themself gods.
now they are fighting each other, but when they finish, they'll be greater foes
than we have ever encountered before. if we shall beat those guys, we have to
stand together as one. who are with me?' a sea of hands raised, because it was
not common they found a worthy opponent.   ' you, why don't you raise your
hand?' the leader said to our guy. 'i don't see the point.' he answered. 'why
not let them be and rather fight as we have always done. they'll be no different
from any other foes. we fight alone, then win or loose. nothing to it.'  the
leader snorted  'you do as you wish. either you come fight with us tomorrow or
you don't. the fight is still on.'   the next morning all the warriors went with
their dragons to confront the gods, all except one.  the chaos war lasted a
long, long time, but in the end all the warriors was vanquisted to the rift of
space and time. the gods have won. only one man was left of the mighty race. he
was the last valheru.       since this was only the beginning, it will be
continued in some other demo.      nice story, or what?!    'yes!' i hear you
say 'it was the best story i've ever heard in my entire short lived life!!
incredible magnefique!'         now, over to the thing you've been most anxious
(?) to read, the mega-mighty-hyper-fantastic greetings-list!!!!      /   
abnormal  kefrens  hallonsoft  beyond 2000  northstar  silents  band 
cloudbusters  panthers (hi folks) scoopex  italian bad boys  phobia  shodow
light  reflex (the neighbour at the party)  quartex  phenomena  death star 
paranomia  iq-  northern lights  no limit  shades  d.o.c.  ncc  mental force 
blurp  mafia  dexion  antitrax 2010  shape  trc  bencor brothers  alive  magic
force  rebels  soko team  thrust  tsk crew  the jungle command  atomic
intelligence razor  bros  arcadia team  hi voltage  quackers  cryptoburners 
triangle  the light circle  errors  abacus  vision  vision factory  ivory 
digitech  crusaders  byterapers  mind warp  amiga force int.  imagine  unknown 
danish gold  team-x  x-men  twilight ace  space ace  mega force  giants  inferno
 and a lot of other stup.. eh cool dudes!          +anyhow, it's time to quit.
so i'll probably see you another time, but at the same place (?).    have a
rageful afternoon and night!      /the valheru is signing off!

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