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once there was  flash team F   C  now a new age has begun. this once so
succsessful group has changed it's name to -fraxion- F    C  the group is still
the same, but we decided to change our name at our summer conferece in bod0. we
did also decide to expand our magnificent crew. we welcome our three new
members: reptile (former thorax musician), rus (freelance graphic-artist) and
uninvited (freelance coder). therefore -fraxion- F  Cis a group with unlimited
sources of power. watch out for our forthcoming productions.  C   if you'd love
to contact us, write to: E   the thing  F  E   box 2   F  A  8612 andfiskaa    E
 norway  F  B call: 47-87-40377 (thomas)  C   this demo was coded in 4 days by
the same old genious, -fog-.  when i have mentioned that, i can also scroll up
the rest of the credits.  coding (again) by: flash of genious.    great music by
our mastertracker: delta x      logo and fonts by: the black wizard.      
coke-boxes digitized by: the thing and ashtarot.     boxes modified by: the
guardian and the black wizard.      the coke-boxes was digitized at the razor/it
party in trondheim with -escape's- picture-digitizer.        the complete
memberlist of E -fraxion- F  Dis: ; amigashark ; ashtarot ; d.o.s. ; delta x ;
flash of genious ; reptile ; rus ; skykiller ; the black wizard ; the guardian ;
the thing ; typhoon ; uninvited ; zippo ;.     C   now it's finally time for my
(tbw's) own mezzys. if anyone is interested, i can always announce that my
little quarrel with punisher (i've called him skunk) of action force is over.
when i'm talking about action force, i'd like to greet our friens at action
force's hq.   i hope we'll meet at another party somewhere.  the next hello goes
to     lonewolf F C of the asylum freaks (and the rest of your cool members). 
did you enjoy my 14 pages long letter?? anyway i hope you can make something out
of the stuff i sent you.   the next one goes to E    noise   F  Cof celtic.  are
you planning on making anymore sound-revolutions?? they are great you know!!  
next one to    sinbad  F C of acid force. nice talking to you on the phone. you
were talking rather fast, but i'll call you up sometime and we'll try again.
anyway, allways hot stuff from you!!!        i think i have been captured by the
thing, and he looks really mean, so why don't let he take over. i think i'll do
just that. anyway, i'm out of here E    now    F C   bye!!!        C  hi
freaks!!!   this is the thing, and i am just going to write a message to all you
video freaks out there.   B  i am very intrested in a copy (vhs) of the real
chainsaw massacre (that is not the texas chainsaw massacre).   C  if you have a
copy of it, please send me a letter. you can also contact me for ordinary
vhs/software swapping.  my address is:    B    thomas  , box 2 , 8612 andfiska ,
norway .     C       i would like to send some personal hellos and messages to: 
   B  tron of piranhas and aces    C hope you like this demo..   B  snokie of
the silents    C  thanx for the nice and fast video-films.      B  clever and
smart of kefrens    C   it has happened again! you can now greet me under a new
name!  hope you like this demo. and please send some elephant beer!!!  and
remember: d0lle er ikke teit fordi han er stygg, og rhesus lever (enda)!!!!     
that's all from the thing. may the farce by with you !!!     i am going to leave
the keys to ashtarot.  p.s  bod0 smells bad !!C  hi there, this is ashtarot
messi'n around on the keyboard. i will not bore you with boring scrolltext (like
the thing and tbw probably have done), all i will do is tell jokes and send
messages (that isn't boring i think). first a very funny riddle: what is total
confusion?   answer:  two blind fagots sitting in a bathtub filled with sausages
!(this riddle was taken from norways funniest magazine, pyton.) now some
messages. the first one fly over toB jake of rebels, C i think i'll stick to our
own group. anyway, thanks for the offer. second one fly over toB chris of
piranhas C films will arrive soon. third one toB der hm of gate C same as to
chris, films will arrive soon. I think i'll end my scrolltext with a joke (this
one also taken from pyton) : one day a new guy came to the timberfellingfield
way out in the middle of nowhere. in these fields there's little pussy to get,
so the new guy, holger, asked one of the old guys, ola, what he did when he
wanted some pussy. you just put it into the hole in this barrel, said ola. the
new guy did this, and it was so good that he did it every day during his first
week. but on sunday said ola to him : holger, on monday it's your turn to sit in
the barrel.           C  well here we are again, but this time with a new
groupname..  E -fraxion- F    C . by the way my name is the guardian, and i'm
really just here to send some quick messy's to some of my contacts.   they run
of to these guys:    E -- trs -- F    C of armada. finally the cokeboxes are
out. what do you think of it!?! ...   E - shadow - F   C of trilogy. thanks for
always sending the very best stuff !!! hope you like our trainer and this
demo!!! ...   E -defcon 5- F   C of arise. you always send new stuff, keep it
up!!!    i've done my part to this demo, so i'll leave the board to one of the
other guys here on our summer conference in the smelling town of bod0!!!   if
you should want toC contact me, then write to this address :  E   j.r.   F  E 
box 193  F  E   n-8610   F  E  grubhei  F  E             C      stay cool and
enjoy the very nice music by delta x, which has 96 tracks and 51 patterns !!!   
              C  ok, here is typhoon!     i'm not going to write any long scroll
this time, only some special messages.   the first one goes to    unicorn  F  C 
thanks for sending those hot sendings, and for being so cool!!!    i also send
greetings to all my other contacts....  contact me at:B typhoon, c.schoyensv.11,
8014 h.moen, norway.......   i really hope all of you like our new name E   
-fraxion- F   C    D  hi and bye!  sorry, less time nowadays so i've got to
hurry up.  this is d.o.s. of B --- fraxion --- C -yes! we have changed name from
'the flash team' so they're dead and reborned on this very day (15/08-89).  D
fast regards to zenix/a.i. for being cool! you'd better start on the
arrangements for our tour of '90 when we (me, d.o.s., f.o.g. and t.b.w.) are
going to travel down through europe....  i have to fly low to reach indiana
jones iii -bye, notice our name..... you're going to hear more from and about us
      E we're    A fraxion - Ca little piece of the elite (if it excists??)     
                         Cnow it's finally time for some greetings. we haven't
got any kind of a greeting list here at the moment, so we'll only squeeze out
some special ones to: trilogy, piranhas and aces, paranoimia, rebels, kefrens,
supply team and tartan army, setrox, silents, demons/afl, unicorn, celtic, the
asylum freaks, it, razor, cryptoburners, ghostriders, cartel, acid force,
digitech, avenger, northstar, axenon, black monks, deathstar, team x, armada,
phenomena, phoenix, horizon, escape, the missing link, sunconnection, arcadia,
academy, abnormal, arise, avalanche, illustra, action force hq, subway and dream
team, atomic int., crusaders, eoa, flash prod, byterapers, complex, the band,
dueco ent, top swap, extreme team, ahead, freedom force and amiga industries,
phaze 101, thorax and sargon.      the list is a bit longer than we thought, but
it is the ones we could remeber. a huge greeting to the ones we forgot
(all-in-all we have about 150-160 contact).    this is the last words from is
this time. we hope you have had a good time (we have!!)      bye!!!!!

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