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thiz is cable here presenting to ya our first introU.V creditz: .intro : coding
and design by cable , muzak by mithrill and muzak raping by.tai-pan., logo and
design by blade .  thiz iz our firstie.intro so it ain't a first quality
intro..thiz is third version of our intro ... ( the best version available!! )
... .the bugs on the music of the second version were made by skyscraper
....special thanx must go to master.blaster of accession for providing some
tools that made coding thiz intro a bit.easier. the other members of phalanx
have allready done their part in.scrollwriting and i can allready say that this
is at least longest scrolly.ever made in finland. it even beats the thrust
'european record' of ollifanten.intro ! before i let skyscraper to scrolly i
wanna give ya my tel number.(addresses coming up later) : B358-15-25003 
keijoF.this brain damage scrolly.was mainly typed in by skyscraper so there will
be a lot of mistakes because.he's so drunken ( he drank one beer bottle ...). a
special message to all finnish people using fake stamps : be.aware , in the
post-officers mag there was an article about computer users.using fake stamps .
the post isn't blind anymore and it has caught many guyz.i know using fake
stamps in last two weeks. watch out !!!   .V skyscraper coming up % % % % before
we start with real-bullshit-scroll-text.we would like to say some serious words
... and now arse-raper's.message toD ! tgb of exs !   I hey man, we haven't even
heard of ya.and we don't wanna be taken as you guyz so we changed our name ...
don't be.a lamer and contact  ....SF        now some little .elvis skin-hellos
USin abnormal a-z order ( nearly ) go to :VG accession        .   F alcatraz    
       amiga action           axxion.            Gacsw          action
force.6776          asia          Fbloodsuckers            deathstar        
.freedom force         Hh.t.g.           Fnemesis 2001         stack    .      
stalker crew.'n' x-peat             swap           triline           
# % % % ^ ^ ^ & & &._ _ _ P      tema-x           F and finally
special greets to anneli-herkku-pemppu.of   nzx   for being so funny hahhahaha
!!! ooops , that anneli is ofcourse .thunder of nzc !!!    ........ sorry , but
we have no time for full greetings-list and i even haven' that list right
now ..... and now we'll start with our veeery long scroll.text ! the aim of this
scroller was to beat the thrust 'european record' of.scrollwriting and we did
that with no difficulty .  .to beat this record we had to lower the quality of
this text. so,please.don't be confused by bullshit and read it Gall !!!. .V oh
yes , the real sick-humour-guys in phalanx.are : tai-pan , blade and i ,
skyscraper ... you should have a good sense of.humour if you wanna contact us
!!!S so everybody who has a good sense.of humour write to (all in Bfinland) :
cable , lr 62c , 07230 monninkyla  or .skyscraper , rinnekuja 2 , 07230
monninkyla  or  blade , kiertotie 17 , 07230.monninkyla  or   mithrill
,.askolantie 1 as 2 , 07500 askola  or.tai-pan , nybacka 16a , 07590 huuvari F(
countryside ).       if you are not shy , call us :B blade 358-15-25415  mika  
or.skyscraper 358-15-25493  janne   or   cable 358-15-25003  keijo   or.tai-pan
358-15-31881  antti          H lamers pleez call to :.358-699-972532  ask for
father x-mas !!! or \  predator of lame-x \.9698-41092 and ask for elvis skin   
      F  and now , bullshit begins ! ._ _ _ _   Vthe coundtdown has begun
.......I 1000 , 999 , 998 , 997 , 996 ,.995 , 994 , 993 .......   phalanx is
born !!!F we are proud to present.our first intro ! made during cold and wet
autumn in 1988 ... %       it's.skyscraper writing this scroll-text which will
be the longest scroll-text.ever made in finland ...U this is about 40kb long
scroll text !!!!!!!!!!!!!!S.i hope ya have patience ....   do ya.want to read
some information about phalanx ?!I                 F no ?.anyway , here we go :V
members of phalanx : cable ( coder , swapper , asshole ) ,.blade (graphic-artist
, swapper ) , mithrill ( coder , music-composer , swapper )., tai-pan
(graphic-artist ,coder, swapper ) and finally me , skyscraper(.arse-raper ) (
graphix ,muzak , sick humour and .swapping ... )       S  that's the way i want
to fuck 'n' roll !!! .FR yeah !!. i like parties ! i have a little party round
here at .thiz moment !! if you Sknow any parties or are going to keep a
party , Vsend us an invitation and we'll be there (. hah!  ) !!!  S    wait a
second ...I                F   there is noone else.round here who would be able
to write something ... everybody is drunken and.reely sleepy ... i'm the only
one who is still jumping round here !     i begun.with this scroll-text at 18:30
afterR pikkukakkinen  ... andS time's now about.22:10 ...       today i visited
blade and he.was just making an animation for our next demo ! reely nice negro
with.his ...... ha ha you should see it ! i'm sorry , you'll have to wait a
bit.because we're not a demo factory that creates 10 intros in ten.minutes ...
no ... because everything is homemade , it takes a while to make.sumthin' ...   
  M  i'll go to my favourite , special place : wc-toilet.... just wait keep
watching ...                               ahhh ....... i.made it again ! the
other people in this house just ran away ... do ya know why.? i don't ...    
pleez , come back ! making love is not so funny alone ....        well , who
cares about them ... Ji have lots of beautiful neighbours.round this house and
the average age is something like ...M wait a second i'm.not so good in school
...       I average age is 16 ! just fine ! sweet.sixteen ...     F         i'll
stop now this bullshit because i'm going to.bed now ... i'll have to go to
school today ... yep, today , coz time is.something like 03:30 ............V hey
but it's sunday now and no ! so , i'll continue before i let
somebody else towards this reely.dirty keyboard ......SI oh shit , one gay-boy
in my class just came in ....wait a second i'll throw him out ...      what !
you have a baby ?! i can't.believe it ? did you say 17th with him ?! and you are
waiting for 19th ?!.oh no ... fuck you !!! go home and fuck your nice little
boy-friend !!!.      oh god , he has gone away ...  FV   well , soon i'm start making a little animation against atari st ! my neighbour atari 520 st and i remind him of his bad choise every day !!! he's
really.stupid.    S normal people usually wake up at 8:00 and time is now 7:45
!K oh shit ! i.have been drinking , fucking \ and writing this all night long
... but who.cares ...          I  here is now 5182 bytes of text ... and much
more is.coming !!! every member is going to write over 10kb of txt.!!!   just
kidding ! we're going to write 100 kb of txt !!  hahahaha haa !.still kidding !!
    oh shit , my room is looking like dumping-ground !.   oh shit , my room is
still looking like a dumping-ground !!!FV floor is.full of empty koskenkorva ,
vodka and lapin kulta bottles and ofcourse some.dirty condoms ...........S  this
is cable here taking over. sorry skyscraper.that i interrupted your
scrollwriting but i think the readers can't stand.your text anymore ! at least i
can't stand it and this is my intro so let' serious for a moment. first i
wanna send some spezial mezzies to my.contacs :       jason  ,  i'll send you
+++++ in a while,be patient. what.about buing a phone and making us some muzaka
?     crusher   , as you see , my intro ready . when is your new coming out
? ok , i'll this time.      spiral   ,   hi guy , wanna some source ?
ok , i'll mail.some for you.      themex    ,   your stuff has been quite
old,try to improve!.    lucifer   ,   good stuff! your intro was good compared
to time you had.spent coding it. i did espicially like the scroll-movements..   
    gun   ,   ok stuff!.when are your products coming ?    fartmasters  ,  where
are you guyz? every time.i try to follow my nose i find only arse-scraper
farting around !!!  ^ ^ ^ .     predator , where are team-x products ?.     now
an important message : we're looking.for new members. if you are a cool coder ,
soundtracker , graphics designer or.swapper , you can alway feel free to contact
us. now let me give you some.background information of us. phalanx was formed
after byterapers copyparties.. at the copyparty there were three members of
team-x : cable ,skyscraper and.predator. i and sky noticed during the parties
that predator was an.asshole. he had sent us only a few disks a month. that
wasn't critical, but then.he started to call us and our coding lame ! that
wasn't a good move from a.guy who can't even use cli! we didn't specially want
to be.members of a group the boss of which is spreading word that everybody else
in.the group are lamers and doesn't send stuff at all to other
members.there.were also some other reasons but we're not going to state 'em here
because.predator would be furious. anyway, we're not coding for team-x
anymore..after we noticed that being members ofP team-x Fdid no good to us we form a new group. we asked blade , ex-boss of triline to.join us and
because he was bored of doing everything by himself , as he had.done in triline
, he also joined us.U then the school started and we also got.tai-pan and
mithrill to join usS.R well , that's almost everything there is so.far. tai-pan
has just started to code his intro and knowing him i can assure you.that it will
be special in many ways , but ofcourse of a highest quality....Valso mithrill is
going to code something but he has just got the manuals , so it will.take some
time ...S  ok , before i let skyscraper take over with his bullshit,.i wanna
give ya my address (again) C cable  , lr 62c , 07230 monninkyla ,.finland F ok,
that's all from me for a while...   .hi,arse-raper here,  we have been playing
an old game 'pinball wizard' and i my.personal hi-score is 5.498.530 points !!  
hi it's me , cable here !  even my.little sister did get 55.679.000 points \
# % ^ & _    ass-raper here again.... oh shit ! i must kill her now ...
& & & &      i'll give this keyboard ( my keyboard ) to someone else
.............what ? everybody has gone home ! well , i'll have to continue again
by.myself ... next summer i' a 125cc 'moped' and i'm gonna travel a lot in
west-ryssland! if somebody in.phalanx will buy a car so we'll travel a lot from
parties to parties !!.(tai-pan sez he'll buy one in some months time ( oh shit
then we'll be in a.big trouble !!))LV out, some day we can be knocking
at your door  ...SF         and now i'll.leave the keyboard to our coder : cable
!!! but i'll be back !! here we go..............P                     S   fuck
you, skyscraper.  don't you know.that it's now cable's daysleeping time so he
won't be write this shit for a looong time.FV  so it's time for
tai-pan's newsflash..first i want to make clear one thing: S  i hate Jsuckers,
gays, lesbos,.teachers, politicians, communism, communists, soviet cars (lada
hyiiii!!!),.lamers, little children, shouting babies, ugly women, ugly men,, skyscraper    (oooops, sorry tamminen. didn't mean that.)
,. popmusic, wals, tango, tdk mf-2dd micro floppy disks, starwars 2, basic,
c,.word "student", studying, books, finnish television, finnish radio,
finnish.culture, finnish finns, swedish swedes, elton john, theory of
relativity,.rasism, negr...  ..errr...  finnish humour (except such a
super-series like.hymyhuulet, veli puolikuu etc.), vampire's empire, all
relatives, mom, school, republicans, democratics, smp, atari-st, c-64,
stupid.questions, stupid answers, grapefruit lemonade, and above all i hate
my.schoolmates. F yeah, think me sitting under same roof with cable,.blade,
skyscraper and mithrill. (mithrill means zorba, because the fucking.asshole
wants to be called by that name)   well,i recon it's time to stop hating.and
start writing some bullshit to fill that & 100kb!  let's start by.reminding you
about that party-business skyscraper mentioned. you see, i get.a driving licence
next spring and then: P wwwrrrroooooooommmmmmm!!!! Ma cable and
arse-raper - watch out !! road safety will never be the same and.lives will be
lostF.....  after.march 1989 you may expect us to come with a bigger group.
that's if we can get a.primitive wheeling-machine from some place.  cable's dad
owns old, rusty,.and green (yeuch!) volvo # # _  if there is no other car
available, then.perhaps...    but it's more likely that we come with my old
man's nissan sunny..  so if you see a grey rice-moped going 176mph and five ugly
guys in it,.it's us going to the nearest copy-party.    by the way, sucking is
a.crime! sentence is death!!!   so if you, oh mighty party-keeper, are a.sucker,
don't invite me. because i may have a bad influence on item:   
tai-pan's educational serie about having fun with other.people.  lesson one:  
experiments with pupils in comprehensive school..believe it or not, it's very
refreshing hobby to kick a stupid-looking.passer-by in school. to make a perfect
performanse, follow the following.instructions.   1.  choose your victim
carefully. the best target is a.little female walking with too large bag 4.67
feet in front of you.   2..make sure that no teacher, caretaker% , or other kind
of supervisor is don't wanna get caught, do you?   3.  choose a
correct timing for your.kick. the best time is when your target is entering her
classroom.   4.  and.when you kick, kick hard   & & & and the most important
thing:  dont's miss! ._ % %    5..after kicking, ignore the shouting kid and
walk away.   voila! a perfect remove some pressures.  have a good kick!  
 and in next part of this.serie:   experiments with brain-invalids.  till then,
goodbye..         suprise!!! i didn't leave the keyboard yet.   no, still me,
tai-pan, typing.shit.   the clock is 17:24:56, and the day is monday the 19th of
september..and i just remembered an important thing.   unable cable told me
about this.funny person called predator. yes, i mean E. # # # \ \ \ % % % ^ ^
^ & & & p-r-e-d-a-t-o-r,I a member of.rex-mux-mix-pox-kex-lame-team-x.F V  this
odd impotent said that we will die.if we send fuckings  S i say that
was a most stupid thing to say.   you see, mr. predator., it is impossible for
you to kill us.   why?.because:    1.   i am an immortal ( & ) anarchist ( % %
), so you can't kill me.   2..cable smells so bad that you will die ( & ) 
before you can even try to kill him..3.   mithrill kills you with a bottle of
vodka if you try to kill him.   4.. blade will kill you with his powerful fart
if you even think about killing.him.   5.   skyscraper looks so stupid that it
kills you if you approach.him.      hope you will learn something about these
facts so.that next time you are smart enough to keep your mouth shut..  oh shame
on me!  here i just sit writing about some nobody ignoring other
friends.    friend, yeuch!!!  i don't even know the meaning of.this rude word.  
 better one is a good, old freak.   so attention all.freaks!  now i will try to
write some entertaimingM blaa blaa blaa for you..  hmmmm.    strange.    gosh.  
my head feels empty.   F perhaps it's time to.list some greetings and fuckings. 
 i don't waste time and memory by endless list of group-names. just
some tiny messages will do this abnormal greetings (in random order)
to:I    cable  (hey dummy,.help me to write this fucking 100kb!!!),  vyvyan
the.(ultimate?) bastard  (i like your style! greetings to punk-pekka
too!!!),.abigail of h.t.g  (you fucking lamer-sucker. return my 5 disks or
i'll.terminate you, you bloody snotty basic-boy.),  mithrill (hey, the
parties.are over. stop sucking your thumb, please.), F     ...blaaah. too tired
to.write any more this kind of shit. just a giant hellos to guys in
accession.and to all lamer-eliminators all over the earth.        oh, allmost
forgot.the fuckings!   jumbo-fuckings to persons who invented the following
words:.Mlove, moral, kindness, friend, cencoring, teddy-bear, soft, nice, etc..F
  some important news:    the clock is 19:36:18 and still going strong.. i have
no idea how much i have written so far, but i know i haven't written.enough yet!
  yeahhh.  it's tuesday tomorrow, you know.    and it's gonna be.schoolday also.
  but guess who ain't gonna visit the fucking school.   and.guess why.    well,
it is i and because there is so called sport-day.tomorrow and i hate sport.  
all i'm gonna do tomorrow is to relax and read.some excellent comix called 
cocco bill.  important notice for finnish.people:    I onko siella ketaan, jolla
olis lisaa vanhoja cocco.bill-sarjiksia?  mulla on vaan cocco bill ja
junarosvot-niminen stoori..myoskin ruutu-nimisten sarjiksien omistajat ottaa nyt
hetipaikalla muhun.yhteytta ja myypi kaikki vanhat sarjiksensa mulle!  vittu kun
vitun aaaat ja.oooot on ihan pain persetta.    aaaarrgghhh!!!    nuolijat,
lipsuttelijat,.homot, lespot, hintit,  haistakaa vittu!!!!       F end of
important notice.for finnish people.        another important notice for finnish
people (this.time for good-looking girls only!):J       hei hei, kaikki upeat
tyttelit.ympari suomen niemen.   kiinnostaisiko ketaan pitka, ruma,
lihakseton,.kieromielinen, vakivaltainen anarkisti-poikaystava???   olen
varmasti.uskollinen, enka tee yhtaan syrjahyppyja. (ellen sitten loyda jostain
sinua.paremman-nakoista naikkosta, jolla ois isommat samantha foxit)   
etsin.naista hyvin vakavalla tarkoituksella, silla kuolen pian nalkaan ellen
loyda.jostain haikaisevaa parittelukump.. tarkoitan  pizzan paistajaa.  
siis.kaikki rohkeat, vahapukeiset, muodokkaat ja ennenkaikkea varakkaat, ja
ennen.ennenkaikkea hyvan keittotaidon omaavat naisihmiset,  lahettakaa pian
omalla.kuvalla ja hajuvedella varustettu kirje (jos hajuvesi on loppu, niin
pizzan.palanenkin kay) minulle ennenkuin naannyn nalkaan.  nimim. nussitaan!!!F.
yeah yeah yeah! more commonly known as triple-yeah!    you have allready.seen my
address but as a good old finnish proverb (which i won't even try to.translate)
says:  kertaus on opintojen mude.  so if somebody has send (for
instance new amiga-stuff), write to:D  tai-pan  ,  nybacka 16a.,  sf-07590
huuvari  ,  finlandF.   and if someone wants to say something,.call
B358-15-31881 Fand ask for antti.  foreign are recommended to use.codeword
"rubberduck" because my parents speak enkliss njet.           Q  you.know what.
i think this scroll stinks.S  you wanna know why.  because i hate.the
sitituation where i have to write text for a scroller which is not me.  
you know, i was a big chief on the 8-bit machines.  my machine was.amstrad and i
knew everything about it.V   note:  no need to tease me because.i had amstrad. 
i'm immune against that.  heheheheheheheheheee!!!  S but.thank god, the fucking
8-bit age is over. only if i could get some written.facts about this damn 16-bit
fridgerator.    but i'll promise:V   an intro.full-made by me will be released
before the fucking x-mas!!! S     himmel och.pankaka!  the clock is 20:29:48 and
it's bedtime!  more bullshit tomorrow..goodnight.I           U  
...kukkuluuuruuuu!!!!...S F   yep! still me, tai-pan,.typing cowcrap.  only this
time the day is tuesday and the clock is.14:57:25!  yeah, i just woke up. 
aaaahhh! that was a real refreshing dream.. you know, i dreamed about me fucking
with 143 women simultaneously.  a real.tough job i have to say. I    oh,
somebody has sent me a package.  hmmmm???  who it.might be?  have no idea.  
well let's open it.   holy cow!  six disks..wonder what do they contain.  let's
try.  aha, offshore warrior. old shit!.what else?  cicciolina show.  gosh, i
vote her, that's for sure!  and then..impossible mission ii. yeuchhh!!!  then. 
gridstart iii.  oh lord.  who is.this weirdo who sends me such a shit?  well two
to go.  evils evilings.collection.  evil, hmmm. a finnish guy.  well, greetings
to.him.   and the last one.  a history of the unknown five. jesus!  bugger
the.person who sent me these six disks full of organic waste. FV  oh hell! now i
am.fed up with this damn bullshit. S time to give the buttontable to next
member.of all-might phalanx.  but don't go away. i'll be back very
soon!.P...beeb...  ...beeb... freak ready to launch... 
...beeb.......countdown started...  ...beeb... 10  9  8  7  6  5  4  3  2 
1.ignition!!   I whoooooommmm!!!    
it's.Pass-arse-disk-suck-fuck-dick-shit-ass-Fscraper back !!! heyV tai-pannu ,
i'm.gonna beat ya with thiz text !S so , i'm now at my own dirty place with
hot.and reely new stuff : test drive , 1007 pieces of demos and i'm sending all addresses i have !US hohhoh hoo !!!!US oh god , i'll have to go to ... wait a second ...              V  quick visit to post ,
eh.!!! this time there was a real stupid post-officer jumping on the ceiling.all
the time ! i gave her 7 letters to my contacts and she didn't notice
these.silocon-stamps in every letter ! thank godness , this is finland ! also
,.here are no stupid software-polices ! i'm sorry for you germans ...S well
,.it's time for the greetings or what ?                      no , i don't write that list ... i say :  %  to you ... ok. one little.greet go to
thunder von anneli herkku-pemppu of nzc !V did ya like my.disk-covers that were
from playboy , videosexpress and playboy's.lingerie-magazine ?!?S here's now
over 20kb of text.... only 80kb is coming ...       I    just kidding , pal ! we
should write this up to 100kb - said unable-cable ... but i think it
isn't.necessary coz it takes so much disk-space and memory ...       . F  i
turned on the tv and there is a.batman serie on channel 3 ! wow !V batman and
his mate robin !S i turned off.the tv .........K mezzie to hoffi : sori ei
yhdyta nyt , katsotaan jonkin.ajan kuluttua ...F this is cable again saving you
from sky's text. now some.fooling around with effects what do you say about
this:     QBzzzzzzzzzzzzzzFS .   or is this a better one? R    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!S
    or     T +++++++++++++.S    quite confusing, eh ?    ok , let's engage P    
   turbo boost         .       F ok, no more stupid fx . the next intro from me
will be on it's soon as i have decided what it will contain. it will be
better than and a longer one. ( the source of this demo is about 880
lines without.the soundtracker player.  ) if you wanna rip something from this
intro or.wanna its source, contact me and i'll see what we can do ....   almost
forgot, a special mezzie to blob of stalker crew. i and tai-pan.can't stand your
intros. contact me and i'll code a scroll-routine for you..especially the Vwave
effectS and shade of scrolly is making us cry ! man , do.something about it ! 
.ok it's skyrapers.time to write some bull, watch out for sky's true comment
about himself head seems quite empty ....F        ok, if that's what you
think i'll.continue with a special mezzie to      zan of 777-team   , i don't
wanna your.goddamn blitter-scroll source, because i bet mine is a better one !! 
   ok,.i'll give sky a chance to tell all the important thing he has in mind
to.all of ya......         may i ask , why you.little bastard are reading this
stupid scrolly ??? waiting for my telephone.number ? well , it'sB 358-15-25493 
janneF but who is waiting for it ? greetings.... no ... fuckings ... yeah !!!I i
send fuckings to my little brother and.little sister and mother and father who
are always screaming and crying.when i'm a bit drunken ! i can't see any reasons
to cry if someone is.drunken ! by the way , i'm drunken ! or what do ya think ,
am i drunken if i.have drunken 12 lapin kulta beer and a half of koskenkorva
???!!! i'm not.drunken ... goodbye ! i'll have a break !    K       jippii ,
here comes my.special joke-scrolly text !!!!!! here we go with the joke of a
month : a man.was a little aback to see the old woman next door carry a
bloodstained spade.down her garder , and begin digging a hole for his dead cat.
my god , he.asked , what's happened ? i'm burying my budgie , replied the old
woman. but.that's my dog , the man pointed out. yup , said the woman , and my
cat is.inside that bastard ... haha ha ... a really stupid joke ... i have only
stupid.jokes so i'm not going to write jokes anymore F.......... i'll.stop now
and i'll go to my bed ... not with girls today coz last night i was.fucking with
about 29.5 girls ... bye and let's meet again next morning ( i'm not.going to go
to that fucking school ) ................ sleep well.............SF.woooooppps
!!! well , good morning everybody ! yeah ! you should also be at.home schooldays
! let's pick up the phone and call someone !!! I toooot....... toooot ......
toooot .......         F nobody home .... well ,.let's check out today's post
... well , only 4 letters with 10 disks ....fuck , only something old from
lame-stuff-senders ........ boing , i'm gonna.'dokata' this weekend ! my
doku-friend mithrill ( of phalanx ) is also.going to drink about 20 beer bottles
this evening ! yep , i'll have to the a-market and buy a few bottles
koskenkorva or vodka ! we have really.good taste : beer and koskenkorva or vodka
... i don't like whisky except at the.parties ...IV there are no good jokes or
little my head just now .........S hey but here's predator's ( of
teamx ) letter.! let's check this out ... hmmm ... quite old ... and so stupid
game ....hmmm ... letter ... hmmm ... so , fuckings this time to him !J vad ska
vi gora den har liten scrollen routine which ar nu lite men vi ska inte
hoppa pa.bordet nar vi stedar mina rummen !!!H hah hah hah haa !!! we don't
like.swedish guys jumping round here ! only one crew i don't hate in sweden is
ns.and fl ... they have quite a nice intros ....  F      mezzie to hoffi of
bloody.suckers : hi ! still reading ? we have now released this intro as you
have.probably noticed , heh heh ! do ya like ?! yeah !!! hi guyz here is now
a.competition for all of ya. if ya read thiz scrolly till the end you'll get.a
special prize from us! futher information at the end of scrolly (not as.soon as
you would expect).!FQ zickzackzock 'n' fuck !!! soonS i'll leave thiz.gayboard
to mithrill ( BzorbaFUS vaan ... ) and he's going to write thiz up to.35 kb
!!!.yeah , all members of phalanx live in a little area soS , we can make
little.meetings quite easy . for excample , cable has a quite big house with
pigs., ducks and cows ... it's just fine to have a party !! there's one
thing.that aint so good ... and it is that awful , disgusting smell of.cable the
turbocracker   oh , i'm sorry cable if we're blaming you but.not to worry !!!
we're not going to kick you out at this moment ... hah hah.haaa !!! just kidding
, we're going to kick you out !!! just kidding , we.have kicked you out  !!! hah
hah haa !!! ei saa murjottaa !!! well cable ,.don't cry , we have not kicked you
out ... please , ei saa murjottaa !!!.asiasta kolmanteen ...F is there any
parties in finland before x-mas ?! if.not , keep a party !!! we'll be there !!!
.i'll leave this gayboard to mithrill ! so , bye from ass-scraper and.keep on
reading ! we'll meet at our next intro which will be released.very soon after
this little intro ! goodbye !!  I                       hey.but where's mithrill
?! have ya seen mithrill ??? no ? fuck , i'll have to.visit him tomorrow but now
i'm going to write more shit before mithrill !!!.did you get my address clearly
? anyway , i'll repeat it :F skyscraper of.phalanx    ,    rinnekuja 2    ,   
07230 monninkyla    ,    finland    ,.    call : 358-15-25493 and ask for janne
!!!      I  i just raped one.ata-ri-st home-typewriter ... % % % % tomi mahla
is the owner of.that reely stupid asshole machine ... he used to have a sharp
mz-800.home-calculator before and now he has moved to s(hi)t ... (s)he has 0
contacts.and 1 disk which came with that ugly-home-typewriter !!! reely good
swapper.and coder ! hah hah haaa !!! i think st is better that amiga !     you
think.i'm crazy ?!!! no , i love st !!!.bloody-blade has also been here for a
couple of minutes and wants to write.some special mezziez to his contacts so if
ya're good enough , please wait a.minute because it's now my turn to write , not
bloody-blade's ! i think all.finnish ( also others ! ) are bored to prices of
stamps % . i use silicon and.finnish post doesn't see anything on my letters !!
stupid post , eh ...L hei.mutta predator , laheta sinakin postimerkkini takaisin
kuten muutkin !.ja se oli kasky ! yep ! do it or i'll come to kill you !!F.- a
comment added a day after, i was just caught using fake stamps! big.thanx to a
mag of post officers where waz an article about computer users.using fake stamps
! fuck the conspiracy of post officers _ _ _ . i'm still using.silicon but
more carefully than before . and i won't put my "skyscraper".on the letter any
more . end of comment .......  I oh my god , it's 19:10 and it's my bedtime ! my
mother always shouts at me.if i'm not in bed after 19:30 ! shit , i have only a
couple of write this ... i know , i'll wait until my mother goes
sleeping and then.i'll continue this with you !! hah hah ... anyway , don't
close your eyes.yet because here's lot of text coming into your monitor tv !
Fwe're now.listening my favourite music : hard-heavy !!V i like most accept ,
death.angel , metallica , judas priest and saxon .S also cable is a real
hard.heavy fan ! always he is listeningV metallica or motorhead while iS visit
her.( ! )ok , him ! P ! nhtrjhgfjhgfjdutrdjutrjytrdjyttrea Fmy keyboard came
crazy.! the reason is : blade % % % ^ ^ ^ came in !!! heip thiz iz % plate
% .if there is someone who will race with me then this is a message to you      
  my moped .flies 90 kmh with 80cc and dellorto 22mm ..... mopo mopo mopo     
lame predator.will come and kill 1. with his dick  2. with his lame stuff 3.
with his jokes.4. with his killing gaze 5. with his face       predator, otappas
sun sanakirja.esille     i changed my codename from blade to barbara blade
.....i fuck .anything  anywhere  anytime...    special mezzies coming :   ace,
did you like.bedroom olympics     devil, like our first intro !!
heheheeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeee.cockroach, thanx for really great stuff . what about
putting this intro on.your flash disc ?  if someone has great muzak casettes
from saxon , .scorpions , judas priest or krokus contact me fast fast and fast  
   .Qpimpelipompeli , this waving is.making me cry ... it's because cable has
done this wave-data-table ... yhyyyy ....Snow i want to say something to finnish
perverts and gays : Pjoo etta.myykaa mulle teidan vanhat pornolehtenne mulle ,
voin maksaa niista 20 mk.kipale , oli kunto mika hyvansa!   everybody send some
porno-magazines to me.because i like to read 'em !!! ..... end of masturbation
....   hah hah !F.just kidding because barbara-blade is still here with more
bullshit ! you still.have a dream ?!     Sif you are.female and you would like
to fuck , then come here ... here is blade's.fucking service ... it's free
....Fit's ass-raper-scraper writing again ... we're now.listening judas priest's
ram it down !!!M rammit daun , rammit daun !!! ...... yep , i'll have to
practise for my.swedish-lesson ... so beware now ... jag hetar janne och jag bor
i jag tycker inte om den dar bordet vad sager du ? ar du en lojliga
pojke.?  SFnow it's tai-pannnnn's turn : hi !.now it's cable's turn : hi !   now
it's my turn : fuck off !!!.elvis-blade has now gone home and i'm alone at the
moment ....i'm going to visit mithrill soon and i think he's waiting.for me and
he'll cry if he won't see me today ... still dreamin' ?.dreams won't be bad
dreams after reading this scroll-text . dreams.will be nightmares !!   SF do ya
hate disco-music ? sometimes i nearly like it.! only house , rap and eurobeat is
something i stand ! i have lots of.c-cassettes full of eurobeat and house-music
and these cassettes are very.good music to listen to at parties !I i don't like
the following artists :.madonna , alla bugatsova , sinitta and sabrina ( kivatU
foxit !!!S )F ........i'll have to say that only hard-heavy is something to
listen to at my right now and everybody in this city knows it !I my
ghettoblaster is.shouting all the time and i have pumped up the volume to 24 (
max ! ) !!!.wonderful ! . . . . . . . .F i really think this scrolly is full
of.purposeless text ... but don't worry , coz the most important.thing is that
we're going to write the longest scroll-text ever made in.finland ( in the world
??! ) ... Fnow a little newsflash.! here's now 32977 bytes of text ! i told that
mithrill will write this 35kb but i think i'm going to write this up to
35kb by myself !that's.allready a new world record !.IVat last ....       the
thing you'v been waiting for .....mithrill (aplause!) FS...  howdy ! first of
all i want to say that zorba.isn't my name is.mithrill.I(got it
geypan and scyraper,m-i-t-h-r-i-l-l)F sorry about that,folks.but these so called
humourists of our group really are something.exceptional.damn i feel sleepy
IV(it's 2.37.30am beeb ... beeb ... beeb ....bim) .SFi sure am glad about that
that we ain't got any.Tfucking-sucker-shitbitSch-exams today.i hate exams.i also
hate little-sisters.they are really dummy-dummy-bastards,or what would you
think,if someone up by hitting your head with crocketmallet.that's
really nasty ,and.feels kinda confusing(that i guarantee).oh
PTshjlkfghlfdu7re54uytjhgrsbfdS ...F.hey what happened ? shit!i'v been sleeping
on my keyboard .what time is it?.holy cow!if my eyes aren't cheating me it's
8.10.sorry folks i just don't.have time for chit-chat-bullshit right now.gotta
go.see you in our next.intro S.till that ....suck wind (har har har har har
har)..   VE now about that competition : if you have really read this far send
this.code to ass with your address and we'll mail the prize for ya. get a
pencil.and paper or toilet or whatever you use and write the code down. the code
is.: BT pieru haisee       !!!!S F ok,no waving this time :B      pieru haisee
!!!!  andF send it fast !.well , we'll have to say goodbye now ... wait until we
release our next intro.! tai-pan promised that his intro will be ready next
monday , but i don't.believe him ... but who knows ... anyway , thanks for your
powerplay !.  and we'll restart now ......... Vsigned , skyscraper and cable
9.10.1988.... bye !!!!!                     .      oh shit ... here's only 34kb
of shit ... i'll began now real.'shit' to fill 35kb ... yeah , thiz is a journey
into.the hell
P U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!              fuck fuck fuck !!!          FS now special predator in finnish ofcourse ... haista ukko paska , olet tyhmin
ja.idioottimaisin idiootti jonka tunnen . olen siis skyscraper jos
haluat.edelleen yrittaa lahjoa minua etta tulisin tiim-aksaan saatanan perkele
.....special message to all cheap-disk-sellers : sell us disk or die
U.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!S                and now we let one of our friend
to.write some shit in sweeeeeeediisks       okej  here is the sweedish boy  fran
.monnby hej pa dig.... jag ar suomenruotsalainen och ruotsinsuomalainen i
samma.person........................okkidokki here comes some negrojokes in du vad gud sa nar en neger
foddes???????????????oh,shit.den blev
brand........ha...ha....ha....pillu....pillu....pillllluuuuuuu........kun ej
oooo skandeja........tiedatteko mita..h sehan
tarkoittaa hyva veli tietysti       pimpelipompelipimpelipompeli.     okey
here's another negro joke   but this time in english        do you.know what's
the difference between a bucket full of shit and a's the bucket
ofcourse          here comes opetusohjelma suomalaisille     .fitta -
voita....kuk - matto....voi vittu joulupukki palaa - smorfitta
julbocken.brinner....terve - far i fittan....nakemiin - kyss reven....end of the
lesson   .   end of scrolltext    ha,haa fooled you    kenella on hyva joke    
.tiedatteko mita spitaalinen sano kun oli naimasssa       siella on ja
pysyy!!!!.!!!!!!!!!! \ \ \ \  mita spitaalinen sano kaupassa      onks teilla
irtomunia.!!!!!!!!!! \ \ \ \ tiedattekse mita koittui spitaalismaapallojoukkueen
kohtaloksi.??????????  no kuin valmentaja sanoi: irroitellaampa lihaksia  % % %
% %   !!!!.!!!!olipa kerran vaikka ei ollutkaan !!!!!!!!!!!  tyhma juttu 
!!!!!!! pikku-kalle. oli kaynnyt kaupassa,ja paluumatkalla han jai bussin alle  
kuski kysy sitten. etta miten meni    kalle vastasi:hyvin han tassa meni  
kurkku meni poikki ja.maksa lensi pellolle......taas tyhma juttu \ \  \
\.......mika vilkkuu punaisena .ja ruskeena   negro joka vetaa
handuun.......& & & & & saatanan saatana it's skyscraper.back ..... fuck you
asshole .... younet meni ...... vittu .... it's enough.for me ........... we'll
stop now and remember our competition !!!!!!!!!.so , bye for now from
arse-scraper !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.end of masturb......
transmission ...................... end of scroll ......end of shit
............end of bullshit .......... fuck you !!!!!!!!!!!! .                  
   restarting .......... you son of a bitch !!!!!!!!!!... ..

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