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ads has been busted read on ---  inner city presents   -khalaan-  by rainbow
arts   as usual original supplied by ads of inner city ., ads here on the
keyboard bringing you more jovial wit and humour .. greets will follow but
firstly i shall talk about my bust,.on thursday,12 july 1990 a pig wagon pulled
up outside my house and two bastard coppers kicked me out of bed at 5.20a.m.
and. arrested me for aiding and abetting,deception and fraud .. well woopy
fucking doo man game over i thought .. well as you might know . i have been
supplying card numbers to a guy in sheffield called christian fletcher or scran
and he got caught carding a gold chain. from a jewellers .. the stupid lame
bastard phoned the shop and ordered the chain and then went in to collect it..
this is on a. visa card that he had been using for weeks!! wot a twat!! well the
pigs caught him and then he went squeal,squeal,no mr.piggy not up. the shitter
again it was ads that gave me the cards  ..well there you go 5.20a.m. i get
nicked and carted off to the station in syston,.leicester and thrown into the
cells for 10 hours until the sheffield bastards came and picked me up .. they
then went to my house to search. for more numbers that were on mail order forms
that i got. . well they found them but the stupid brainless bastards didn't
recognise them...ha! ha! ha! i was laughing  no evidence  .. anyway i got took
to sheffield and thrown in the cells there for about 3-4 hours and then they
questioned. me and took the mug shots,prints and the rest and said i could go
home on bail... i then had to pay my own fucking fare home..well my court.
appearance is on the 9th of august at sheffield crown magistrates so any one who
wnats a laugh come on down....about the guy who grassed me.,.he appears on the
same day and when he gets out i have every intention of stabbing the bastard
maybe even kill i may not be on the scene for much. longer , unless
they allow amigas in the nick, if i do stab chris i will also stab that bastard
i always slag off , the one called dean(froggy) and get. him off the scene
finally.. any way we will keep you posted .. greetings follow now -- .... mega
greetings go out to turbo(mirage u.k.) - protocol(scoopex). - cosy(mag.fields) -
panther,jrok,powercut,demon,ogre,flash(mayhem) - sinbad(acidforce) -
n.r.g.,pod,rick,dennis,dax,axl,qed(inner city) and all other members. -
gregarious and golden greetings with big slurping noises go out to the rest -
dr.sad(armada)  zarch(random)  wizoid,mystic(extreme)  clairvoyant(cryptic
u.k.).  spreader(scoopex)  splatt(classic)  science(oracle)  zorro(silents) 
dredd(newage)  uppy(intuition)  and all the other people i swap with and can't
remeber.  greetings to quartex,oracle,paradox,slipstream,random,
scoopex,acidforce,mag.fields,subway,mirage u.k.,mayhem,sae, ...  blah blah blah
name dropping bastard thats wot i am ... . bye bye until next time  -ads-  wraps

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