Rigor Mortis - HellcatDetailsCaseRow
Scroll Text (Lower Scroll)
yo there!   this demo is called  hellcat        wonder why?      well, the nice
tank in the middle of the screen is called  .taclleh.      ..... if you read it
backwards!!        i just heard that public enemies' source disk just
broked!!!!!  what a pity!!      i hope they get it finished before twelve
o'clock !!!!                    we are right now six members, but only two of us
could come.                   .phew!  it's very, very hard to code 36 hours
without a single break! not even to slep!     i gotta thank oliver in this
scroll too, he did the nice tune!!!           but since i got soooooooooo.oo.o  
. much to do before this demo is finished, i gotta say over and out soon!!! ....
   ...    ..         since i don't got the time to write more, i'll let swen raw
take over now....   hullo! thisis swen raw, and i'll just introduce to you: the
1 and only:.                enipac.!    .                  .hello, this is, as
you probably noticed, enipac that writes this part of the scrolltext, i just sat
here on a chair, and i was forced to write this, poor me!        i hope i have
done my duty now..          .      arch!!!  it's not nice to get overrun by a
tank!    by the way, this is acro walking around on auto's keyboard.          
.here comes an important message:    ......      ....    .)blip(  no message in
memory.  (end of line)      i don't know what to write about...  hmm... hmm....
.hmm....  well as you might know it is the year of 11111000101 and this is the
second saturday in the month july.  my birthday is in 9 days!!!!!!   whoppie!   
enough of that.    outside it has just got dark and the streetlights have been
turned on.......     now auto comes and takes a look on the screen and sais that
that should be enough...    so  bye !
Scroll Text (Upper Scroll)
mors,  allihopa!        this is automan. of rigor mortis!  .        nop!        
the demo-competition will start in just a few  minutes, and since i was all
alone when i did this demo, i had to use every second under the conference!!!   
    but!!!   the music was made by the fantastic composer:   oliver of troniton 
.......   thank you oliver!!!!!            .           by the way!       rigor
mortis needs good musicians and graphic-makers, so don't hesitate - join now!
(if you're qualified!)             as i said in the beginning, i haven't done
anything else but coding and making graphic.....i haven't even slept yet!!  
that's about 36 hours without sleeping!!!!!       how hard!      zzz.
zzzz....zzzzzzzz.zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.zzzzzzz.          . but wait!   some greetings
to:.    oliver, smauge  (and to all who arranged the party!),  mad of horizon,
jvcfreak, ice, honcho,  herr nilsson, khadaffi, vicious, firewolf, zenon,
batman, enipac, niel, zipo bibrox, megaloman, quant, spirit, power, riggie, the
duck, ax6, zox, carl lidbom, athomic, zam, slime, swen raw, nietzche, falco,
cross, elobisk-skri         thank you and goodbye      (as mad used to say)
...and...  salutos amigos  (as lasse aberg used to say)  ...and...   
good-early-morning  (as i just said!!!)  ....and...     nothing

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