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Scroll Text
this is the end ... really ! ... i've just finished this blooby burning fuckin'
binaryfile !!!   coding ofcourse by ... jukkis ...    awcy gets the keys now,
i'll be back at the end of scroll ...     have a seat, awcy .... thank you my
man! blyorghs! it's awcy here! just zum crazy bullshit for this lamepiece ...
all credits must be revealed jukkis! this fine, superb and bugfree (just look at
the lower right edge of the lowest equalizer...) coding of course by our famous
fucker jukkis!!  ... applause ... laugh ... cloned stuff logos by one of the
best sir arthur! coolie mjuzax by particle and lowest logo by idle ... i hear
you humming ... i don't mind guys! greets to jorma! (or should i say crayone of
ff and ai?) did ya like our lamedemo creator? i suppose you got it from raster?
hahhaaa! so long guys, awcy wants some koskenkorva with dole pineapple juice!
the best mix ya can get! jukkis just drinks dry vodka with schweppes russian ...
i prefer finlandia vodka! eller hur spacelamer? just coolie intro, so i won't
spoil this one with my stupid scrollers ... so i will spoil this intro! and i'm
brainie. and happy thing is that ooze won't write anything here! good isn't it?
and now some specials from brainie and awcy (hohhohhhooo ossi, vituttaako?) to  
  stingray of altair (or is it atari force? nice phonecalls and please send at
last your photo to me (no digitizing...we promise)), striper of horizon (some
photos would bring some character to the interview...just keep fuckin' those 14
years old girlies), rolex (and kaisa) of freedom force, whitesnake of critters,
xenox of future-concepts, raster (par avion man!) of freedom force and ai, death
hawk of the cult, crack dawn of avoid (nice panties your girl has! they are on
my wall!!!), nefarios of esa (keep cool man!), eku of panzerfaust (greetings to
eku who is the best in the world! didn't i promise to write this sentence...),
magnum of cartel (awcy told to give you... but i don't know what!), zike of
fairlight (awky loves ya! awcy loves the beast scroller... awcy is living in
heaven...)   now gays back to jukkix...      jukkis is back ... this scroller is
written years ago!  ... read it, if you want ...     clones cloned some stuff
right for your needs --- this time it's just this little intro which contains
quite poor effects 'cos of lack of pure genuine (i am joking, guys!) ...  jukkis
is yelling dirty things again! this time to helix' amiga, which just trashed one
of my disks and destroyed fixed version of this fab intro ... goodbye my great
scrolltext ... this intro is only pre-pervertion of cloned-stuff intro for
clone-boys countless disks filled with newest products ... and if yo wanna buy a
copier, remember us! good choice! i recommend! much hot, fast and wonderfully
good stuff ... now, guess why awcy is so poor coder? no, i made the question
wrong, i should ask why awcy codes amiga so badly ... yepp, he 'codes' girls
with all his passion and swaps pants with 'em ... bad boy ... remember, your
'sendings' must be safe (no viruses or nothing other that makes girls 'ill'!)
... oh well, have i told you anything about myself? my name is jukkis, and i was
one of the founders of mirage int. then i quitted swapping and joined  clones as
their lamer (every group must have at least one lamer!) ... now i have founded
my own 'group' with my girlie and her sis, who are also coders nowadays! look
out for minna's first demo, it'll be great! poor helix maybe finds out somehow
the golden rules of programming and makes something productive too ... helix is
too little to understand she is out of her mind (poor girl is a very grazy
case!) ... hope she will survive!     helix isn't listening, so she won't write
anything now! be sure she will be mad when she sees my text! ...         i think
i am awkie, but i am not sure!  i am sitting next to my dog, which is playing my
favourite game tetris (tetris is very good rusky simulator) time is exactly over
halp past seven!  i am boring ... this is scrolltext and next i will eat my dog,
which bites my vic 20 soon!  this scrolltext will break all recors ... it will
be 10000 megas long (123.456 meters!)  and we are of course the best ...    
scroll restarts   ...  then some unused text from unused intro which won't never
be finished ... read or be dead ! ...     clones ... cloned ... clowns ... your
pervertions are programmed to be true !    the megafamous gigalamer of clones 
... head of ultimate fools called nikki corruptions!  the fantastic -jukkis-
presents ... your nightmares have turned worse ... and like boolean, really
true!  yep ... working hard with my amiga has resulted many unforgotten moments
... you remember when the final -almost ultimate- version of your newest program
is finished ... and disk-validator crashes ...  virus overwrites your workdisk
or even more frustrating ... program turns to dead!  nothing happens ... except
happy red gurus visited!  now, at the start meters of my new intro, scroller is
too quiet ... no text is displayed! ... and there cannot be any errors ... sure!
... when i started to write that little combination of bytes, called -- silly
suicide! -- scroller worked fine ... no problems! ... then, after adding new
interrupt control and removing much much useless code it somehow turned weird
and finally splitted ... i hope it will be fine after i have completely examined
it ... if it does not work fine, my intro will have as clever scrolltext as
awcys ...  boring ... boring ... boring ... maybe little better, because you do
not need to read anything and bore yourself also ... by the way, have you seen
my info-demo ... cute text, isnt it? ...  i am still at work... my job is totry
to sell as many amigas as possible !  nice, except that nobody buys amiga
insummertime ... so i have to try sell pcs, photocopiers, typewriters,
calculators and all that kind of stuff !!!  this intro is my 3rd one and it is
hopefully the best...    hi! i (brains) am writing this scroll now. isn't this
demo great? of course it is! so clap your hands! hey you! clap your hands! it
isn't fair to cheat like that...  brains turned weird ... yep, she is kinda odd
creature ... 120 cm tall and like a big ball ... pumping up and down, always
mouth open! she screams like ape and looks like two handed elephant!   i leave
the keyboard now ... hope she wont get it! .... well, that was yukkis, you know
that stupid, ugly, blind, draft, smelly, fucking, and soon dead piece of shit...
he just asked me to write something more creative... well let's do what our
little petpig asks...   the brains presents the official story of yukgh yukkghh 
well, that pig whose name sounds like puking... and who looks like that too...
part 1,  yukkis had a happy childhood in pigfarm... it had only to eat all that
shit what pigfarm with 9999999 pigs had every day. that was nice and clean job,
so it enjoyed itself while licking all little babypigs' asses with it's pal
awcy... no, they didn't do that 'cause they were so pervert, little pigs just
can't shit themselves. at least that's what yukkis tries to tell us... it had a
nice family too... his mother's grandgrandgrandmother was ape... so yukkis is
almost humanpig... his father is famous a-class radiopig, he's more radioactive
than tshernobyl! that is why he has to keep his liquid-balance steady, so he is
forced to dring everyday 5 bottles of vodka... poor man... and even worse, it
goes in the family... both yukkis and his brother timsi are infected... it
hasn't yet been noticed in youngest pigs of the family but maybe it  doesn't
appear until age of 15... anyway, timsi is now trying to get driving-licence.
that should be easy, he is good at making licences, passports etc. he is also
going to film wolves. propably in ahtari... oh, i almost forgot! yukkis has
another brother called masi. he is a sweet little beast, whose twinsister lissu
is even sweeter little beast...  enought of little sweet lies ...  puppy called
brains, althought she hasn't got any,  just quitted (no hope, not herself!)  and
i am so schocked because of her hard words that i  may not  say anything bad
about her ...  sad enought ... but now she is looking over my shoulder ...
people, is it fair to hit her a little ... i know men should not hit women that
way, but what else could i do ... she is teasing me all the time!  not fair !!
not at all !!   now ... greetings ... all thousands and thousands ... they are
flying to all my pals ! to be more exact ... to jason (one of the best
musicians!), hackman of deathstar (one of the liveliest zombies!) , jamex d.,
leo-boy, corpse of mint, striped of horizoo (you got my birthday card? you liked
it?), all my fans (everybody who likes my demos is very clever! sure!), all pigs
i know (hi awcy!), all odd creatures around the globe (i salute all members of
clowns !), jesus of wow, video beam of monitor, gobba of cccp team (go on
kids!), hitler (hot stuff?), mahoney and kaktus (heja pojkar! jag tycker om dina
demos!), werewolf (nice coding!), scoopex (i will rip your music, will you
really give me your international laming award ... i like you!), commodore, all
lamers! (you're cool! keep up high quality of laming!), phr-crew (you're dead?),
thrust (you're dead??), traitors (alive??), and the rest of peoples (dead or
alive!) cats, dogs, mouses (alive or computer!) all my contacts in jupiter
(visit me soon!), software police (hot stuff!!), all gurus (especially ham
ones!!)       again ... my intro is getting much better!   some days, and my
mirror-scroll effect is ready and maybe i made some wave-effect to it too!
hopefully it works after it too !!! ...   ... back to compuscene!     tell me,
has anybody heard anything about mirage int. lately? they are quiet! dead!
zombies! thanks to you for last time, much thanks ... i tell you, people who
want much money, never get it by arguing with their clients! gooddamn you got
money for nothing! well done! i signed out of mirage! no more jukkis of mint,
only jukkis of clones and jukkis of nikki corruptions! don't care boys, i wasn't
on your latest memberlist anyway, were i? you are loosing your sense of reality,
mister iq of mint! but anyway, i still remember you as good friends from ole
good 64!     and now, because i don't wanna bore you,  i will stop ...
goodnight, my fellas!

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