Mute 101 - Rattlesnake's IntroDetailsCaseRow
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welcome to our new intro... coding by rattlesnake.. pixels by kalle och hobbe
and noise by rattlesnake..     ok that were the credits  now some greetings in
a-z order.. well lets start with ....        abnormal, abstract, beyond force,
bishop, byterapers inc., censor, deadzone, defcon 1, eternity, fairlight, fbr
germany, force, full force, horizon, maffia, mechanical minds inc., megastyle
inc., menace, nightsigns, no limits, nonstop, northstar, paranoimia, powerdrive,
powerlords, psychos, psycho candy, rangers, reaction, reflex, rigor mortis,
rising, sargon, sccs/fatboys, sector 90, sharp, shockwave, sigma, sirius
cybernetics corp., spectre, tdf + rfx australia, the ruling company + wwe, the
silents, tommy knockers, triad, vortex 42, whoop, x-rated, xakk, zoko team, zone
45, zoom...  the special hellos goes to kaktus and mahoney, zaphod and to
speed-head..   if you want to contact us then call these numbers.. 
+46(0)66058398 (tomas) .. +46(0)41118930 (mikael) .. +46(0)41142956 (anders) ..
+46(0)40446443 (robert).. we want some more members on the amiga..   we want
some more coders and some music makers..   well, it will not be a long text
today..  beacause of some elements called lazyness...  anyway this is thrud
speaking..  first of all i wanna say some words to a guy called robert b. or
zito as he calls him self.  sell your computer now.. anvand kondom.. det kan bli
en ekonom..  well..  the amiga megademo is delayed of unknown reasons.. now i
doesnt want write any more.. see ya guys..         end of scrolltext!!

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